DUNKIRK: “People Should Be Hung From Lampposts, They Should Be Burned Alive, For What They’ve Done To Britain”...

So I went to see this movie DUNKIRK at the urging of James Kirkpatrick,’s lead tweetmeister and our ambassador to popular culture. In the process, I made the interesting discovery that my young Texan wife had never heard of Dunkirk. For me, it brought flocking back a host of memories and emotions sternly repressed since I left Britain for U.S. in 1970. Chief among them now: lethal rage.

If you grew up in Britain in the 1950s, as John Derbyshire and I did, the myth of the Dunkirk evacuation—using “myth” in its affirming and sustaining sense—was everywhere. I remember reading illustrated stories about it in children’s comics when I was about Felicity’s age (now 6).

Of course, the British were wrong to believe this was the decisive turning point in World War II—there were, as we are incessantly reminded, far bigger battles on the Eastern Front. But it was pretty decisive for Britain: the loss (or, politically even more awkward, capture) of the 200,000-plus U.K. troops retrieved from the beaches after being cut off by the German panzers would have been devastating, perhaps fatal, for a country that could field only ten infantry divisions in 1939. As it was, casualties were very heavy—one of many arresting points made by Dunkirk is how terrifyingly quickly combat-damaged ships can sink.

Moreover, Dunkirk was in a real sense a people’s battle. Some 700 civilian craft were recruited to get the men off the beaches and (as the movie recounts) their owners sometimes went with them. When my father took charge of the municipal-socialist public transport operation in Birkenhead in the 1960s, he had Mersey ferrymen who had gone. It was an intense popular effort and it struck deep personal roots.

Although aimed at a mass audience, Dunkirk is a very sophisticated movie and a remarkable technical achievement by writer-producer director Christopher Nolan. It’s also a political achievement. Nolan’s subject is one of the Anglosphere’s great patriotic epics and thus ripe for anti-West snark, but it has actually been well received by the Leftist cultural Establishment e.g.

Nolan seems to have flown under the radar, partly by eliminating virtually all dialog and hence minimizing the chance of jarring Politically Correct sensibilities. Read more >>

Pat Buchanan: Is Trump Entering a Kill Box?

Given the bravery he showed in stepping out front as the first senator to endorse Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions deserves better from his boss than the Twitter-trashing he has lately received.

The attorney general has not only been loyal to Trump and his agenda, he Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Pretty White Australian Girls’ Lives Matter

As soon as the story broke about the Somali cop fatally shooting the pretty white Australian girl in Minneapolis, one of my Muslim fans emailed me a story:
"Re: Hunting in Kuwait as explanation why this Noor guy shot through the car

"I remember being in Kuwait with the president of the investment bank I worked for. We were invited by one of our directors to hunt turtle doves. There were five of us in all and each had a 12-gauge shotgun.

"Instructions were: Only shoot straight and up; shotgun point in air resting on shoulders when not being used. That's it. I was on the far left, and the fellow on the other end was a Syrian.

"Well, we were out there and no straggling turtle doves were migrating. A half-hour later, not one shot was fired. Then, two birds from a tree ahead darted out, between me and the houses on my left.

"We all looked, but the Syrian turned toward us and began shooting over our heads at the birds. The rest of us hit the ground. Even though our host took his gun away, I gave them mine and went back because, if there is a way to overreact, the Syrian would think it is natural and can't even consider the consequences.

"You cannot place these people in a position of authority (for example with a gun in their hands). They will always shoot as a default reaction to anything that is instant. Neither training nor thinking can change their natures.

"And that is why he shot. He had a gun."

Since then, we've found out that this is exactly why Officer Mohamed Noor shot the gentle yoga instructor walking toward the police car. He heard a loud noise--or as Powerline blog is calling it, "The Loud Noise Heard 'Round the World."

Noor shot from the passenger seat, killing Justine Damond, according to his partner, sitting at the wheel, who is presumably now deaf. Damond had called 911 to report what sounded like a rape in the alley behind her house, and was approaching the responding police car when she was shot.

As usually happens when Muslims attack, the press is consumed with worry about their mental state and well-being.

Sample Headlines:

There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world, amounting to a quarter of the world's population, controlling 50 countries. The English-speaking world is about a fifth that size and constitutes a dwindling majority in about a half-dozen countries. But, somehow, no matter how the story is written, Muslims always get to play the victim, and Anglo-Saxons are cast as the aggressors. Read more >>

Michelle Malkin: Who Owns Border Death Truck Tragedy? Mexico!

