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Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite For Somali Immigration?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on]

Last week started off with another Muslim terrorist attack, this one on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. Shortly before 10 a.m. Monday a Somali immigrant, a student at the university, deliberately drove his car into a group of people, injuring several. Then he got out and stared stabbing bystanders with a butcher knife.

Fortunately a campus cop was nearby. He shot the Muslim dead.

There were thirteen victims altogether: three with broken bones, one with possible internal injuries, the rest listed as having moderate or minor injuries.

Could have been worse.

The terrorist was identified as Abdul Artan. His age was given as 18, but that's obviously a lie. In photographs he looks to be at least thirty, with a well-developed case of male-pattern baldness.

The incident is mainly noteworthy for illustrating the utter absence of any sense or reason in our immigration and so-called "refugee" policies.

Before proceeding, let me justify that adjective "so-called."

Abdul Artan moved with his family from Somalia to Pakistan in 2007. [ Deceased Ohio State attacker identified as Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, ,, November 29, 2016 ]Seven years after that, in 2014, he was admitted to the U.S.A. as a refugee and was granted legal permanent residency.

So after seven years in Pakistan, how was he a refugee? Is Pakistan a country people need refuge from? A country Muslims need refuge from? Read more >>

“Conservative” Lawyer Bruce Fein Claims States Rights For Sanctuary Cities, But Not For Arizona. Which Is Why We...

Finally we have a President who promises to enforce immigration law.  But here’s a funny thing: the same immigration enthusiast lawyers who then claimed it was unconstitutional for state and local governments to defend themselves against illegal immigration now have become born-again states rights’ activists. At least one claims to be “conservative”: former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein.

The last three presidents (at least) have actively impeded enforcement of America’s immigration laws. In response, desperate states and localities passed numerous measures to restrict benefits to illegal aliens and facilitate cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials. Many of these laws, like Arizona’s SB 1070 mirrored federal immigration laws. Others—such as local E-Verify requirements—were explicitly permitted by federal law. But the ACLU, MALDEF, and the federal government tried to sue each locality into bankruptcy anyway, claiming federal pre-emption.

Fein piled on against enforcement. In 2010, he called SB 1070 an “unconstitutional and ugly statute criminalizing the absence of federal immigration papers and targeting racial or ethnic minorities who ‘look’ foreign.” (The statute did not include the word “look,” so I’m not sure why he inserted the scare quotes). Fein went on:
The US Constitution entrusts the federal government with authority over immigration, naturalization and deportation matters. As a nation, we sink or swim together. “No state,” said the court in one ruling, “can add to or take from” the force and effect of national law.

[ No Repeal in Arizona, No World Cup , Huffington Post, June 3, 2010]

But now Fein argues that the 10th Amendment will prevent Trump from deporting criminals efficiently: Read more >>

Michelle Malkin Exclusive: What If the Convicted ‘Serial Rapist Cop’ Is Innocent?

  • "To hell with Daniel Holtzclaw, and his tears."—MTV News correspondent Jamil Smith

  • “Drown in your tears, asshole.”—NYC playwright/actress Mara Wilson

  • "Where is the widespread outrage? Where is the media coverage? Why don't we matter???!!?"—actress Gabrielle Union

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw's emotional breakdown went viral one Read more >>

The Empire Strikes Back: The MSM’s 3-Point Plan To Recapture The Narrative

See also: The Long Election, Stage Two: Left Fights To Recapture Narrative—With Help From NATIONAL REVIEW

49352366-cachedTHE BLAZE TV host Tomi Lahren’s November 30  appearance on The Daily Show seemed like a flashback from a previous era. As in snarky liberalism’s golden days under Jon Stewart, the host, now Affirmative Action comedian Trevor Noah, attacked Lahren’s “I don’t see color, Democrats are the real racists”-style talking points. Noah batted aside these Beltway Right platitudes, Leftists rejoiced, and the clips were eagerly passed around by smug SWPLs.  [ Trevor Noah Expertly Skewers Conservative Tomi Lahren , by David Moye, Huffington Post, December 1, 2016] But in 2016 conservatives and nationalists triumphed because they stopped playing by the enemy’s rules, accepting the enemy’s frame, and conceding the legitimacy of the enemy’s platforms. And the enemy, above all: the Main Stream Media.

