Bush`s Big Lie: “Temporary Workers” Will Secure The Border

As Peter Brimelow

blogged Monday,
President Bush has

returned to his vomit
Monday with the same old
“Temporary Worker Program”
business. Unfortunately,
it`s nothing more than the same old lies, damned lies,
and spin.

took the liberty of marking the, let`s say spin, in

his speech

“As we

our immigration laws, comprehensive
immigration reform also requires us to improve those
laws by creating a new temporary worker program.

BIG LIE! Legalizing illegal
aliens just means

even more

illegal aliens


their footsteps to jump the border. Retired U.S. Border
Patrol agent John W. Slagle has the

photos to prove it
showing even more smuggled aliens arriving even after
the 1986

amnesty disaster

was over

“This program would
create a legal way to match

willing foreign workers

willing American employers
to fill jobs that
will not do
. [JM:

no mention of price, as usual
Workers would be able to register for legal status for a
fixed period of time, and then be required to go home.
This program would help meet the demands of a growing
economy, and it would allow honest workers

emphasis  – yet another euphemism for “illegal
to provide for their families while respecting the law.

“This plan would also
help us relieve pressure on the border.

by capitulating

But the truth is that the 1986 Immigration Reform
and Control Act amnesty did nothing to STOP illegal
immigration or relieve the pressure on anything. The

millions of illegal aliens

currently in the U.S. are
a living testimony exposing this `relieve pressure`
proposition as the nonsense that it is

“By creating a legal
channel for those who enter America to do an honest
day`s labor, we would reduce the number of workers
trying to sneak across the border.

you go again, Mr. President. Legalizing more illegal
aliens has never stopped illegal immigration – see

“This would free up
law enforcement officials to focus on criminals, drug
dealers, terrorists and others that mean to harm us.

Let me see . . . weren`t the

Mohammedan Jihadists

who `harmed us` on

September 11, 2001
all immigration violators who failed to comply with the
terms of their non-immigrant visa status? They didn`t
say they were planning to

hijack planes

and fly them into buildings. By the
same token, they would have been eligible for…

“Our plan would create
a tamper-proof identification card for the temporary
legal worker, which, of course, would improve work site

If no
DHS officers are

monitoring worksites

now, how will changing the type
of employment authorization card

`improve enforcement`
It might slow counterfeiters for a while, but it would
not `improve` anything without more DHS enforcement

“Listen, there`s a lot
of opinions on this proposal—I understand that. But
people in this debate must recognize that we will not be
able to

effectively enforce our immigration laws
until we
create a

temporary worker program

Nothing could be further from the truth. Giving illegal
aliens a free non-deportation pass and employment
authorization is a signal that our immigration laws

have not

effectively enforced, or else these illegal aliens would
have been deported long ago. There is absolutely no
connection between enforcing the grounds of
removeability and inadmissibility in the Immigration Act
and giving legal status to more illegal aliens . . .
other than the fact that if you make everyone legal,
there will be no one left to arrest

“The program that I
proposed would not create an automatic path to
citizenship, it wouldn`t provide for amnesty—I oppose


Giving legal status to illegal aliens through employment
authorization and a renewable non-deportation pass is
most certainly an


rewarding cheaters and law-breakers

“Rewarding those who
have broken the law would encourage others to break the
law and keep pressure on our border. (Applause.)

“A temporary worker
program, by contrast, would decrease pressure on the
border. [JWM:

you go again, again! Repeating the Big Lie of `decreased
pressure` won`t make it the truth. Amnesty is not only a

fraud magnet
but just the very

hint of an amnesty

brings a flood of even more illegal aliens.

“I support the number
of—increasing the number of annual green cards that can
lead to citizenship. But for the sake of justice and for
the sake of border security, I`m not going to sign an
immigration bill that includes amnesty.




applauding here? There`s nothing to cheer about with
this kind of double-speak by a President of the United
States. Don`t





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