SpotMini  the house robot  awaits master’s next command.

Automation: SpotMini Robot Loads Dishwasher and Delivers Beer

Last February, millions watched a video of Boston Dynamics’ amazing [...]

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Warns That Hillary Clinton’s Refugee Scheme Will Cost a Fortune

Apparently Secretary Clinton intends to continue the Obama program of [...]

Pointing ‘n’ Sputtering at Trump’s Idea Man, Stephen Miller

Julia Ioffe in Politico has a long article about Donald [...]

After #Brexit, SLATE Columnist Jamelle Bouie Promotes Nonwhites As Globalist Firewall

In an odd way, the rise of nationalism is forcing [...]
Used to be an all-white suburb.

White Flight: How Many Millions of Americans Were Internal Refugees from Black Crime?

I’ve noticed a big push recently to get fear of [...]

Mob Violence, Stabbings In Sacramento–Another “Minority Occupation Turba” Action

A mob of masked men with clubs, shields, and knives [...]
Question Six: Do you support affirmative action for recently arrived immigrants, legal or illegal?

For Hillary: Twenty Questions On Immigration

We’re not always on the same page as the folks [...]
Above, Senator Rubio appears with other Gang of Eight members when the group worked to pass a terrible amnesty bill for millions of illegal alien foreigners. His amnesty activities as a freshman senator helped him get a lot of attention in the press.

Little Marco Rubio — He’s Back and Running for Re-election

Whoever thought that Little Marco Rubio, the Gang of Eight [...]
The concept of "Little Africa"  in a Chinese city proved less successful than Chinatowns all over the world.

The Asian Nations–The Multiculti Experiment’s Control Group

Several readers have emailed me this CNN story from yesterday: [...]

“White-Bread”–The Ethnic Slur That Nobody Notices Is an Ethnic Slur

Nicholas Lemann, former head of the Columbia School of Journalism, [...]