The Wit and Wisdom of Samantha Bee–Comedy As Status Anxiety Therapy

From The Hollywood Reporter: Samantha Bee — whose TBS program [...]

Hispanic Gunman Who Killed Five At Cascades Still At Large–And No Headlines Say “Hispanic Gunman”

In the latest mass shooting in a mall in Burlington, [...]
crisis Traffic Is Up. It’s Created A Crisis On Our Servers. That’s Bad. You Can Help! is witnessing unprecedented growth. More people are reading us [...]

The Black Man Who Helped Rescue Reginald Denny Was Not Only Ostracized By Other Blacks, His Life Was Threatened And He Left Town

At FiveFeetOfFury, Kathy Shaidle links to my story about Glenn [...]

Leftist Blog Claims Influences Trump. OK, So What About Official English?

A Leftist blog called ANGRY WHITE MEN| (((Tracking The Alt-Right))) [...]

Mexican Immigrant Wanted For Rape And Murder Arrested In Mexico, Not Called Immigrant By Press

The case of Fidel Urbina was mentioned in our 2014 [...]
Mark Steyn on who started "birtherism"

Radio Derb On The Air: Obama Was The First Birther, Etc. (9+ ITEMS)

Radio Derb is on the air–go here to listen, here [...]

The Comments Section Is Revolting!

The Internet facilitates jeering from the peanut gallery, which does [...]

Hillary Clinton Sent “Mothers of the Movement” to Campaign Against Police in Charlotte Hours Before Riots Broke Out

From the North Carolina Democratic Party Facebook page: Keith Lamont [...]
Above, a Case IH Magnum Autonomous Tractor with a planter implement.

We Don’t Need Cheap Labor–The Future of Farming Is Automated

Is it too early to suggest ending the H-2a agricultural [...]