Goldberg Yields to Gottfried!

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From:  Jonah

Although your essay
is as snotty and condescending as anything I`ve ever
written (which is allegedly my greatest shortcoming —
other than my ignorance — in the Lewrockwell
world), I found it fascinating if more than a bit

I really don`t have much of a counter-argument because
from your perspective you`re more or less absolutely
correct. If you consider Buckley and Podhoretz to be
liberals, well then color me liberal. Alas, as you are
well aware, your use of terminology while accurate and
consistent from your world view, would leave 99% of the
people who call themselves "conservative"
completely baffled.


Thank you for taking note of my comments, the
polemical intent of which you readily grasped. Although
I`ve written for decades on the conservative movement, I
remain astonished how far to the left that movement,
without admitting to that fact, has gone. There was a
time in the fifties and sixties that I found WFB and NR
to be daringly rightwing. Although my conservative
politics have not changed since that time, obviously
theirs have. Pointing out that situation, however
"turgidly," may help clarify our contemporary
political culture. Try some Maistre as a change of diet!

July 02, 2001