The English Language as a Trojan Horse in Japan

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Congressman John Lewis Fails Black Americans (and Constituents) by Pursuing Illegal Alien Amnesty and Open Borders

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Refugee Resettlement Round-Up For January 13, 2017: Ann On Facebook, Etc.

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Women’s March Endorses Zeroth Amendment

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Monica Crowley Not As Lucky A Plagiarist As Biden Or MLK

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“The Unbearable Whiteness Of La La Land”

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Trump And The King Family: MLK III Met With Him, Alveda Voted For Him, And Coretta Scott King Supported Employer Sanctions

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Ryan Andrews At ALTERNATIVE RIGHT: Becoming Who We Were

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Great Moments in Self-awareness–The Country Club Obsession Strikes Again

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Television First–Tucker Carlson And Thomas Friedman Talk About Immigration And Automation

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