CNN’s Sally Kohn Freaks Out When Betsy McCaughey Proves Voter Fraud Exists

Journalist/activist Sally Kohn, as a traditional trouser-wearing lesbian, can’t literally [...]
It's not the bricks, it's the non-black kids.

Radio Derb Transcript For October 21 Up: The Magic Bricks Of PS 199, Et Cetera

The Radio Derb Transcript for October 21 is up–go here [...]

Who Are The “Protesters” Going After Trump Hotel In DC? Communist Lunatics Of Course!

The Main Stream Media was busy cheerleading protests at the opening [...]
Above, hordes of illegal alien Muslims have been flocking to Europe since German Chancellor Angela Merkel unwisely welcomed Syrian refugees, and millions from Afghanistan to Sudan responded.

JIHAD WATCH’s Robert Spencer: Candidate Hillary Warns about Muslim Immigration — Sometimes

JihadWatch researcher Robert Spencer has sorted through Hillary Clinton’s pronouncements [...]
Above, Hyundai welding robots are showcased at a trade show.

Automation: Robots from Korea to America Are Replacing Workers

Robot design and engineering is a growing business because companies [...]

Sick Hillary Needed a Doctor in the Oval Office during Coughing Fit

Clinton biographer/whistle-blower Ed Klein, author of the new book about [...]

Sailer In TAKIMAG On The UVA Rape Hoax: “Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Malice in Blunderland”

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine: Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s [...]

Kenyan Refugee Shoots Up Former Workplace, MSM Blames “Harassment”

FreightCar America in Virginia hired a Kenyan refugee to work [...]

NEW YORK TIMES Sheds Crocodile Tears about America’s Lost Civility

There’s an interesting front-page item from the liberal flagship: two [...]
A British anti slaving ship overhauls a slaver--slavery is an African custom, it was white people who invented abolition.

Ricardo Duchesne On “The Underdevelopment Of European Pride”, In The SALISBURY REVIEW

Check out Ricardo Duchesne’s new article European culture; The Greatest [...]