A Reader Questions Deportation Of Unpopular Anti-Communist Alien

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11/04/06 –

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From: Mike Johnson [email]

Brenda Walker`s Blog entry "Death
Squad Janitor

Usually, I find myself in agreement
with VDARE`s Brenda Walker, but I can`t share her
indignation over Gonzalo Guevara Cerritos, the "Death
Squad Janitor

As an American interested in
preserving what`s left of America, I really don`t care
how many Jesuits Cerritos whacked in El Salvador. They
were probably leftist "liberation
types anyway, and some people need
killing. In any case, according to

La Times
, "In 1993, he [Cerritos] received a
pardon as part of a

general amnesty
that was granted after the country`s
12-year civil war."

So Cerritos wasn`t deported because
he`s a fugitive war criminal. And he wasn`t deported
simply because he`s an illegal alien. He was deported
because he`s unpopular among other aliens from

El Salvador,
who might or might not be here legally.

That`s the real news in this story:
Uncle Sugar deports only


That`s what raises my hackles.

Johnson is a software engineer in Houston, Texas.

James Fulford
You may have a point there. When the janitor
in question was fighting against the communists in El
Salvador, he was fighting, after all, on the same side
as the United States.

Back then, any anti-Communist government or movement was
always called "US Backed" in the mainstream media, but
no Communist government or movement was ever called
"Russian-Backed." People who want to see what that was
about should read

Watching the School of the Americas Watch
–The War
in Central America Continues,

Paul Mulshine
, Heterodoxy, February 1998.