Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also…The Incredible UCSD Hate Crime Hoax

There`s a textbook response to a

Hate Crime Hoax
: the Main Stream Media creates a
circus, with

politicians, administrators, and left wing students

demanding investigations, sensitivity training, and
swift justice to the perpetrator of the terrible crime.
But when it turns out that a left wing and/or

minority student
is actually responsible, then they
tuck a brief story on page 12 and never speak of it

We can only wish for such a
textbook response at University of California at San
Diego, which is going through what dozens of outlets are

"a string of racist incidents"
As so often,
they have a pesky habit of being committed by
minorities. But despite these revelations,
administrators, politicians, the media, and minority
students continue with their hysterics as if they were
committed by white students.

The first outbreak of

was the

"Compton Cookout"
held on February 15, allegedly
by UCSD`s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. The cookout was a
politically incorrect party where attendees—many of whom
were minorities—ate watermelon and

fried chicken
, drank

malt liquor
, and listened to
. Some of the attendees wore black face.

Speaker-elect of the State Assembly John A. Pérez,

Karen Bass
, various members of
Pacific Islander, Black, Latino, LGBT
and Women`s
and a variety of other professional
grievance organizations at the State Capital to call for

lynch mob.
pro Tempore

Isadore Hall, III
, who represents Compton,


officials should act swiftly to sanction all responsible
parties including the revocation of fraternity or
sorority charters, the full repayment of any public
funds used to support these organizations and the
individual suspension or expulsion of any student found
responsible for planning or participating in this act of

Left wing professors held teach-ins on racism. But this
was not enough for the minority students, who walked
out. Eritrean-America Black Student Union vice chairman
Fnann Keflezighi

that the teach-in

"would make us quiet."
The BSU responded by
holding protests with a list of 32 demands that would
for all practical purposes put them in charge of the

Among them

  • "We demand
    the University to charge a Task Force to create the
    plan for an African-American Resource Center on
    Campus in two years to provide a safe space for the
    African-American community
  • “We demand
    that Chancellor Fox create an

    Office for Diversity Affairs
    from her
    administration instead of a part-time position with
    a title.
  • “We demand
    the programs and departments such as OASIS, Campus
    Community Centers, Ethnic Studies,
    Critical Gender
    , CLAH, and African American Studies
    Minor amongst others continue to have solid funding
    for the

    work they do
    in retaining African American
    students and educating the campus as a whole."

You get the idea.

Miss Keflezighi`s claim that the UCSD administration`s
holding special events specifically to address the
concerns of Black Student Union was trying to make them
“quiet” is
especially bizarre given how the school actually treated
critics of the whiny minority groups. Thus a campus
humor publication called
The Koala
mocked the complaints on Student Run Television and
on its website by pointing out that the UCSD Black
Alumni Association was holding a
deliberately stereotypical
"Kool Aid `n` Chicken"
in the midst of this controversy.
The Koala
joked on its

"The Koala would
like to condemn the organizers of the Compton Cookout.
If history has shown us anything, you need more black
people at your party to have enough

violence to actually justify the name

.` Shame on you. SHAME."

The student government responded to this obvious
satire by shutting down the entire Student Run TV
station, and freezing funds of 33 student groups.

to USCD student body president
Utsav Gupta [Email
],"[w]e will only open
[Student Run Television]
again when we can be sure that such hateful content can
never be aired again on our student funded TV station."
San Diego Freezes Funds for 33 Media Groups, Dissolves
Student TV, Threatens to Punish Students for Protected
TheFire.org, February 23, 2010]

There`s one huge problem with all this: the Compton
Cookout party was not held on the UCSD campus and was
not organized by the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Rather,
it was organized by an African American comedian and
non-student named Nipsey Washington, whose stage name is
Jiggaboo Jones,
to celebrate the release of his new DVD. Jones had held
these parties across the country for years, including at
UCSD. In fact, he toned down the title from the previous

"Nigga Night."

This should have been obvious from the beginning. The
invitation to the event had a picture of Jones with a
T-Shirt with his name on it.

To his great credit, Jones has made an impassioned
attack on the politically correct activists on his
website that is worth
quoting at length,

“[S]ome hate
mongering black people had told a pack of lies about our
event stating that a White Fraternity and several
members of the KKK threw a Racist party that made fun of
black people. This lie was quickly soaked up by people
with some kind of political agenda to spread hate and
discontent among people who attend UCSD.

“The divisive few
told a `Woa is me` tale of how all blacks at UCSD are
almost lynched in trees seemingly everyday. Members of
the media ate this up because this type of story sells
papers, gets people pissed off and keeps them tuning in.
Blog sites went crazy and facebook fascists took their
laptops and started the witch hunt that would ruin the
reputations of several good hearted people and their
families with their inaccurate statements…

“As I jumped in and
pulled the curtain back exposing the fact that it was
never a racist event and explained the whole mix-up, I
was hung up on, called an uncle tom and was accused of
getting paid off to `Cover for the Racists`…

“The Compton Cookout
was simply a great chance to knock down the walls of
racial division and to get all sides to enjoy poking fun
at all elements of racial tension. Some of these groups
like The `Black Student Union` and their connected
`political activists` won`t allow this progress because
it threatens their very existence. They simply can`t
have events like this because it undermines their
foothold and exposes the fact that they are obsolete and
in soon need of being disbanded. These political hacks
played to your fears and suspicions instead of letting
you all in on the whole story. The really sad part is
many of you ran into the streets with `Torches &
Pitchforks` without thinking about the fact that maybe
someone had been withholding valuable information. This
reminds me of something so familiar….”

