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– A Retired INS Official Say The K-1 Visa Is Often A
Massive Welfare Program

A Tennessee Roman Catholic Says His Church Has A Double Standard That Favors Illegal Aliens; etc.


Remi (e-mail him)

“Spiritual Wickedness in High Places”—A Catholic Looks
At His Post-American Bishops

Although I
am a native-born English-speaking American, I also

speak fluent Spanish.

Like many other

Roman Catholics
, I am greatly distressed by
my church has taken by encouraging illegal
immigration. And recently I came across something in our
parish that confirmed my worst fears about its

alien pandering


Diocese of

states that
engaged couples should meet with their priest

at least four months

before an
anticipated wedding date. This is the Bishop`s stated
fixed policy per its website.

Our local parish however,

St. Thomas Aquinas
, has




In the

bulletin, the pre-nuptial guidelines require that
no wedding date can be set until an engaged couple meets
with the priest

at least six months

before the anticipated wedding.

But in the


bulletin, it
states that the no wedding date can be set up until an
engaged couple meets with the priest

at least six weeks
before the
proposed wedding date.

Since I am
one of the few native-born Americans in our parish that
speaks Spanish fluently, this outrageous double-dealing
goes unnoticed by most other parishioners.

Here is the
word for word text that I copied from my Church`s actual

From the St. Thomas Aquinas
Sunday English Bulletin:

“…Sacrament of
Matrimony…Please contact the Office or Rectory at least
six months before the date of the proposed marriage”


From the Sunday Spanish
Language Bulletin

“…Sacramento del matrimonio

favor pongase en contacto con la oficina por o menos 6
semanas antes de la fecha de la boda.”

(“Sacrament of Matrimony…Please contact the office at
least 6 weeks before the date of the wedding.”)

What`s behind this blatant duplicity is that my parish
offers a special deal to Hispanics in an attempt to not
lose them to

other churches


addition, the Church certainly fears an increase in
abortions among the brides-to-be if a wait longer than
six weeks is required, since many brides are already
pregnant. Abortion rates are higher among Hispanics per

Alan Guttmacher Institute
figures that

has previously published.

The likely explanation one would probably get from our
unapologetically supportive-of-illegal-immigration

Father Chad Puthoff
, is that the Church made a
typographical misprint. But my wife and I have been
collecting both the English and Spanish versions of the
bulletin for about six months. This is no error—it done
completely by design.

My wife and I have already been denounced as

, troublemakers, malcontents, etc— the usual
litany of charges—when we speak out about this and other
matters concerning our parish`s

preferential treatment
of Hispanics.

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A California Reader Says Mexican Flag Waving Is Not Done In Celebration

Alice Gregory (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:
A Mexican Immigrant Asks Why Can`t He Wave His Flag? Joe
(And Ruben Navarrette) Explain

II understand the point Miguel Mendoza, the letter writer with
corresponded and cited in his column, is
trying to make. Mendoza feels that

involving the Mexican flag are

Maybe…but more often foreign flag waving and its more

offensive variation
of flag hanging send a different

When Mexicans wave their flag, it is not done in celebration
but to represent an act of defiance in opposition to
American resistance to their

illegal activities

And of course it is always wrong and disrespectful to hang
Mexican flags next to or

above ours
as I so frequently see in


Gregory is recently retired. Although
her family encourages her to return to work, she finds
patriotic immigration reform activism more satisfying.

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A Puerto Rican Reader Charges Mexicans With Using Their Flag As A Political Tool

Augusto Perez (e-mail

Letter writer Mendoza fails to understand that
continues to exert influence over what it
calls "Mexican communities abroad," as it defines
the term here in a Spanish-language only

government website 

That the vast majorities of these “communities” consist of

illegal aliens
and their children is of no
importance to nationalists like Mendoza.

Defending waving the Mexican flag in the U.S. is the same if
gang member
alleged that flashing his signs is not a
breach of civil discourse.

That the galvanizing issue for many

ethnocentric immigrants
, most often Mexicans,
continues to be the quest for legalization of illegal
aliens proves that those who have citizenship

have yet to shed the national loyalties they swore to forego when they
took the oath of allegiance to America.

When Mexican
and apologists persist in cooperating with
Mexico to further that country`s agenda, it is
tantamount to nullifying their citizenship.

Were it not for the fact that Mexico uses its

as a lobbying tool, all the flag waving
might be ignored.

But the fact is that Mexico maintains a

constant campaign
to create links between their
citizens and to have them think “Mexico first”.

I propose that the U.S. end ill-conceived notion of tolerating

dual citizenship
. Foreign-born citizens, if they
hold a passport from their native country, should be
forced to surrender it immediately or his U.S.
citizenship would be annulled.

Perez`s previous
letters about Mexican hypocrisy and left-wing Puerto
Ricans are



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A Rhode Island Reader Says That For The Dodd Family, AIG Money Is Everywhere

Joe Mulvey (e-mail him)

Re: Today`s Letter:
A Connecticut Reader Predicts Senator Christopher Dodd
Will Drop Out

There`s so much more dirty laundry to hang out about

Christopher Dodd`s
sleazy financial maneuverings.

Not only has Dodd been the recipient of generous
but also his wife

Jackie Clegg Dodd
was from 2001 to 2004 an
director of
IPC Holdings,
, a Bermuda-based company controlled by AIG. [Dodd`s
Wife, Too, Had Money Links to AIG
by Jennifer
Fermino, New York Post, March 25, 2009]

In 2003, according to

a proxy statement
, Clegg received $12,000 per year
and an additional $1,000 for each directors and
committee meeting she attended—and she faithfully
attended more than 75 percent of them. Clegg sat on the
Audit and Investment committees during her final year on
the board.

Furthermore, she served as the managing partner of

Clegg International Consultants, LLC
, which she
created in 2001, the year she joined the board of IPC.
Dodd`s public financial disclosure reports with the
Senate from 2001-2004 can be seen


Dodd is certainly more familiar with the

devious workings
than he let on two weeks ago, truths that will be
revealed as the pressure on him intensifies.

All of this amounts to more heat for Dodd and will, as
predicted by letter writer

Paul Streitz
, lead to his withdrawal from the

2010 Senate race

Mulvey is an insurance

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