Dead Culture Walking: Muslim Colonization Of Europe Should Frighten America

If there is anything that should make Americans` blood
run cold about immigration, it is the sight of
Europe—and Britain, the home of Western


by millions of Muslim

Europe is just hoping against hope that Islam isn`t
going to



massive rioting (or worse)
or impose total cultural Islamification.

Major jihadist terror occurred in


7, 2005, killing 52

and injuring

and in


(March 11, 2004,

killing 191 and injuring 1841
Yet cowardly politicians continue policies of

which hostile Muslims correctly apprise as the fatal
weakness of a culture too pacified to defend itself.

Some Europeans already accept the coming

One Dutchman, mourning the future loss of Europe 



Paul Belien

as saying, "I am
not a warrior, but who is? I have never learned to fight
for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it."

Well, that`s honest. But how about less self-pity and
more directed anger? Many Americans I know in the
patriotic immigration reform movement had a
come-to-Jesus moment of


from passivity, turning to resolve to save the country.

Did America encourage Europe`s socialist pacifism by

protecting it too well
starting after the

Second World War?

Perhaps. Having your freedom handed to you on a plate is
no way to appreciate its value.

Other causes of the continent`s tragic downfall are
rooted in recent history. They include business` desire
for cheap labor (so

a trendy belief in secular multiculturalism as a

replacement for Christianity

and apparent ignorance of Islam`s long-standing enmity
toward Europe.

Now the triumphs of




are being trampled by

entering mostly legally. It`s a wonder the Muslims
bother with terrorism at all when

demography is working

so well for them.

Europe`s swirl down the toilet bowl is little reported
in this country largely because the Main Stream Media is
not interested in showing it. The

top media elites

are still stuck on multiculturalism. But the European
experience shows what a bogus ideology that is.

In 2004, CBS`s
Sixty Minutes
did present a chilling and memorable
segment about the

crime-filled immigrant housing projects

in France,

The New French Revolution

“But nothing prepared France for what happened to a
17-year-old French Muslim girl named Sohane Benziane.
Her case really woke up the country to the nightmare
that has been festering so long in these projects.

“Sohane was burned alive in the basement of an apartment
complex by a gang leader who had told her that he didn`t
want to see her on his turf. After her murder, her
sister, Kahina, dedicated a memorial at the site of her

Though emotionally searing, the
Sixty Minutes
piece contained no mention that France`s Muslim
population is expanding rapidly. The number of Muslims
residing in Western Europe in 1900 is

estimated at around 50,000

. Now France alone is home to somewhere between

four and eight million followers

of Islam.

Just recently, five years later, Fox News has carried a
televised report,

Politicians Fret as Muslim Population Swells in Europe
Amid Little Integration

[March 24, 2009].

 “Although there
are no official statistics on how many Muslims live in
Brussels, it is believed they make up about 25 percent
of the city`s 1 million urban residents.

[Filip] Dewinter,
who opposes immigration and has called Islamophobia a
"duty," claims three of the 19 sections of Brussels,
each with its own mayor,

now have Muslim majorities.

“`In those neighborhoods it`s not our government that`s
in power,` he said, `but the Muslim authorities — the
mosques, the imams — who are in charge.`

“FOX News visited one of those neighborhoods, called
Molenbeek, which looks

more like North Africa

than the heart of Europe…

“Yet Molenbeek remains disconcerting. Belgian police
assigned three plainclothes officers to watch over a FOX
News team shooting street scenes one morning in
Molenbeek. When FOX News returned in the afternoon as
more people were out and about, the police said it would
be safer not to get out of the car. It wasn`t even dark

Notice this level of danger exists in Brussels—the
supposed capital of the Europe Union.

News icon

Edward R. Murrow

is remembered in particular for

broadcasting from London d
the blitz to warn America of the threat to civilization
posed by Hitler.

Had Murrow lived during our own time rather than WWII,
he may well have tried to alert 21st century Americans
to the present danger from totalitarian Islam on the
march. But there is no modern Murrow to warn the people,
because the MSM no longer does its job to inform about
the pressing issues.

In the eye of the slow-moving storm, resistance to the
invader is not particularly strong.

Denmark has stiffened

its entry requirements to keep out the unfriendlies, but
it is the exception and not the rule. Italy`s

education minister

has suggested that a limit of 30 percent foreign
students be the limit per classroom, so that the

immigrants assimilate

to the national culture rather than

the other way around
Naturally, the economic downturn has made the

majority of Europeans

want the excess immigrants to go home, but many
governments prefer not to upset Muslims, who are

famously sensitive

about the most minor slight.

