Marketing Malt Liquor and Shaping a New Underclass

uploadedyearslater“While 2 percent of white and African-American [violent] deaths occur in bars, the figure is 12 percent for Mexican-Americans.” A brilliant article by J. Douglas Allen-Taylor in “Silicon Valley`s Weekly Newspaper” is ostensibly about marketing malt liquor to Hispanics. It`s actually about immigration, the growth of an Hispanic underclass, the triumph of alienation over assimilation – take that, Ron Unz – and (alas) blind, nation-eating corporate greed. [This just in: A libertarian friend worries VDARE is capitalist-bashing – he says corporations don`t shape taste.  We say the corporations are pushing on an open door.  The open door – the social pathology – has been imported by immigration policy.  But the corporations are pushing – not an edifying spectacle.]