Why Does The Anti-Defamation League Want Jews (And America) To Commit Suicide?

The recent death and well-attended

memorial service
of San Francisco Congressman Tom
Lantos was a sad reminder that even people who ought to
know better sometimes don`t get it: a man who escaped
from a Nazi concentration camp should understand that
your tribe`s enemies will kill you if they can.

The young Tom Lantos was darn lucky to get out of
WWII Europe alive. But did he learn the obvious
immigration lesson, namely to at least

keep out the bad guys

No. His

lifetime immigration voting grade was F
in a
Congressional career that began in 1981.

Why don`t

Jewish liberals
understand a basic principle of
survival?—welcoming murderous enemies into your
country is dangerous business

Sons of Allah do not shed
their deeply held
anti-Semitism and

other hatreds
upon entering America to become gentle
vegetarians who attend

inter-faith services.

Yet one of the best known advocate organizations for
Jews, the

Anti-Defamation League
, has long been up to its
eyeballs in support for

unfriendly immigrants
whose entrance

violates the basics of national security.

Not to mention America`s values of free speech,
individual rights and a society based in law.

Jaws dropped all across America when a CNN news
anchor voiced out loud the widely understood but rarely
spoken truth about the ADL: that the group is a

bogus civil rights defender.
"The Anti-Defamation
Lou Dobbs interjected, "they are a

The occasion was a heated discussion February 4 on
the subject of "hate speech" with La Raza
mouthpiece Janice Murguia on the CNN news program Lou
Dobbs Tonight.

MURGUIA: You know, the ADL

documents code words for hate.

DOBBS: The ADL—oh, yes, sure.

MURGUIA: And you`ve used a few of those code words
for hate.

DOBBS: Name one code word.

MURGUIA: Well, they talk about dehumanizing.
They`re demonizing immigrants…

DOBBS: That`s their word. That`s not my word.

MURGUIA: Well, I`m telling you, they`ve had a…

DOBBS: What`s my word?

MURGUIA: … clear record of documented hate

DOBBS: They have.

MURGUIA: Yes, they have. They are a very well
respected voice.

DOBBS: Not by me.

MURGUIA: The Anti-Defamation League…

DOBBS: They are a joke.

MURGUIA: They are not a joke. They are an
outstanding organization.

Lou Dobbs Tonight Transcript
, Feb 4, 2008

You don`t see many such

moments on buttoned-down
network news shows these days. (The outburst got

the highly prized

"Worst Person in the World"
award (Feb 7
edition) from shrieking

America-hater Keith Olbermann
. Some people have all


Americans don`t have a problem with an organization
that supports the rights and safety of Jews here. (Or
other ethno-orgs, for that matter, as long as they limit
their activities to reasonable advocacy for their tribe
with no

annoying treason
—although I cannot think of such a
group at the moment.)

However, the ADL does quite the opposite of
protecting its tribe: the

League`s support
for open borders

endangers Jews

welcoming historic enemies
. If this group is the
numero uno
friend of Jews, then their dance card is

full up of trouble.

The ADL is so stuck on loony liberalism that it
ignores even its own research. According to a 2002 ADL
report, foreign-born Hispanics are far more anti-Semitic
than those who have lived their lives in America.

For details, see the PDF file of

ADL`s 2002 Survey of Anti-Semitism in America
; a
pertinent snip from the

press release
is below:

The findings in brief:


  • 17% of Americans
  • 35% of Hispanics
  • 44% of foreign-born Hispanics
  • 20% of Hispanic Americans born in U.S.

Even so, this self-defined defender
of Jews wants to import millions more anti-sems, a
policy which is self-defeating if not suicidal. The
ADL`s attitude is another example where liberals allow
ideology to trump facts. They would rather attain the

imaginary PC virtue of perfect multicultural diversity

than be safe.

Or perhaps the ADL fears declining anti-Semitism
among homegrown Americans and hopes to keep its
organizational mission alive and fundable by welcoming
immigrants who have

unkind views
toward Jews—Muslims

to name a couple standouts. The ADL
sure-fire way to job security!

But arguably worse than ignoring its stated goals,

ADL demeans the American friends
of sovereignty. In
spite of

daily Islamic murders
of Jews, other westerners and
Muslims not pals with the local headchop contingent, the
ADL focuses its umbrage on the courageous

voices for civilization
. People who are trying to
save the country, like Tom Tancredo, get some of the
worst vitriol.

Interestingly, black border defenders like

Terry Anderson

Ted Hayes
got bashed

in the same online blurb
in which

was called a "racist website." The
ADL pulls these shenanigans while attempting to maintain
its credibility. Apparently, tough questions are not
being asked about how immigration restrictionists can be
both racist and

welcoming to black citizens


Immigration page
of the ADL website is seriously
hung up on "hate"—as if that were the worst thing
on earth. Worse than losing your country, for example.

