Attendees hold 'no amnesty' signs protesting against amnesty for illegal immigrants during a Richmond Tea Party rally August 12, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. (M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO)

Voters To G.O.P.: We’re Just Not That Into Immigrants

For years, Republican candidates have been assured by their political consultants that amnesty is a runaway hit with

Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative—More Anti-White Blaxploitation By The “Talented Tenth”

Roger Scruton once observed that the reason Cultural Marxism holds such enormous appeal for our ruling elites is

Obama Cronyism + Your Personal Data = Trouble

It’s the most far-reaching scandal in Washington that no one [...]

A Tale Of Two Mockingbirds: The Fatal Flaw Of The Civil Rights Movement

On July 14, 2015 a “new” novel appeared from author Harper Lee. Entitled Go Set a Watchman, it

Pat Buchanan: Could Trump Actually WIN?

See also, by James Kirkpatrick Will GOP Establishment Elect Donald Trump—Or Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s Surrendering Socialist? The American political

Will GOP Establishment Elect Donald Trump—Or Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s Surrendering Socialist?

In Europe, the talk is of rising right wing nationalism and left wing revolution [Europe’s leaders are openly

What The Latest Round Of Commutations Tells Us About Obama’s Version Of “Justice”

See earlier by Thomas O. Meehan: Obama’s Clemency Initiative—Putting Black And Hispanic Drug Distributors Back On The Streets

A Guilty Elite: Immigration Beyond Economics Note: This was originally published in Chronicles Magazine, December 2014, (without links) and is used with permission. America’s

John Derbyshire On The Prescriptive Poverty of the Social Sciences

Here’s a suggestion to sociologists writing books for the general-interest public: Drop the last chapter. You know, the

Denver Minority Occupation Government Coddles Social Justice Jerks

[ note: The "Minority Occupation Government" concept in the title is's contribution--Michelle Malkin is not responsible for