Mexico Numero Uno In Two More Immigration Categories!

I recently

that Mexico is numero uno in just
about every category of recent immigration to the United
States—providing the most naturalized citizens, lawful
permanent residents, non-immigrant admissions,

, expedited removals, and illegal aliens
apprehended and removed.

But there`s even more to the story.

Mexico also is also numero uno
in two more categories that will never show up in the
Department of Homeland Security`s

statistical yearbook
  – amnesty winners and
“Jackpot Babies.”

  • Amnesty Winners

The great majority of beneficiaries
from the recent

amnesty betrayals
have been Mexicans.

The most disastrous

green card
giveaway ever, the 1986 Immigration
Reform and Control Act (IRCA—we`re still waiting for the
“control”), legalized over 2.7 million illegal
aliens. Approximately

seventy-five percent
of IRCA amnesty applicants were
Mexican nationals.  And when you add in Central
Americans, Mexico and Central America “alone supplied

eighty-four percent
of all
[IRCA amnesty]
according to the

Center for Immigration Studies

Research by the  CIS  revealed that
the 1986 amnesty was not merely highly concentrated
among Mexican nationals, but among those living
(illegally, of course) in Los Angeles, California. 
According to a 1999

, “several hundred thousand applicants came
from a dozen zip codes concentrated in a five mile
radius of city hall in Los Angeles.” 

Mexico certainly leads the league
in other recent amnesty giveaways, like the Immigration Act

Section 245(i)
adjustments of status. 

Just for the record:

every alien
allowed to file for an immigrant
petition for adjustment of status under Section 245(i)

by definition
, a removable illegal I-L-L-E-G-A-L
alien.  These are the folks who could just as easily be
given a

one-way trip out of the country,
rather than legal
status outright through visa-jumping.

Whenever an illegal alien trades
one type of expired or illegal status for a new legal
one, future lawbreaking is encouraged by the prospect of
legitimate status as a future


Contrary to President Bush`s

wish not to reward illegal
behavior, his “temporary worker”

Arizona Amnesty
Plan does just that—it allows a
change of status from “illegal” to “legal
presence with work-authorization.”

The millions of amnesty winners
already in the United States are living proof that crime

All of them already served notice
on society that they aren`t afraid to break American
immigration laws.  They


and ultimately

a way of life in the United States to which
they were not entitled. 

So it`s no surprise that amnesty

SAW (special agricultural worker) amnesty

swell the ranks
of the army of



career criminals
assaulting the

southern border.

But does the DHS even keep records
as to how many of these tens of thousands of ungrateful
amnesty winners have been subsequently deported?…or
put in through the charade of

Immigration Court proceedings
before the Justice
Department`s Executive Office for Immigration Review and
then just sent right back out on the streets again?

Answer: no way.

Just how many previous amnesty
winners have since been deported or placed in EOIR
proceedings?  And how many of them are Mexican

Again—the federal government isn`t

But it`s time Americans were told
the truth once and for all. 

  • “Jackpot Babies.”

A VDARE.COM reader recently pointed
out another Mexican numero uno:

forgot to include the 2 million Mexican anchor babies
`naturalized` over the past 10 years by the generous
interpretation of the 14th Amendment.”

Needless to say, neither the DHS,
nor America`s hospitals keep track of the immigration
status of proud parents.  So no one knows exactly how
many illegal alien

jackpot babies”
—so named by radio

Terry Anderson
to the U.S. through an

American delivery room
every year.

But considering relative

fertility rates
, and the fact that Mexico already
dominates both legal and illegal immigration into the
U.S., Mexico must be numero uno in

14th Amendment
immigration too—perhaps
even, as my reader suggests, by a factor of ten.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of