Florida truck driver James Matthew Bradley (pictured above) isn't the mastermind of the human smuggling ring that led to the grisly deaths of 10 illegal immigrants in his rig, which authorities found at a San Antonio Walmart over the weekend.

He's just a cog in the machine.

Bradley may now face the death penalty for transporting up to 100 people crammed in the trailer of his 18-wheeler. But what about the open-borders overlords making a real killing off this insatiable racket?

I'm looking at you, America-bashing corruptocrats in Mexico.

For years, our nation has been subjected to endless complaints, race-baiting insults and vicious attacks by politicians south of the border.

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon trashed our immigration laws on U.S. soil before the California state legislature.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox dropped F-bombs at President Trump and millions of law-abiding Americans who support construction of an effective border wall.

Current Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto took to CNN's airwaves to bash U.S. citizens who support strong borders as "exclusionary and discriminatory." Last year, Pena Nieto defiantly proclaimed at the United Nations that "there are no barriers that can stop either the movement of people or the fusion Pena Nietoof cultures."

Meddling Mexican consular officials in the U.S. have lobbied aggressively from New York to Texas to California for mass amnesty, driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, discounted tuition for illegal immigrant students, and systematic sabotage of interior enforcement and deportation policies.

Armed incursions by the Mexican military have targeted our immigration enforcement agents for years. After vehemently denying a Mexican government helicopter fired on Border Patrol personnel in 2014, our "friends" were forced to admit the incident happened when Judicial Watch obtained homeland security documents detailing the attack near Sells, Arizona, on the Tohono O'Odham Indian Reservation. In fact, DHS records have tracked at least "300 documented incursions by Mexican military and law enforcement authorities onto U.S. soil since 2004"--with few consequences for the foreign invaders. Read more >>

Memo From Middle America: Mexico’s Race-Mixing Didn’t End Racial Tensions—It Exacerbated Them

Here’s a shocker—INEGI [ Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía, the Mexican census bureau] has discovered light-skinned Mexicans earn more than dark-skinned Mexicans! But haven’t we been told Mexicans aren’t like those racist Americans? Isn’t Mexico proof that race-mixing will eventually solve all race problems?  As an American who lived in Mexico for years, let me assure you—that’s baloney.

Mexicans and other Latin Americans have plenty of racial issues, and they didn’t get them from us. By importing Latin Americans, we’re simply adding new racial tensions to those we already had.

Most Mexicans are indeed racially mixed. But race still matters in Mexico, even as Mexicans themselves may deny it. Mexicans freely discuss discrimination by class, but few acknowledge how social classes are organized by race.

They deny this truth for several reasons.

  • They’ve been brainwashed.

  • They don’t want to face the truth.

  • The Mexican racial hierarchy is so deeply imprinted on their consciousnesses they literally don’t notice it, like the fish in water.

Race in Mexico comprises a spectrum, with pure whites at one end and pure Indians at the other. The mestizo majority is of both European and indigenous ancestry. But even mestizos form a spectrum between mostly white mestizos and mostly Indian mestizos. For all practical purposes in Mexican society, mostly-white mestizos are white, and mostly-Indian mestizos are Indian.

There is also an African element among Mexicans, but it is often ignored. Africans mostly mixed into the general population but recognizable Afro-Mexicans can be found in some coastal regions of Mexico. (Dr. Bobby Vaughn, an African-American anthropologist, is one of the scholars who has studied the Afro-Mexican population.)

Generally, in Mexican society, the higher you go up the socioeconomic ladder, the whiter the Mexicans.  The wealthiest Mexicans are of mostly European ancestry, with a few of Lebanese or Jewish descent.

Most famous actors, pop stars and beauty queens are mostly white, as whiteness is the standard of beauty in Mexican society. (Right, Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico and Miss Universe 2010.) During my first teaching job in Mexico, a fifth-grade boy told me the darkest-skinned girl in the class was the ugliest. These kinds of views, I learned, were typical. INEGI is “shocked, shocked” to discover this, but I could have told them years ago.

INEGI used a chromatic scale with eleven (!) skin tones. Read more >>

Pat Buchanan: Are America’s Wars Just and Moral?

"One knowledgeable official estimates that the CIA-backed fighters may have killed or wounded 100,000 Syrian soldiers and their allies," writes columnist David Ignatius.

Given that Syria's prewar population was not 10 percent of ours, this is the equivalent of a million dead and wounded Americans. What justifies America's participation Read more >>
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