Lahren, a protégé of #NeverTrumper Glenn Beck, apparently didn’t get this memo. And she was savaged for it.

Some perspective: For most of human history, power was rooted in possession of land. After the Industrial Revolution, power lay in controlling in the means of production. But today, the main source of power is control of information. Read more >>

Fake News and War Party Lies

map-2"I have in my possession a secret map, [Pictured right] made in Germany by Hitler's government—by the planners of the New World Order," FDR told the nation in his Navy Day radio address of Oct. 27, 1941.

"It is a

Ann Coulter: How Trump Could Ruin His Presidency—Or Save America

oon after Trump's announcement speech, I said he would win the nomination and likely the election. It wasn't that hard to predict. For anyone familiar with the Republican Party's repeated betrayals of the American people, it was a 2-foot putt.

I issue this warning with the same certitude—in fact, for the exact same reason I knew anyone running on Trump's platform would have unbreakable support from millions of voters.

What coalesced Trump's base, what made his support tempered steel, was the fact that voters had been lied to, over and over again—on many things, but most smugly and repeatedly on immigration.

How many times did we have to see the GOP choke? There's 30 seconds left in the game, Republicans are down by two, they move the ball up the court, have a man in position—and, every time, the GOP would do anything to avoid taking the 3-point shot.

That is the beating heart of the anger that voters felt toward the party. No one trusted Republicans to ever score when they had the ball.


Derb’s November Diary: Our Star-Spangled Park Service; Transcribing Trump; New Depths Of Anarcho-Tyranny, Etc....

Oh, say, can you see?     The first weekend of November saw the annual conference of the Mencken Club in Baltimore. I was there to do a party piece, along with Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor, and many other friends from senior Alt Right ranks.

It all went off very well. Many thanks to Paul Gottfried and to his wife Mary, who between them did all the organizational chores and kept us in order.

ssb_flagThis time around Peter and I took time out for some sightseeing. What's to see in Baltimore? Fort McHenry, that's what.

It was o'er the ramparts of Fort McHenry that they raised the star-spangled banner for Francis Scott Key to see in the distance, by the dawn's early light, on September 14th, 1814. Key actually saw the flag  (still flying, meaning the fort was still in American hands) from the deck of an enemy (i.e. British) ship, whither he had gone under flag of truce for some prisoner-exchange negotiations while the British fleet bombarded the fort.

It's a great story and a fine stirring song. It's the more stirring when you stand at the actual place where the flag was raised, and let your imagination take over.

Here are Lydia Brimelow and the boss on those very ramparts.

As was the case during last year's Great Civil War Battlefields Birthday Tour, I was impressed by how well the Parks Service does its Visitors' Centers at these historic sites. At Fort McHenry they show an excellent short movie about Key and the song.

There's a lot that needs abolishing in the feddle gummint, but I hope our new Chief Executive will leave the Federal Parks Service alone.

Civilization gets tweetified.     Driving home up the New Jersey Turnpike, we stopped for a bathroom break at the Woodrow Wilson service area. How long before the Social Justice Warriors force a rename of that?

Personally I'm happy with the name. What left me un-happy was the little convenience store in the facility. Among the numerous articles on sale, there was not a single item of printed matter — not a book, not a magazine, not even a newspaper. Walking back to the car I stopped to see if there were at least some newspaper-vending machines in the plaza outside. Nope.

For a writer, that's depressing. I know of course that print on paper is a vanishing technology, but it's still startling to see how far things have gone. I recently visited the spacious home that a wealthy man ( not our President-Elect) had purchased a couple of years ago. It contained not a single book. Our host even grumbled about it containing bookshelves! ("What use are they?")

Wealthy men's houses used to contain libraries. True, Daddy Warbucks didn't necessarily use the library much, but it was there when he, or his house guests, needed it.

Now thoughtful 400-page stories and disquisitions on this and that have been replaced by 140-character tweets.

Where will that take us, I wonder? Surely nowhere good.

I am thinking of the Sack of Baghdad, when, according to the chroniclers, the Mongol invaders looted the great libraries so thoroughly that the River Tigris ran black with ink from the priceless books and manuscripts thrown into it. Nowadays we of course proceed more gently, but the end result may be the same.

It's useless to complain of course. And there's a silver lining: Second-hand books — those that escape the incinerator — are getting awfully cheap. Read more >>
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