Many Muslims are happy to remain on the dole anyway. One
example is generous Sweden, where the primarily
immigrant Rosengaard neighborhood of Malmo has an

unemployment rate of 70 percent
(Plus, the area is so violent that fire trucks need
police escorts, and the number of rapes has tripled in
20 years.)

Americans often have a low opinion of Europeans,
particularly the


(once described on The Simpsons as

cheese-eating surrender monkeys
a rip that has stuck). But we hate to see


turn into a quivering bowl of sharia jello out of
respect for our shared Anglophone culture.

Who could have imagined that the countrymen of Winston
Churchill would meekly acquiesce to recognizing and

rewarding polygamy
Multi-wifed Muslim families even receive

extra welfare benefits

for the various harem members and kiddies—though bigamy
is still illegal.

There was an


last year when Archbishop Rowan Williams suggested that
Islamic sharia should be accepted as part of British

Sharia law—that`s the Muslim legal system that decrees

second-class status of women

executions for homosexuals


amputations for theft

The Archbishop remains ensconced in

Lambeth Palace,

despite demands for his resignation during the sharia
kerfuffle. In fact, weathering the crisis appears to
have made him bolder.

“On the
anniversary of the interview in which Dr Rowan Williams
said it `seems inevitable` that some parts of sharia
would be enshrined in this country`s legal code, he
claimed `a number of fairly senior people` now take the
same view.

“He added that
there is a `drift of understanding` towards what he was
saying, and that the public sees the difference between
letting Muslim courts decide divorces and wills, and
allowing them to rule on criminal cases and impose harsh

of Canterbury: Society is coming round to my views on
By Martin Beckford,,
Daily Telegraph,
Feb 15, 2009].

Is everyone assured that

"harsh punishments"

amputations, etc.—will not occur at some future date?

And whatever happened to the proud tradition of the

Magna Carta
Is nothing worth defending? How shameful to


founding legal principles of centuries` duration so
thoughtlessly to the Islamic interlopers.

Britain is fascinating to observe because it is far
advanced along the immigration road to hell, especially
given its powerful multicultural nanny state.

Plus, the extra helping of Muslims makes British
cultural survival all the more challenging. The UK shows
exactly what not to do in public policy—a
combination of poorly chosen immigrants, the false
ideology of multiculturalism and disempowerment (both
physically and psychologically) by

disarming the populace

Sadly there seems to be little organized opposition
among the traditional folk against their new alien
overlords. However, there are uprisings of appropriate
anger on rare occasions. One such was the outrage of
Luton residents toward Muslims insulting British
soldiers returning from serving in Iraq. Local people of
all ages simply wouldn`t allow Muslims to abuse the
troops and proceeded to chase off the obnoxious
hecklers. [
It was brief demonstration that normal patriotism (and
therefore hope) has not been completely repressed by the

liberal thought police

in Britain.

But from this side of the pond, the

UK looks like toast
In 30 years, London will likely be a sand-free version
of Riyadh, with wall-to-wall burqas, and Saudi-style
morality police in place of


Yet even with Europe`s Technicolor demonstration that
Muslim immigration equals cultural suicide, American
elites and the press still cling to the dangerous fable
that we are somehow immune from those troubles because
America does assimilation better than Europeans.

Perhaps we do in the area of

employment opportunity
But that`s not the point. We should instead be asking

Muslim immigrants

become loyal members of the US community—and

many don`t
A 2007 Pew poll found that

only 28 percent thought of themselves as Americans first

while 47 percent identified primarily as Muslims. Their
loyalty lies abroad with the worldwide Muslim community

which sees itself as being victimized by the West.

But because of what Enoch Powell


which are deeply rooted in human nature”

when grappling with slow-moving threats, we snooze on,
despite the throbbing neon message of doom.

Muslim immigration

to America is growing, but the overall number is still
small as a proportion of population. But it`s never too
early to quit the habit. Clever analysts have


that when the percentage of Muslims in a non-Muslim
culture reaches around 10 per cent, bad things happen.

America—let`s not go there!

We are just as vulnerable to the actions of hostile
Muslim immigrants as our fellow English-speakers across
the Atlantic. But we still have the blessing of time. We
could come to regret ignoring Europe`s experience by
allowing numbers of Islamists here to reach critical
mass. Even a handful of determined jihadists can kill
thousands, as we learned on 9/11.

We must realize as a nation that there`s no right to
immigrate—and we are foolish to welcome possible

Brenda Walker (
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,

She`s still looking for the Mythical Moderate Muslim.