A Washington State Reader Says Cardinal Roger Mahony Seeks To Destroy the Roman Catholic Church

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07/30/07 –
A Texas Reader Says “So
Long” to the Lone Star State

From: Steven Keely (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Blog:

Mahony: Apologies All Around—Except for His Own
Criminal Behavior

The Roman Catholic Church`s hierarchy since Angelo
Giuseppe Roncalli, John XXIII, was elected Pope seeks
nothing less than the utter destruction of the Church
and society at large. These so-called

are apostates of the faith.
As far as the vast majority of the

are concerned, they have succeeded

What you see in the responses from

Cardinal Mahony
and others that favor

and protect child molesters is the
duplicitous dealings of modernists.

Their talk and actions mark the end of the

Catholic Church
as I once knew it.

Keely describes himself as:
A traditional Roman Catholic; born into the Faith,
educated in parochial schools through eleventh grade and
an active altar boy until fourteen.”

also VDARE.COM contributor

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