It's Warm And Dry In Mexico, Guys is reporting that Groups Want Katrina Aid for Undocumented Immigrants . [September 21, 2005 ]

means the Hispanic arm of the Treason Lobby, in this case the National Alliance ofLatin American & Caribbean Communities, a fairly new umbrella organization.

They are asking for a grant of Temporary Protected Status for illegals affected by the storm. Which is backwards.

Temporary Protected Status is usually granted by the immigration authorities in the wake of natural disasters--in foreign countries.

If there's been a hurricane in El Salvador, and everything is upside down, or a volcano eruption on the island of Montserrat, and it's still pouring on the lava, the idea is that non-status immigrants can stay in the US until it blows over. (If it's a permanent condition, the authorities may revoke that.)

But this isn't a problem in Mexico, it's a problem in New Orleans, and Texas, where there are limited resources to deal the American victims of the storm. The illegals would be better "Protected" being whisked to a place of safety--in Mexico where it's warm and dry , and the Government of Mexico has looting under control. (It is in fact a government monopoly there.)

Perhaps the illegal aliens in question could catch a ride out of the area with that Mexican Army convoy that arrived on September 7.

And perhaps, as I suggested in August of 2001 [Dear Mr. Fox: Please Find Attached our Poor/ Tired/ Dispossessed, Etc.] we could send them refugees from other countries, too. After all, if they're willing to send trooops and aid north, which they usually receive, they can take in a bunch of needy refugees (from Somalia, or whereever) which they usually send.

After all, they have a lot of vacancies down there, and we've been told, repeatedly by Ben Wattenberg that "immigration is good" [Scroll down for the "is good" part] : now all we need to do is make the Mexican government believe it.