The Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Obama refused to denounce this man, but denounced his own white grandmother instead.

MSM Trying To Smear Trump With Anonymous Anti-Semitic Tweets, But Ignored Obama’s Rev. Wright Connection

In 1992, Bill Clinton famously denounced Sister Souljah, a rapper/activist who endorsed the anti-white violence in the LA

Ann Coulter: Will Obama Try To Backstab Hillary To Save His “Legacy”?

In a campaign season with lots of surprises, how's this for a wild prediction? It would never happen,

Gatekeeping Elites: “We’ve Never Been Weaker and Never More Hated”

Crossposted from Anti-racists gather to lament our gains.   Recently I attended an event in Washington, D.C., to discuss “Growing
Kim Kardashian finds it hard to contain herself.

Enough with Hollywood’s Pendulous Boobery

From runways to red carpets to Instagram and Snapchat, celebrity [...]

National Data | The Contours (And Immigrant Status) of Crime

See also: Black Judge Stopped Railroading Of Baltimore Cop The economy, terrorism, immigration. All are hot button issues

Is Scarborough Shoal Worth a War?

If China begins to reclaim and militarize Scarborough Shoal, says [...]

How Many Divisions Has The Beltway Right?

How many divisions has the Beltway Right?—to paraphrase Stalin’s famous question about the Pope. Or, to paraphrase an

Congressional GOP Enables Nonwhite Crime and White Death By Supporting “Prison Break” Bill

Under the misleading label of “reform,” Republicans are eagerly backing a bill that will retroactively reduce prison sentences

Jewish Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump (4): Neocon Angst About A Fascist America

The reactions of anonymous people on Twitter criticizing Jews are now fodder for news stories by both “right

CHUTZPAH! Shikha Dalmia Wants NATIONAL REVIEW To Fire Krikorian Because He’s Pro-Abortion. He Isn’t (But She Is)

It’s no secret that VDARE is unimpressed with National Review and is sometimes compelled to offer constructive criticism