Equal Opportunity For High Decibel Haters!

Recently Bob Herbert of the New
York Times
has come out with a critique
of racist white music. (“High Decibel Hate”, NYT,
August 20, 2001) Mr. Herbert has unearthed some
genuine white racists who are actually preaching
racial doctrines, hatred for other races,
glorification of violence, and, instead of just
denying the existence of the Holocaust, actually
saying it was a Good Thing.

He`s talking about Hammerfest
2000, which took place in October, 2000, near Bremen,
Georgia (pop. 4,500.) Nowhere in the story, which
seems a bit stale in August of 2001, does he mention
the attendance at this function:

The Anti-Defamation League puts
at – wait for it! – three

The plain fact is that,
numerically, the white racist population in America is
very small. When Morris Dees managed to have the Aryan
Nation "compound" confiscated, what he got
was a twenty-acre farm.

I am going to pause briefly to
condemn these racist rockers as being "mad, bad,
and dangerous to know." Personally, I don`t like
their doctrines, I don`t like their attitude, and I`m
sure if I listened to their music, I wouldn`t like
that either. OK?

they don`t represent white opinion in general
. Nor
are they much of a danger to society. There have been
crimes committed by people who think that way in
recent years, the most horrific being the death of
James Byrd in Texas. But if you put all the deaths and
injuries committed by these types the last ten years
in a pile, it wouldn`t equal two weeks of the violence
committed in the last year of the Dinkins
administration in New York. That year there were 2,000
murders in the NY metropolitan area.

I wrote recently about the Lonnie Rae
`hate crime” in Idaho. Idaho`s black population is
only about 5000 according to the Census. But they
certainly outnumber members of the Aryan Nations

There`s an Intelligence Project
set up by the SPLC
to find these guys. Just the fact that you need an
intelligence project to find them suggests that
they`re fairly small.

BUT – and it`s a big but –  Herbert
certainly knows about another kind of music that
preaches racist doctrines, glorifies inter-racial
violence, and whose artists are regularly involved in

It`s called rap or hip-hop. It`s
a 1.7 billion
dollar a year industry. It glorifies race hatred
of whites,
and Koreans.
It also glorifies violence
against women.

Rappers don`t only glorify
violence, they commit it. Rappers often have a
background in violent crime that they carry into the
music industry with them. So you have people who are
multi-millionaires committing crimes that are more
typical of the hard-core unemployed. Rap music critics
have been beaten
and threatened. Frank Alexander, Tupac Shakur`s
bodyguard, wrote a book
called Got Your
Back : Protecting Tupac in the World of Gangsta Rap,
talks about a lifestyle that sounds like it
came out of a Robert B. Parker novel.

York Magazine
published an article that asked
“After a series of high-profile run-ins with hip-hop
musicians, the NYPD is circulating an internal list
identifying their cars. Is it "rapper

No, you idiots, it`s gangster

White racism may have inspired
several murders and a number of beatings, not to
mention harassment campaigns. Rappers have started
whole riots. The Koreans were victims in the Rodney
King riots of 1992; Jews were victims in the Crown
Heights pogrom, Whites have been victimized by
multiple riots

There are rap songs that support
these events. Unlike the racist rockers of Hammerfest,
however, the hip-hoppers and rappers have managed to
get their songs on the record industry charts.

Have the Aryans done or inspired
anything as bad as Crown Heights or the Rodney King
riots? Perhaps they would if they could. But the
answer is no. (McVeigh was actuated by non-racial

The reason for that is that
racial violence is considered shameful
in the mainstream white community. So it should
be, of course.

It`s not nearly as shameful in
the black community. When Jamaican immigrant Colin
Ferguson shot up the Long Island Railroad because of a
berserk hatred of whites, Khalid Muhammad of the
Nation of Islam made a speech in which he said that
“Colin Ferguson, who killed all those white folks on
the Long Island train, I love Colin Ferguson… God
spoke to Colin Ferguson and said, `Catch the train,
Colin, catch the train.` “

In that case, Ferguson`s hate
was actually supposed to be a defense. “Black
syndrome was supposed to have driven him
insane. When the riots erupted in Los Angeles, black
members of Congress insisted on calling them an
"uprising" rather than a riot. They felt
that the white power structure deserved to be rioted

Compare the white racist
musicians of Bremen, and their audience of 
three hundred with the attendees 
at the recent hip-hop Source Awards in Miami

Jeremy Sapienza has a story
about the experience of being in Miami Beach during
that weekend. He says that although Miami Beach was prepared
for the worst
, (the previous year`s ceremony had
to be closed
by the police
after fighting broke out in the
audience), only three people were stabbed during the festivities. Only!
Tens of thousands of hip-hop fans and artists were in
Miami Beach celebrating a style of music that`s at
least as bad as anything done by Hammerfest.

This badness has to be heard to
be believed. One of the attendees at the Source Awards
was Luther Campbell, who was briefly jailed in Florida
in 1990 for obscenity. While he was freed on First
Amendment grounds there`s no doubt the lyrics were
obscene. (If you are over 18, and have a strong
stomach you can click here
for samples. If you`re under 18 you probably listen
to worse every day. Note: I`m not kidding about the
strong stomach.)

Another group, NWA,
has this to say about its work:

Efil4zaggin (Niggaz4life spelt
backwards) which made US number 1, also surpassed
the outrage factor of its predecessor by addressing
gang rape and paedophilia, in addition to the
established agenda of oral sex, cop killing and
prostitution. Musically, it contained furious blasts
of raggamuffin and 70s funk, but that was somehow

secondary” is probably the way that the musicians of
Bremen would have described their attitude to their
actual music. But it`s amazing that their hate got
covered by Bob Herbert on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times –  almost
a year later – when the Source Awards were just
last weekend

I guess
some things are just too big to see.

August 29, 2001