avatars-000181503834-7prg1j-t500x500-500x372-1-500x372 (1)’s Peter Brimelow Talks To KLZ-Denver’s Steve Curtis, 8:05 Eastern, Cinco De Mayo

I’ll be on KLZ-Denver’s Wake Up With Steve Curtis on Monday [...]

China’s Getting Interested In Trump, AKA “Streams All Over”

China’s getting interested in Trump. From Global Times, a sort [...]

A Geneticist Forecasts: “Revealed Preferences Do Dictate History”

Readers may remember the name Razib Khan from a year [...]
vdare-ontrump-cover’s ON TRUMP–Free E-Book! is sure getting a lot of traffic on the [...]

Vote Rigging In “Asian” Towns In Britain–Democracy With Muslim Characteristics readers probably know that there will be a referendum [...]

John Derbyshire Asks “Will The Trump-Coulter Administration Need A Press Secretary? A Speechwriter?”

OK, Ann Coulter may have been the first to call [...]

An Interview With @DemsRRealRacist

From the Daily Caller: The Man Behind The Hilarious Conservative [...]

On June 19, 2015 [!!!!], Ann Coulter Called It for Trump

She who laughs last, laughs best. [Comment at]

BOTH Parties In Congress: We Need More Low-Skilled Immigrants!

Lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol are quietly launching [...]
Too many cucks spoil the broth.

Too Many WHAT Spoil The Broth?

A friend, by email, slightly edited: See, Derb, the GOP [...]