A CA Reader Says `Hire and Buy American`…and Get Rid of Illegal Aliens

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Reader Addresses What Wasn`t Stated in the State of the
Union Address

From: David Levine (e-mail

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein`s

No One`s Suggesting Mass Deportation—But It Would Pay
for Itself

Thanks to Mr. Rubenstein
for his link in his column to Betty Ng and Robert
Justich`s now-famous

Bear Stearns Report
of Jan. 3, 2005 on the number of
illegal aliens in the U.S.

Rubenstein failed to point
out, however, that both the Pew (11 million, the
figure that most people reference) and Bear Stearns
studies were from data compiled in late 2004.

More than a year has
passed since those studies were done so we should add
another 2 to 3 million to both figures given the
continued "sieve" called our southern border.
That would make the Pew Study actual count at 13
million, minimum and the Bear Stearns Report count at 22
million, minimum.

While these figures do not
necessarily impress people into changing their positions
on border security, they give greater meaning to the
word "invasion".

To Rubenstein`s credit, he
states: "These are conservative estimates".

I`ve always believed that
the real figure, given our porous Southern Border, is
30 million. Illegal aliens are everywhere; you can`t
walk ten feet in California without seeing them or being
affected by them. 

One item Rubenstein didn`t
mention—the cost of living in

, the highest in the country.

The main culprit: Illegal
aliens—about 12 million-plus, by my calculation The
San Francisco Bay Area is home to millions of illegals–Redwood
City is practically 25% illegal or more.

San Jose?

Los Angeles
? Even higher percentages exist in these
cities when you add in the illegal Chinese, Vietnamese
and Koreans who came in on the daisy chain as visitors
who then overstayed their visas. 

This is not just about
illegals from Mexico and Central America as many assume
it is. "Illegal is illegal"—no matter where one
comes from. The East Bay has the biggest Middle Eastern
population, right behind

. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to
the percentage of illegal

Middle Easterners
in California?

If Congress were to
finally "get tough" on illegals and pass laws
that mandate the Feds to enforce existing laws
resulting in the deportation of most illegals in the
country, housing prices would plummet. For sure, DHS/ICE
would have to hire thousands more investigators and
personnel, but it would be money well spent.

There would certainly be "losers",
but it would no longer be the Middle Class!

Real estate moguls
would have to come back to earth.
Businesses that illegally

hire illegal aliens
  would suddenly have to pay
higher wages and offer benefits to American citizens
–or risk heavy fines and possible jail time if they
continue to hire aliens. 

The American Middle Class
might be saved! John Q. Public and his wife would have
to get used to watering and pruning their home`s garden
themselves, unless they were willing to pay "fair
" to American gardeners, thousands of whom were
put out of business by the flood of illegals…to mention


service sector business
that has been affected.. 

With a rejuvenated Middle
Class, more Americans would be able to afford to buy a
home for their families. Apartments would be left
vacant, and apartment rents would drop dramatically,
making them more affordable for the poor. All those
billions being sent to Mother Ship Mexico would dry up.
Mexico would have to raise its own standard of living by
welcoming back its poor from America, which it probably
wouldn`t do, most likely leading to a revolution.

But the important thing is
the resurgence of the American middle class and
enforcement of our laws. Without
this resurgence, we`re finished as a society. With
it–along with a Presidential and Congressional "Buy
" push and with tariffs being
slapped on all imported goods that we can easily build,
grow and produce here in the U.S. (actions that this
President and Congress refuse to take)–with
it, we`ll save our country.

And what of the cries by


in particular for MORE illegal laborers? We
should answer them with one word …mechanization.
I`ll gladly pay

$4 or $5 a head for lettuce
to rid the country of
illegal alien gangs. We all know that produce
and other items for consumption will go up in price once
deportation has set in. However,

costs of living
that are far greater in price –like rents and real
estate—will drop after deportation, saving the
Middle Class billions!

I suggest we plan for all
this now by contacting our friends, the Japanese, who
have perfected the machines needed to harvest our fruit

other crops
. By giving farmers huge discounts/loans
on these machines, we can gradually do away with illegal
manual field and orchard labor.

And what about the almost
certain rise in cost of a MacDonald`s and Burger King
hamburger and fries when these corporations are forced
to hire Americans at livable wages?

I don`t buy their
hamburgers and fries anyway, but I`m certain that
Americans who do will be proud to finally purchase and
eat hamburgers and fries made by, cooked and delivered