It`s Official! Bush Betrayal Triggered Wave of Illegals

Has the “Bush Betrayal”—the
touting by President Bush and Congress of some form of
illegal alien

under the guise of a “border
program—actually enticed more illegal
aliens to crash our border with Mexico in 2004?

Well, the Commissioner of the
Department of Homeland Security`s Customs and Border
Protection division Robert Bonner has denied the
connection. But the chief bureaucrat in charge of the
Border Patrol has got some explaining to do, now that
the DHS has released its monthly

statistical report
for  April

Southwest Border Apprehensions.

The numbers were released
with little fanfare by the DHS on May 28, 2004.  The
narrative of the report tells the tale of a massive

U.S. Border Patrol made 135,468 apprehensions along the
southwest border during April 2004, an 80 percent
increase when compared to April 2003.  Voluntary returns
[of Mexican nationals
to Mexico] conducted by Border Patrol agents
increased by 79 percent from a year ago to 125,561.  For
the first seven months of fiscal year 2004,
apprehensions were up 31 percent and voluntary returns
were up 28 percent compared to the same period in fiscal
year 2003.”

But there`s more.

Compared to the seasonally adjusted
apprehensions (apparently taking the illegal aliens`
travel patterns into account), the 2004 data shows a
massive spike in apprehensions.

The DHS` chart speaks volumes:

Sure looks like an apprehension
spike to me!

Now that the jig is up, Bonner just
might have to eat his words uttered in March, when he
was quoted as saying:

haven`t seen anything that can be reliably interpreted
as increases in the number of illegal migrants coming
across the board as a result of the president`s
Bonner said. 

[“Customs chief denies link between more immigration
arrests and Bush plan,”
2/23/04, San Diego
by Joe Cantlupe.]

Bonner was asked about the
amnesty—illegal entry link again by CNN anchorman John
King on the

Lou Dobbs Show
on April 1, 2004:

King: “On Capital Hill
today Senator Feinstein was among those asking the
question, would it not serve as a magnet? Would there
not be a flood of people trying to come across the
border if you had this new temporary program?”

Bonner: “Well, I don`t
think so. First of all, there is no benefit from anybody
illegally entering our country right now.”

No benefit?

Let`s get something straight here.

As long as the DHS keeps

illegal aliens from

, as long as the DHS does not fully
implement the summary removal provisions in Immigration

Section 235(b)
, and as long as the

permanent amnesty
buffet of the Executive Office for
Immigration Review`s

Immigration Court
system still exists . . . there
will always be a benefit for illegal aliens
entering the United States.

Now let`s see who made the right
call on the amnesty and illegal entry connection.

In January, following President
Bush`s amnesty announcements, the federal employee union
leadership of the

National Border Patrol Council
blasted the Bush
amnesty plan and predicted a rush for the border.  They

blew the whistle
on an internal gag order giving
this warning to their Border Patrol agents:

“Do not
talk about amnesty, increase in apprehensions, or give
comparisons of past immigration reform proposals.  Do
not provide statistics on apprehension spikes or past
amnesty data.” 

“Border Agents Assail Bush`s Plan to Bring in Guest

January 23, 2004., by Scott Gold and H.G. Reza, Los Angeles Times. [PDF]
(Archived by

National Border Patrol Council

Well, the DHS just released the
apprehension spike data  . . . and they even drew a
picture of it too.

So now it looks like Charlie
Maxwell, a National Border Patrol Council union leader
and senior Border Patrol agent in Brownville, Texas, has
bragging rights based on what he told the Los Angeles
on January 23, 2004.

“The increase in numbers is
going to be phenomenal,”
Maxwell said.

And it sure was!

Juan Mann [send him
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