The Death of the American Dream Quantified

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VDARE On Trump’s DHS Pick–Good To See A General Who Considers A Southern Invasion An “Existential” Threat

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New DHS Pick John Kelly Should Run A Mini Operation Wetback, Like General Joe Swing Did In 1954

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WaPo: “The Real Reasons the U.S. Became Less Racist Toward Asian Americans”

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Is Powerline Channeling

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The New Republic, on the other hand, sides with Scrooge.

In The War On Christmas, Trump’s On The Right Side!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat; they’re saying [...]
In 2014, Obama set up a refugee plan for “unaccompanied” kiddie Centrals, thereby adding to his growing illegal immigration magnet.

Illegal Aliens Increase Use of “Magic Words” to Claim Asylum

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Demography Is Destiny: Bulgarian Demographer Describes European Population Replacement Dynamic

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Cicero, Illinois: “Discrimination Suit Alleges Black Temp Workers Passed Over for Hispanics”

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ATLANTIC: “Are Jews White?”

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