War Against Christmas 2007 Competition [II]: Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also…More War Against Christmas

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There`s more ailing Christmas in 2007 America than

attacks on

and the
dispiriting disappearance of traditional well-wishing.
The whole

Diversity Industrial Complex
has been brought to bear in order
to transform Christmas into another


multiculturalism and
. America`s unwelcome

demographic transformation

in combination with

leftist politics

has been used as a tautological excuse: diversity is
already happening, so we citizens

should get with the program
of welcoming our
cultural destruction.

Back in the old days of American America, “Happy
cards were handy in case you
didn`t get your

Christmas cards

mailed in time. But these days, "the Holidays"
may include (but are not limited to)



Santa Lucia Day

Hmong New Year


, Boxing
Day, and Las Posadas.

Some defenders of Christmas blame secularization.
That`s certainly involved. But we shouldn`t forget the
part that
immigration diversity
has played. It has
simply become more difficult for public institutions to
manage ritual demands for “holiday”
inclusiveness. The jellyfish in charge simply find it
easier (and less

to celebrate the generic season. Happy Winter,

The controversy about

at the
Sea-Tac airport in

Washington State

is illustrative of the forces at work. In 2006, a

local rabbi
a menorah to be erected near the airport`s seasonal
Christmas trees. The bureaucrats reacted by removing
religious symbols entirely. According to the Seattle PI,
"The port defended its decision by saying its lawyers
believed that putting up a menorah would have invited
other religious groups to clamor for their own symbols`
will celebrate winter, but not Christmas
October 19, 2007]

The Port of Seattle has a whole webpage explaining
the "Winter
Displays at Sea-Tac
in perfect

“Advisory Committee

"The Committee recommends that
decorations should reflect the Pacific Northwest
environment and our diverse community, and convey
universal values, such a peace and harmony. These values
have roots in many religious faiths and cultures. Our
goal is to create an inclusive and warm environment at
the airport."

The display`s official name is
"Seasonal Migration"
—honest! (Watch a

video here
.) The
installation is a "monument to winter," according
to the designer.

Typically, human societies endure the

of winter
and celebrate the arrival of spring`s

renewed life and promise

with genuine relief and joy. The diversity agenda seeks
to overturn this normal psychological reaction to the
physical world into a lifeless political belief.

Another problem that has come with welcoming all
cultures willy-nilly is the lack of discrimination,
including the inability to tell friend from foe. One of

worst examples
recent memory was the decision of the

Empire State Building to be
lit up green
in October to honor the Islamic
holiday Eid-al-Fitr.

It was the first time for the Muslim religion to be
so acknowledged, and was not accepted by many who
remembered the

9/11 terror attacks

just six years before. Investor`s Business Daily
called the ill-considered recognition

"Sharia by the Inch"

[October 12, 2007] and derided it as a new low in
politically correct appeasement
of an

avowed enemy

Jihadists have declared war on the West. Giving this
sort of homage to


all things western,

in particular Christianity.

Even the actual celebration of Christmas by some
nationalities can have a troubling anti-American aspect.

Consider the act of a

posada procession

in San Francisco: the parade was as much about
establishing a Mexican presence as it was remembering
Joseph and Mary looking for a room.

“On the nights leading up to
Christmas, hundreds of Latin American immigrants tromped
through the rain-slick Tenderloin streets enacting a
traditional Mexican

. The
parishioners carried statues depicting

Mary and Joseph
the road to

ritually knocked on doors, singing `In the name of God,
I ask you for shelter. My wife is so tired, can we get a
place to pass the night?`

“After being repeatedly turned away and told
`there`s no room at the inn,` the procession arrived at
the Golden Gate Avenue church, where all were welcomed
with hot drinks, tamales and a piñata for the children.

“`They sing so loudly,`
Sister Ruiz said. `They really identify themselves with
José and Maria, the idea of being immigrants in a land
that`s not your own.
turning into new Latino neighborhood
, By
Tyche Hendricks, San Francisco Chronicle, January
2, 2006]

Lest you think that the San
Francisco posada is an unimportant blip, consider
another example of how cultural-religious activities
reflect the political. The

Virgin of Guadalupe is
in Mexican religious life,
particularly around Christmas. But more than that, the
figure is a

symbol of Mexican identity
period. You can`t go to a reconquista rally
without seeing

many people carrying the image

along with their

Che Guevara flags.

So when Los Angeles Archbishop

Roger Mahony wears a cassock
embroidered with the Virgin of Guadalupe
, he
is declaring his

support for amnesty

and open borders for his Mexican flock.

The celebration of Christmas is

– and

America is about freedom, and whatever people want to do
in their homes is their own business. But when
foreigners demand the public square be given over to
their ethnic expressions against America, a line has
been crossed.

Open-borders extremists are happy to use Christmas in
order to propagate their multicultural agenda. In
Britain, the Christmas story beloved by millions is
being used as a

cheap plot device for a
pro-immigrant guilt extravaganza
, complete
with Beatles songs and other popular music. (Lady
is a great pop tune, but does not
relate to Christmas.) The BBC will broadcast a
Nativity play called

Liverpool Nativity

in which Joseph and Mary are transformed into

asylum seekers
to a

Liverpool passport office.

To emphasize the

central political message
the evil Herod figure cracks down on immigration to hold
on to power. Subtle, eh?

Nothing is sacred when diversity cultists are writing
the script. It`s all about the indoctrination.

Britain has been at the forefront of the
anti-Christmas jihad

for some time
. In
1998, the Birmingham City Council came up with a new
celebration called


to create a more multicultural atmosphere.


Tom Piatak


more recent attempts on the island to

remove Christmas

include a report from top Labor think tank proposing to
"expunge" the festival from the national calendar
and "downgrade" Christian celebrations generally
were part of a larger scheme of diversity utopianism.
British parents would be urged to participate in
"birth ceremonies"
to pledge a partnership with the
state to raise the kiddies in a properly diversified
manner. The traditional countryside would be opened up
to more minorities so there would be no escape from the
new multicultural Britain. [Christmas
should be `downgraded` to help race relations says
Labour think tank
, Daily Mail,
November 1, 2007.]

But America is not much better. The Mainstream Media
try every day to beguile us with the new

secular religion of diversity
über alles: all human problems will
melt away magically in the new, improved non-melting
pot, they suggest. But as we have seen in the perfect

petri dish

, reality
is quite different.

Diversity the ideology

is doomed to failure because it ignores

human nature
. Every
tribe on earth, including the American tribe, wants to
inhabit a community with others who share their values,
speak their language and understand their jokes. It`s a
hard-wired part of human nature.

Christmas is a

vital part
of the

West`s cultural heritage

and an important battle in the larger war. We must
defend it.

Brenda Walker (
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,




Her favorite Christmas songs are

Silent Night (hymn) and White Christmas (pop

sung by Bing Crosby
of course). Her favorite Beatle has always been George.