Jones contacted the university, the media, and
politicians explaining that he, rather than the students
organized the event, and if they wanted to get upset at
someone, it should be him. They all ignored him. Other
than the redoubtable former mayor of San Diego and Radio
Talk Show Host

Roger Hedgecock
no one in the
MSM has covered this aspect of the story.

The MSM simply would not let this inconvenient fact get
in the way of the way of the lynch mob. A recent Google
News Search of "Compton Cookout" revealed 1,184 stories.
"Compton Cookout"
and "Jiggaboo
yields only six, none from major newspapers.

On March 1, The LA


"Beyond a `Compton Cookout`,"
"Now we know the truth." But The Truth was not that the alleged
racist fraternity party was actually hosted by a black
comedian, but rather.

"The infamous
"Compton Cookout" at UC San Diego, where members of the
Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity invited guests to celebrate

Black History Month
dressed as their favorite ghetto
stereotypes, was not an isolated incident. Nor can it be
chalked up to standard-issue frat behavior, in which a
degree of misogyny, bigotry and drunken insensitivity is
often shrugged off as normal college hijinks."

What are the other
incidents that make this incident non-“isolated”?

On February 25, someone
hung a

from in the campus library. The

response ensued. Students stormed the
offices of Chancellor Marye Anne Fox and held a sit in
for six hours. No one was arrested or disciplined.
Students at other colleges held similar protests. At UC
Berkeley students set trash cans ablaze, broke into a
library under renovation where they smashed windows and
sprayed graffiti.

Instead of denouncing this
lawlessness, the ten Chancellors of the University of
California campuses issued a joint statement deploring
these "acts of
racism, intolerance and incivility."

Bowing to the BSU`s
demands, Chancellor Fox created a special
"Battle Against

derogatory, hate- and bias-related events have rocked UC
San Diego. Hate in the form of these horrific and
repugnant acts has threatened to divide our campus.
Racism is not going to happen in our community. The
university is committing its resources – legal, moral,
ethical, communal and educational – to make positive,
necessary changes on our campus. UC San Diego is working
with the university`s Black Student Union to address
these issues and ensure that our students feel safe,
supported and respected so that they can succeed. Please
join us in the battle against hate at UC San Diego"

—and that she would address
the BSU`s demands.


Arnold Schwarzenegger
, who last year signed a bill
to make hanging a noose in public a crime punishable
with up to a year in jail, called it a

"horrific act"
of racism.

Of course there is the
usual problem: the perpetrator

came forward

herself as
"a minority student who sympathizes with the students that have been
affected by the recent issues on campus."
police report,

Amazingly, this revelation
has not stopped
the BSU, the media, and other assorted victimologists
from decrying the noose as an incident indicative of
racism on campus

The latest incident
occurred this Monday, March 1.

Someone placed a pillow case fashioned as a Klan hood

on top of a statue of

Theodor Geisel
(better known as Dr. Seuss) on

The usual frenzy ensued:
more protests, more unquestioning media accounts filled
with the same lies about the noose and Compton Cookout,
and more groveling by the administration.

The University Police are
trying to extract DNA and fingerprint evidence from the
pillowcase and are considering it a
to be punished to the fullest extent of
the law. The media repeats this as the string of racist
incidents without mentioning that all of the previous
incidents were actually committed by minorities.

Of course no one has
suggested that there might be the slightest possibility
this latest “hate
might not be the work of the imaginary white
racists who dominate UCSD.

Allow me fill the void: I
am absolutely certain that this is a hoax. If it turns
out that a non-leftist white student put the hood up, I
will ask VDARE.COM Editor
to pay me for this article in the form of a
donation to the

Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC)
made in my honor.

Given how the administration, media, and politicians
bend over backward to address the whining of the Black
Student Union and other groups, it`s hard to say exactly
how the school is really an inhospitable environment to
African Americans. Their real gripe: there are not
enough blacks on campus. Of course the politicians and
the school administration would love nothing more than
to let unqualified minorities on campus. But the people
of California, who voted out

race preferences
, do not agree.

The truth is these left wing minority student
are not rebels at all. They are on the exact same side
of the political, media, and academic establishment.

When confronted by Roger Hedgecock on the fact that the
Compton Cookout was organized by an African American,
dreadlocked professor of African American Studies

Daniel Widener
who organized many of the protests
and sit-ins


"This is an issue
is an issue of campus climate, this is an issue of a
campus that has never been more than 2% African
American. We`re not about incidents. We`re about
structurally changing the University…Here at UCSD,
we`re trying to create a climate where every California
child can get the education they deserve…"

When Hedgecock asked,
"Do they deserve
the public education they earn or do they earn deserve a
public education based on their skin color?"

Widener responded,
"I`m not sure I
understand the question".

Hedgecock replied:
"I didn`t think
you would."

Ellison Lodge (email
him) works on Capitol