Racial Gang-Rape: The Sequel

Last year, Sam Francis reported on two different
cases of gang rape overseas. (Racial Gang-Rape: Another Diversity Disaster)

In Australia, gangs of Lebanese youths were targeting
white girls – “Anglo-Celtic” in Australian parlance. In
France, gangs of North African youths were gang-raping
French girls.

Curiously, the phenomenon hasn`t had much press in
the U.S. So this is a VDARE.COM follow-up.

In the Australian case, Miranda Devine

in the
Sydney Sun-Herald that the Judge
who gave lenient sentences and found no racial motive in
the Australian case has been shown by further testimony
before the Supreme Court to have been willfully blind.
Furthermore, the prosecution had censored the “victim
impact statement” to remove references to the racial
aspect of the crime. [“Racist rapes: Finally the truth
comes out,” July 14, 2002]

The horrifying custom of gang-rape that North
Africans in the French banlieues call the
has been noticed in a recent

Weekly Standard article

(“Allah Mode,” by Christopher Caldwell, July
15,2002), and been the subject of a French movie,

La Squale.
The movie, which "shocked a
nation with its horrific scenes of gang rape," tells of
the “code of silence” in the North African society that
has been transplanted to the suburbs of France.

One of the female leads in the movie is from the

the BBC`s Rosie Goldsmith that the movie is
totally realistic.

"Two of my friends," she explained, "have been
gang-raped. One Turkish girl and one white French girl.
The boys jumped on them, one after another. In five
minutes it was over but those five minutes have ruined
their lives. I am afraid most of the time that it could
happen to me."

These stories have been unfit to print because they
don`t fit the Establishment media template. The media
thinks of Third World women as the victims of the

“white male patriarchy,”
rather than as the victims
of Third World men, which is usually the case. As for
the concept of French, Australian, or American women as
victims of Third World men, it just doesn`t register.

Feminists have been talking for years about

rape in America
and the attitudes of American males
towards rape. But it remains clear that America is, even
without feminist reforms to the judicial system, the

chivalrous nation
on Earth as regards the

protection of women.

Outside the U.S., it`s a different story.

The title of a recent story from Afghanistan, in
which a woman was sentenced to be gang-raped by a
tribal council, says it all:

Account of Punjab Rape Tells of a Brutal Society.
York Times
, July 14,2002)

A July 23 New York Times story tells of the
murder of young Kurdish woman in Sweden. She had
assimilated, but her father hadn`t. She started dating a
Swede. Her father saw her holding his hand. She fled for
her life, but couldn`t escape, and was killed. (Lost
in Sweden: A Kurdish Daughter Is Sacrificed

In Australia, Paul Sheehan

in the Sydney Morning Herald (August
29, 2001) that the authorities seemed to be suppressing
the truth about the link between ethnicity and crime for
fear of starting a jihad against Muslims. I think
he meant a

, not a jihad. But the principle`s the same.

Sheehan also argued that

about these problems would make them worse:

It is not the truth that has set this debate alight.
We can handle the truth. The truth is not a threat to
our society. It is the lies that burn so brightly.

The truth is, however, a threat to immigration
policies that value multiculturalism and diversity to
the point of being

careless of the rights of women
– let alone, of
course, the national interest.

July 23, 2002