Peter Brimelow Announces’s War On Christmas Competition…And Explains How Long It’s Been Going On

Salon featured this in a "War On Christmas Denial" piece--see our response here. VDARE com Editor Peter Brimelow writes:

Memo From Middle America: Morals Of Malinalco—Build The Wall! Close The Anchor Baby Loophole!

Mexicans are returning to Mexico, partially because of President Trump, but also as part of a trend occurring

John Derbyshire: Emerging “Demographic Conservatism” Is The Real Lesson Of Roy Moore

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on What I call "Demographic conservatism"—the instinctive tendency to want

“Immigration Has Consequences”—John Derbyshire On Byron Roth’s PERILS OF DIVERSITY

The American people are so fed up from being told—when they want immigration laws enacted which they believe

Patrick J. Buchanan: Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly

See, earlier, by Peter Brimelow: “Wheel And Fight”—Pat Buchanan’s Nixon Book Provides Road Map For Trump On August 9,

Ann Coulter: Why I Secretly Wanted Moore To Lose–Immigration Patriot Mo Brooks 2020!

Rep. Mo Brooks was the true Trumpian candidate in Alabama, which is why I endorsed him in the

MSM Triumphs As GOP Establishment Sabotages Winnable Alabama Senate Race

If only Mo Brooks had been nominated. If the victory of Dave Brat over Eric Cantor was immigration patriotism’s

Michelle Malkin: Still Dawdling Over Deadly Diversity Visas

Earlier: 15 Years of VDARE’s “Diversity Visa ” Lottery Archives–America’s Craziest Immigration Program Capitol Hill's national security priorities are

John Derbyshire: “Importing An Overclass”–The Email Bag

lot of email still coming in on my "Importing an overclass" post. Some sample points from the email

Memo From Middle America: Voters Being Disenfranchised By Secure Voter ID? Adopt The Mexican System!

Molly McGrath (right) of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Voting Rights Project claims “voters are being disenfranchised” [Voters’