Mass Immigration Creates Terrorist Haven in Europe

America is not the only country
to have a problem with Arabic and Muslim immigrants.
If you think the consequences of allowing mass
immigration from the Third World states of the Middle
East are coming home to roost, in

they are starting to rip down the whole

In Germany, which has welcomed
"guest workers" from the Middle East for decades, there
are now some 3 million Muslims, most of them Turkish,
and Berlin is the third largest Turkish city in the
world. This may be the reason that Germany served as
what the New York Times calls "the haven of
choice" for the terrorists who plotted and carried out
the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington. Just as
the hijackers could mask their presence and plans in the
United States because of the

alternative social structures
that mass immigration
has created, so in Germany

Muslim immigration
served the same purpose.

"There are many reasons," the
reports, for the terrorist preference for
Germany, "among them the fact that the terrorists could
blend into a society with a large Muslim population and
more foreigners than any other in Europe." But Germany
is by no means alone in providing such havens. [NYT
October 5th, 2001, A NATION CHALLENGED: AN
ASSESSMENT; In Germany, Terrorists Made Use of a
Passion: An Open Democracy]

In France, where for years
Jean-Marie LePen`s Front Nationale has warned
against the dangers of mass immigration and where some 5
million Muslims now live, the enemy is within the gates.

"Bin Laden for President!"
shout Arab sympathizers
of the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, as Agence
France Presse
reported last week. "Maybe I don`t
approve of what he did in New York, but when I

saw him talking on television
I thought, `What a
great guy!`" says one, a 19-year-old computer

He and his friends have little use
for strict

Muslim fundamentalism
but they seem to share Osama
bin Laden`s political agenda. As the news story
reported, "They are in many ways integrated into French
society—their manners, clothes, habits of speech clearly
place them in France—but are fired by a fierce rush of
Arab and Islamic pride." Once again, the fallacy of
assuming that external

is more than skin deep becomes clear.

In Holland also, the Arabic and
Muslim population offers critical support for the bin
Laden network as well as for several other Middle Eastern
terrorist groups. In fact, Muslim immigrants have
invented what reporter Adriana Stuijt

"a new form of terrorism against the civilian
population at large." "`Muslim cultural organizations`
have turned the streets of Antwerp and Rotterdam into
main battle grounds for Muslim-fundamentalist male
criminal youth gangs who deliberately attack, rob and
invade ethno-European cultural events and throngs of
shoppers in the large shopping districts." As the white

European birth rate falls
while that of Third World
immigrants to Europe rises, the Muslims know very well
whose continent Europe will soon become. It`s the
Europeans who don`t have a clue.

In Rotterdam, she reports, "These
gangs target major shopping districts and traditional
European cultural and sporting events to rob, terrorize
and abuse especially the ethno-Dutch population. During
these organized attacks, the youths are also seen to
deliberately target ethno-European

girls and women,
demanding that they start obeying
the strict Muslim shari`a laws favored by
terrorist regimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya." In
Belgium last summer, gangs of Algerian and Moroccan
youths attacked Flemish citizens holding an annual fair.

Muslims and Middle Eastern immigrants

in several northern cities.

Not only is the immigrant presence
a challenge to European cultural values and institutions
(not to mention simple law and order) but also it
provides a crucial support network for international
terrorism. In Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, and
France, some 20 suspects have actually been arrested or
detained for alleged connections with the Sept. 11
attack, and the New York Times

"it has become increasingly clear that there
are a number of cells throughout Europe like the one in
Germany that investigators believe played a central role
in planning the Sept. 11 attacks."

Even when immigrants are not openly
sympathetic to terrorism against the countries that took
them in, they provide a vast underground in which real
terrorists and their supporters can live, operate, and
conceal themselves and their activities. And, as the
immigrants gain the vote, they constitute a massive

political lobby
that will be able to influence
European policy toward terrorism, the Middle East and
U.S. action there.

The sheer, unmitigated insanity of
the massive immigration that both our own government and
those of Europe have allowed should by now have become
so obvious that lawmakers on both continents should be
rushing to reverse it.

They`re not.
But since they were insane to allow
immigration on this scale in the first place, it`s not
surprising they`re still too crazy to stop it.


October 18, 2001