If this were 1940, the ADL would be complaining of

French hatred
of invading Germans. Think of all the
economic stimulus they brought to Paris, it would argue.
Sales of burgundy soared as a result of increased German
diversity and trade. Etc.

Sorry to break this to the League, but what it calls
“hate speech” is

plain old free speech
—and pretty accurate at that.
What ADL finds objectionable is citizens speaking
truthfully about a sacrosanct liberal icon—that
defined broadly, is now

almost entirely negative to the national body politic.

And like many other leftist dinosaurs, the ADL finds
details about legality too troublesome to mention.

The baseless "reports" it flacks are an
attempt to impose the spineless,

dishonest PC speech codes
that are now common on

college campuses
onto mainstream political
discourse. The open-borders people cannot win an honest
debate about immigration where the real problems of
worsening anarchy are on the table.

When even a few of the ADL`s objections about
mean-spirited language are analyzed, it`s obvious that
the citizens` complaints are well founded.

Take a few lines from An ADL "study" called

Immigrants Targeted
(October, 2007) which are
supposed to shock readers:

  • “Using terminology that describes immigrants as part of
    that `swarm`
    over the border. This dehumanizing language has
    become common.

The accusation that restrictionists
"dehumanize" illegals is nonsense. In fact, quite
the opposite is true. Rather than treating Mexicans and
other illegal immigrants as incapable of responsibility
(a version of the

"soft bigotry of lowered expectations"
), most
Americans see them as moral adults, capable of obeying
the law—specifically, immigration law. Liberals choose
to treat them like little children—all the better to
create a dependent class.

And what is so

about wanting

Mexicans to live in Mexico
, a country they love
tremendously,  judging by how often they wave its flag?

  • “Portraying immigrants as carriers of diseases like
    leprosy, tuberculosis,

    Chagas disease
    (a potentially fatal
    parasitic disease), dengue fever, polio, malaria.”

Most foreigners come from
Third-World countries that by definition have

sub-standard public health infrastructures
, so they
do indeed

bring ailments
once thought wiped out or never seen
before in the United States.

  • Propagating
    conspiracy theories about an alleged secret
    `reconquista` plot by Mexican immigrants to
    create a `greater Mexico` by seizing seven
    states in the American Southwest that once
    belonged to Mexico.”

Reconquista is hardly a secret plot
since it is

on every college campus with a

Chicano Studies
department. The reputable Zogby
polling firm found in 2002 that

58 percent of Mexicans believe
that the

U.S. Southwest belongs to them
. Does

that finding
make Zogby guilty of "hate speech"?

Consider the ADL`s reissue of John F. Kennedy`s
little book, A Nation of Immigrants,
on its
50th anniversary. The ADL was instrumental in producing
this book as propaganda for the
floodgate-opening 1965 Immigration Act,
i.e. was
complicit in our current immigration disaster from the
very beginning. On its website, the ADL lays the lard on
thick, with a

whole page of sepia-toned homage
on its website. One
item is a brief

video of the author himself
in 1963, and there is a
more recent clip of the putrefying brother,

Senator Ted
, of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill.

Another is the new

to the book, a self-serving dish of tripe
written by ADL National Director Abraham Foxman (send
him your regards at


“When the Anti-Defamation League
(ADL) reached out to the junior senator from
Massachusetts in 1957 to highlight the contribution of
immigrants, the country was locked in a debate about the
direction its policy should take. 

“Then, as now,

, bigotry and fear of competition from

foreign labor
were dulling the collective American
memory of its own immigrant history and its ideals. 

“Then, as now, hate groups were beating the drums
of anti-foreigner slogans and tried to sway the public
and elected officials toward a restrictive immigration

A "restrictive" policy
toward the border is exactly what citizens want after 40
years of unhealthy immigration bingeing—America has
gorged on too many empty calories for decades and is
overdue for a serious diet, with


And didn`t Foxman read the report of Israeli scholar
Prof Raphael Israeli, that

"life can become untenable"
for westerners
when the Muslim population reaches 10 percent? The
scholar warned Australians last year,

"When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass
you have problems."
That`s exactly what`s gone
so wrong in Europe, from

to social


rioting over Danish cartoons

How does Abraham Foxman get away with demanding open
borders when there is so much immigration trouble

The ADL is playing a dangerous game by siding with


against America. The

majority of citizens
of all political stripes want

immigration anarchy
to end, and they don`t consider
themselves racist or mean for doing so.

The ADL depends upon having some semblance of an
honorable reputation, at least among the left. It thinks
it can attack "right-wing" friends of


with impunity.

However, if it continues to urge America to commit
national suicide, it may find that it has created
anti-Semitism rather than prevented it.

Mr. Foxman and friends would be wise to take Lou
Dobbs` denunciation to heart and consider the reasons
for it.

Brenda Walker (email
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,


. She is a
Presbyterian-American who thinks there is no good reason
for Muslim immigration at all. Or any other kind.