Democrat Convention Presents La Raza Moments of Illegal Alien Sob Stories

As promised by the fairness-challenged Democrats at the DNC, Monday’s [...]

Another Day in Europe: 84-year-old Priest Beheaded in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray Church

From The Sun: CHURCH HOSTAGE HORROR Elderly priest ‘beheaded’ by [...]

CNN: “Donald Trump Bounces Into the Lead”

From the NYT last week: Of course, it’s also possible [...]

The NATION’s Joan Walsh Doesn’t Like’s Peter Brimelow–Or Most White People

The NATION magazine sent Nice White Lady Joan Walsh [Tweet [...]
En route to Cleveland, Peter Brimelow and daughter Victoria Beauregard view a Trumpasaurus.

Brimelow In Cleveland, WASHINGTON POST On The Alt-Right

Peter Brimelow visited Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, went [...]

NYT: Obama-Whipped TV Comedians Worried Nothing Amusing Will Happen at DNC

From the New York Times: Jokeless in Philadelphia By Frank [...]

Allan Wall Interviewed On CANTO TALK By Silvio Canto, Jr.

I was a guest on Silvio Canto, Jr.’s Canto Talk [...]
Secretary of State Clinton covered her hair sharia-style during a visit to Pakistan in 2009.

Hillary Clinton Vows a Massive Increase of Unfriendly Muslim Immigrants if She Is Elected President

Typically, candidate Clinton and the left have learned nothing from [...]

“Western Heritage”–Two National-Question Words That Sound Like Nazism To DNC Staffers

Per Wikipedia, Godwin’s Law states that, “As an online discussion [...]
The mosquitos stay home--the virus is brought by people.

Dominican Immigrants Bringing Zika Virus To U.S.

The headline is How a Caribbean island became prime source [...]