Thousands of Blacks Line Up for Section 8 Vouchers in Portsmouth, Va: Event Canceled Because of the Fear of a Riot

As you read this sentence, consider this melancholy fact: tens [...]
Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee

“Trump Is Our ‘Hail Mary Pass,’ Our Last Desperate Attempt To Salvage Something Of What America Was Before The Whirlwind Destroys The Last Of It”

In late January, “crunchy conservative” journalist Rod Dreher took a stab [...]
Above, invasive foreigners attacked police as they built a fence on the Macedonian border last November.

Czech Poll Finds 44 Percent of Europe-Residing Muslims Have Fundamentalist Views

The opinion of Europeans about the tsunami of Middle Eastern [...]

How Safe, Low-Crime Sweden Was Sacrificed to the God of Diversity

Here’s a five-minute video describing how a small, naive country [...]

ATLANTIC: “Girl Scouts: Still Mostly White”

From The Atlantic: Girl Scouts: Still Mostly White The 104-year-old [...]

“No Muslim Family Should Engage in Birth Control: Erdoğan”

Having used Syrian refugees as a club to get from [...]

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Reiterates Trump Support for Immigration Enforcement

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo had an interesting discussion with [...]

The Growing Menace Posed by Lawless, Anti-Democratic Autocracy in Central Europe–Is Merkel Trying To Rule Europe?

A couple of weeks ago in Taki’s Magazine, I recounted [...]
Muslims burning Danish Flag

The Danish Experience: Admit 1 “Syrian” “Refugee”, Get 23 Dependents (Including 3 Wives)

H/T Pic  US Herald The other day in expressing delight [...]

Disparate Impact And Voting Rights For The Ignorant

When The Federalist’s David Harsanyi wrote a Washington Post  Op [...]