Mexican Meddlers Even Madder About Trump—But Not About White Mexican Official Making RACIST!!! Fun Of Indians

Mexicans are even madder about Donald Trump because he has adroitly seized on an illegal alien’s brutal murder

Happy Independence Day From!

John Adams, discussing the vote that had just been taken by the Continental Congress in favor of independence,

July Fourth Fear: Can Free Speech (And America) Survive A Minority-Dominated Supreme Court?

The late June run of decrees from America’s senior legislative body, ludicrously misnamed the Supreme “Court”, have inflicted

John Derbyshire Says: Trump-Coulter 2016!

At the American Renaissance conference this spring we had a [...]

Europe Survived War And Depression: Can She Survive Invasion?

However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving the [...]

Will SCOTUS’s Gay Marriage Reasoning Lead To The Abolition Of State Gun Control Laws?

By now, everyone on the planet knows that the Supreme [...]

Vigilance Against Terror Threat Is Patriotic—CAIR Isn’t

My fellow Americans: If you see something, say something—even if [...]

The Fulford FIle | SPLC’s Point And Splutter Attack On Ann Coulter (And Par For The Sinister Course

Here's the latest targeted Point-And-Splutter attack from the SPLC: On June 16, Coulter did a live webcast hosted by

Ann Coulter: Media Furious–Trump Breaks Embargo With HateFacts About Mexicans!

When Donald Trump said something not exuberantly enthusiastic about Mexican immigrants, the media's response was to boycott him.

That Obama Eulogy: Fuel On The Flames, While Leftists Cheer—And Conservatism Inc. Cowers

According to the Guardian, a “full-throated progressive firebrand has reemerged, reminiscent of the Barack Obama of 2008 who