The Bush Betrayal And The Arizona Amnesty Connection

As previewed by the Washington Post on

Christmas Eve
, the Bush Administration`s illegal
alien amnesty


Robert L. Bartley Memorial
Open Borders

—could take shape in Congress as the dangerous

Arizona Amnesty Plan
(H.R. 2899 and S. 1461) already
pending since July, 2003.

The Bush
Administration gave its first hint about the Arizona
Amnesty connection as follows:

“White House aides would not
provide details of the proposal, but the Republican
officials said it draws on, among other sources, a bill
introduced by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).”[Immigration
Reform on Bush Agenda
12/24/03, Washington Post, by Mike Allen]

So if the bills were introduced last July, exactly
how long has the Bush Administration been planning its
amnesty revival?  Or has the idea of

Mexican amnesty
never really left the table since
President Bush visited Mexican President Vicente Fox in
February, 2001?

Under the ridiculously misleading title of “Border
Security and Immigration Improvement Act,”
Arizona Amnesty bills (H.R.

S. 1461
) closely track the Bush plan.  The bills are
backed by three of the President`s fellow open-borders
travelers and Republicans—House members Jim Kolbe and
Jeff Flake, and Senator John McCain.


legislation in August, 2003, and also in the Fall 2003
issue of
Social Contract


House members and

one Senator
have signed on to cosponsor the bills.

But it looks like El Presidente Fox already signed
on.  As correspondent Allan Wall

last week, the Mexican government
supports the efforts of Kolbe and fellow travelers in

“The January 4th,
2004 edition of El Siglo de Torreón, Page 10A,
contained an article entitled “Insiste el Gobierno en
pacto migratorio”
– `The
[Mexican] Government
Insists on a Migratory Accord.` It reported the Mexican
government`s intention to lobby strongly to support
current immigration measures pending in the U.S.
Congress. (It was adorned by a picture of Arizona`s
immigration-enthusiast congressman Jim Kolbe.)”

So this may be the battleground, folks – H.R. 2899
and S. 1461.

And just for the record, here is the list of the
pride of the Treason Lobby who signed up to support the
bills so far.

U.S. House of Representatives: Jim Kolbe (R-AZ); Jeff
Flake (R-AZ); Joseph Crowley (D-NY); David Dreier
(R-CA); Adam H. Putnam (R-FL); Jack Quinn (R-NY); Nancy
L. Johnson (R-CT); Jeff Miller (R-FL).

U.S. Senate:  John McCain (R-AZ); Lindsey O. Graham

Without a doubt, the immigration

of 2004 is already underway. The Beltway
beachhead of the immigration reform

is making it possible for individual
patriots to lobby Congress. Grass roots immigration
reformers are organizing suitable

when these amnesty cheerleaders visit
their home districts.

According to a

on the invaluable

American Patrol Report
, Rep. Kolbe already felt the
public backlash for supporting the pro-illegal alien
H.R. 2899. At a town hall meeting on January 15 in
Sierra Vista, Arizona:

meeting attendees at the door to City Hall was a
full-sized, stuffed Border Patrol agent who was
kneeling, slumped over a bench, with a large knife in
his back which bore the labels, `Bush Amnesty` and
`Kolbe Amnesty.”


 is worth 1,000 words. Congress and the
President will get the message somehow.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of