A Florida Medical Doctor Says Rahm Emanuel`s Brother Understands The Deception Behind Obamacare

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Scott Geller, M.D. (e-mail

Re: Saturday Forum: Dr. Herbert Chen`s Letter:

A California Medical Doctor Has
Proof That Obamacare Is Based On Lies And Deception

One need not refer to studies like the recent one from
Harvard that letter writer Dr. Henry Chen named or
listen to anecdotal stories to see the deception in the
selling of
, the unwieldy legislation that  
will among other things insure illegal aliens. [Harvard
Study: Computers Don`t Save Hospitals Money
Lucas Mearian, Computer World, November 30, 2009]

Here`s what Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of White House
Chief of Staff Rahm,

wrote last year
Health Affairs:

promises of savings from cutting waste, enhancing
prevention and wellness, installing electronic medical
records and improving quality are merely `lipstick` cost
control, more for show and public relations than for
true change."

Dr. Emanuel has been appointed to two key positions:
special health-policy adviser
at the Office of
Management and Budget and is a member of

Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research

All of this has been largely overlooked by

the mainstream media

Geller is an ophthalmologist.