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A New York Reader Says Our Realistic Analysis Of Lou Dobbs` Immigration Views Is “Long Overdue”; etc.


David Vincelette (e-mail

Re: Brenda
Walker`s Column: 

Triple Legal Immigration? Say It Ain`t So Lou Dobbs

Walker`s column is
welcome and long overdue.

I`ve long wanted to
point out to

Dobbs and his fans
that there is no difference
between a thousand

illegal Mexicans


Chinese or Indians
) in some town in


and a

thousand legal ones.

After all, the
difference is just the

of our misguided Congress.

fools the average American by a different
method—that is, leading them to believe that legal
immigration is a good and welcome thing when, as
Walker`s column points out, it needs to be viewed with
skepticism and alarm.

Vincelette, a retired
government analyst, lives in upstate New York.

Brenda Walker
Dobbs reports
effectively—but selectively—in some limited areas
related to immigration. But I don`t understand how any
intelligent person familiar with immigration, which
Dobbs is, can think that unlimited population growth is
a viable option.

Certain areas of the
immigration debate, like crime and culture, can get
politically complicated. But the environmental arguments
against another 100 million residents are
straightforward numbers only. Dobbs has mostly avoided

For the dicey subjects, you
have to read


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A Single California Woman Says She Finds The Fiancée Visa “Hilarious”


Patricia Martin
(e-mail her)

Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

Meet Rose—A Prospective Fiancée Visa Bride Currently
Working In A Filipino Sex Club

hilarious and ironic that a Filipino prostitute would
have no trouble finding an American husband and would be
considered oh-so-desirable as a wife by an American

I often
hear and read from American men that American women are
too "easy."  Well, jeez, what woman could
possibly be easier than

a prostitute

these American schmucks (oops, I mean men) are willing
to travel halfway around the world and plunk down their

life savings
to meet and marry a woman who may be—or
may have been—a prostitute.

makes me wonder if the women are truthful with the guys
about how they make their living or if the men don`t
worry about

catching a disease

men also complain about American women being

"too educated."
They mean, I think, we`re

too "equal"
and unwilling to walk, either
figuratively or literally, two steps behind men.

they stand in line to meet foreign women who boast on
the Internet of having college degrees. But who knows
what the truth may be?

I just
don`t get it. But count me as thankful I`m not in the
dating market anymore.

Call me
a skeptical American woman.

Martin is a
medical transcriptionist who says she has 20 years of
experience dealing with both “native and foreign-born
mush-mouth doctors.”
She hopes to leave California
permanently within two years.

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A California Reader Is “Happy He Went Foreign”

From: Tomsun (e-mail

I am married to a

Russian woman
I met on the Internet. The screening
process was tough and very complete from start to

My wife was the only one
of four women in a group who was interviewed that
received a

K-1 visa
. The embassy that reviews K-1 visa
petitions looks for sincerity in the applicant`s
affection for each other,

In our case, it was
obvious that we had a true relationship because we
vacationed together on three occasions, had phone
records to prove our communication, and I had visited
her country,

, to better understand her culture that
shaped her personality.  

One aspect Guzzardi
overlooked is that there is a financial review to be
sure that the man asking to bring a fiancée to the U.S.
can support her.  I had to show 1040 tax returns for the
last three years as well as produce bank statements. I
also had to sign a document accepting responsibility for
my fiancée`s living costs for ten years even if we
divorced before then.

Along the way, I learned a
few things. For people visiting the foreign personal
ads, I advise them to be sure the woman you meet

knows English
.  It is so important in order to
understand each other before you can even think about a
relationship. I was lucky, my wife

taught English

No doubt some of the women
registered with the foreign bride agencies are

gold diggers
.  According to my wife, most women in
Russia and the former Soviet Union would take their
chances to come to the United States, a place full of
opportunity and hope, than stay there.  She said most
also believe that American men treat women better.  

My wife also thinks most
Americans don`t realize all the happiness and
opportunity that abounds here in the United States.  She
may be right!

Nearly 50 percent of

U.S. marriages
end in

. Marriages that involve foreign-born spouses
is no worse.

I have been married to a
wonderful woman for two years.  She is smart,
attractive, motivated, loyal affectionate and also is
dedicated to our marriage.

Count me as happy I went

Tomsun is a scientist who
once worked in Russia.   

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A Texas Reader Says He Does Not Want To Be Lonely All His Life

From: Richard

Guzzardi overlooked the positive aspects about
American men who marry

foreign women
while over-scrutinizing the bad.

Many men out there, myself being one of them, who for
various reasons—a pockmarked face, plain or bland
appearance, social ineptitude, low confidence,
etc—cannot find a woman.  And if those men are fortunate
enough to find

a woman
willing to go on a date with them, the
chances that she`ll stay with him are slim.

I don`t deserve to suffer in loneliness and despair

Marrying a

woman from a third-world country
seems like a good
idea to me and I plan on doing sometime in the future. 

Guzzardi is wrong to say that Americans shouldn`t be
allowed to marry foreign spouses because if his wish to

abolish the K-1 visa
came true I, as well as many
other unwanted and undesirable men, would never be able
to marry.

Joe Guzzardi
As I anticipated, we received a
huge volume of mail, both pro and con, on my Internet
bride column. The three letters posted above represent
just a small sampling. We`ll post others soon.

Just a reminder to readers
that VDARE.COM has given equal time, so to speak, to
other non-immigrant visas and the fraud that often comes
with them. I have written just as harshly about






tourist visas

Thomas Allen
Edwin S. Rubenstein
Rob Sanchez

John Miano


Michelle Malkin
, among
others, have criticized not only the above but also the





Here at VDARE.COM, we are
not opposed to love. We endorse it and, in fact, think
more love would make our world a better place. We do,
however, promote finding love in your own country.

Most importantly, we are
against visa fraud. When we see it—or the potential for
it—you`ll be hearing from us.

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A Puerto Rican Reader Says Islanders Pay Too Much Attention To U.S. Left Wing Agitators

Re: Today`s Letter:

A Puerto Rican Reader Is Tired Of Being Mistaken For An
Illegal Alien

From: Augusto Perez (e-mail

As a fellow

I can understand letter writer
Yacinia Acevedo`s frustration when she is mistaken for
an illegal alien.

However, much of that is our own fault.


Puerto Ricans
are so obsessed with the

island`s commonwealth status
that they forget that

also see themselves as Texans first and feel
that there is nothing wrong with that.

Many of the left- leaning Puerto Ricans have thrown in
with the equally left wing coalition in the United
States that supports "comprehensive immigration
as a means of undermining our national


Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund
is one
example of those who do the

dirty work
of illegal alien supporting organizations
while slapping a Puerto Rican badge on their steaming
putrid pile of arguments.

Puerto Ricans have nothing in common with illegal
aliens, regardless of they come from. 

It`s high time we made that clear.

previous letter about Mexican hypocrisy is


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