Hundreds of Cubans lined up at Mexico’s northern border to enter the United States--where, as "refugees", they're immediately eligible for Medicaid and food stamps.

Illegal Central Americans Annoyed That Illegal Cubans Can Stay, And Illegal Central Americans Can’t

The New York Times reports that “Tension Simmers as Cubans [...]

Breaking White Guilt News …”Emmett Till and Tamir Rice, Sons of the Great Migration”

I was just wondering why the newspapers hadn’t run enough [...]

Charles Murray In The WSJ: The White Working Class Has “Every Reason To Be Angry”

Charles Murray has been critical of Trump for reasons of [...]

Soros: Putin Trying to Destroy EU with Muslim Migrants, So EU Must Invite in More Muslim Migrants (Or Something)

From The Guardian: Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s [...]

Q. Does Race Exist? A. It’s Good Enough for Government Work.

One of the weirder contradictions of contemporary dogma is the [...]

Hillary and Sanders Sorry For White People—But Still Want To Hit Them With Amnesty/ Immigration Surge

From the Democratic debate: IFILL: Let me turn this on [...]

Post: “Clinton, Sanders Likely to Tackle Minority Concerns in Debate”

From the Washington Post: Clinton, Sanders likely to tackle [...]
The basic Baxter robot costs around $25,000, doesn’t require lunch breaks and can work 24/7.

Robot Rubio Warns about Automation’s Threat to Jobs

It’s odd that the Gang of Eight amnesty senator who’s [...]

Not Wholly Out of Africa: #OscarsSoNeanderthal

From The Atlantic: The Link Between Neanderthal DNA and Depression [...]

SLATE: “From One White Lady to Another: No, Meryl Streep, We Are Not ‘All Africans.'”

From Slate: From One White Lady to Another: No, Meryl [...]
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