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From:  Mike Pupis

Why bother? See “U.S. Reportedly Weighs Legalizing Mexican Illegals,” Reuters

The country as we know it or what it once was is no longer and will never be.

Peter Brimelow writes:

Of course, this is an amazing development, besides being suicidal for the Republican Party.

But I am old enough to remember the total despair in the conservative movement in the mid-1970s. Bill Rusher, then the publisher of National Review, told me off the record that he believed all was lost and that the Red Flag would wave over the world – that the last chance had been 1968, when Reagan failed to beat Nixon for the Republican nomination, a closer thing than was generally reported.

“But,” he said, “we carry on. For one thing, you never know what will happen next. [A principle also endorsed by the Prussian military thinker von Clausewitz] And secondly, there are theological injunctions against despair!”

Six years later, Reagan was in the White House.

Moral: Once more into the breach!

July 16, 2001