Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Holds Nevada Campaign Rally

The Answer To Hillary’s Charge Of “Racism” Is The Charge Of Treason—Against America, And Its Founding Stock

Like Jeb Bush, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine has a phenotype that generates involuntary disgust among normal
Fracking Protest at Governors' Conference

Colorado’s Anti-Fracking Crackup

If a pair of extreme green ballot measures fall in [...]

NYT’s Frank Bruni Says “Trumpism” Doesn’t Have Traction. So Why Was Hillary Going On About The Alt Right?

The New York Times’s Frank Bruni [Tweet him] wants us to believe, and clearly wants to believe himself,
Turkish tanks go after ISIS--it's their job, not America's.

Syria: Their War, Not Ours

The debacle that is U.S. Syria policy is today on [...]

Farage vs. The Machine—France vs. The Burkini—Liberty vs. Multiculturalism

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available free on] Donald Trump had a rally in Jackson, Mississippi
In Dimondale, Donald Trump speaks in front of a mostly white audience--people who might vote for him.

Donald Trump, Dwyane Wade, “Moderate” Whites: This Race “Problem” Is Really A Big Opportunity

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Cher Compares Trump To Hitler While Hillary Looks On. The Son Of Holocaust Survivors, Father Of 9/11 Victim, Objects.

Recently, the singer Cher spoke at a fundraiser with Hillary Clinton in (where else?) Cape Cod. [She believes!

Tale Of Two Speeches: Brave (And Honorable) Trump! B-o-r-i-n-g, Paranoid Clinton Editor Peter Brimelow writes: A very important speech was given today—by Donald J. Trump, in Manchester New Hampshire.

Prediction: If Hillary Wins, She’ll Have A Special Prosecutor Investigating Her Corruption Within A Year

Prediction: If Hillary Clinton wins, within a year of her [...]

No More GOP Pandering–Trump Asking Minorities To Vote Like Americans!

The modern Democratic Party is obsessed with voting blocs they call "Latinos," "Hispanics" and the "blacks and browns.” But