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Paul Gottfried’s Eulogy For Wes Mcdonald: “A Small College Is Fortunate…” Editor Peter Brimelow writes: For political and personal reasons,I found the passing of political scientist W. Wesley McDonald deeply affecting.This is an adaptation of a eulogy delivered by his long-time colleague Paul Gottfried at Elizabethtown College, September 30, 2014. Lydia and I were in the congregation.

The passing of Wes McDonald has left a gaping hole in the lives of many, starting with his wife, mother and sister, but also including those who valued his friendship. It is entirely appropriate that we meet to commemorate this colleague and friend in a setting that meant so much to him. For Wes, his connection to this college was more than a random or practical association. It defined his very being, and it would be impossible to think of him without noting this connection.WWesleyMcDonald

When you went to Wes’s office, it abounded in students, and they were there not “to butter up the prof” but because they genuinely relished Wes’s company. He would also invite students to his home, perhaps sometimes beyond the capacity of his wife to entertain and cook for them, because he and his guests truly enjoyed being with one another.

Wes was genuinely restless when he was not preparing for or teaching his courses, and he would often describe students as his children. To which I’d respond that, if this was the case, he spent more time and energy on his adopted children than I lavished on my offspring. He understandably dreaded the prospect of retiring, because it would have removed him from his calling and social world.

As someone who loved the familiar, he also had a special relation to everything that surrounded the college. He cherished his home, particularly when Alice was cooking in the kitchen, and he gloried in the fact that he lived so close to his office and work. Wes was also fiercely committed to the well-being of Elizabethtown College and became annoyed when his colleagues did not show an enthusiasm equal to his.

A small college is fortunate if it can elicit the passionate attachment from those associated with it that Wes routinely exhibited. Wherever he went, he stood up for his place of employment, and the first time we met in Washington, D.C. thirty years ago, Wes spoke non-stop about the potential for growth that he found in Elizabethtown College. I was bowled over by the extent and exuberance of his praise.

For those who knew the two of us, it would be hard not to remember....

Pesky Questions About Those AWOL Afghans

So the five Afghan soldiers who went missing from two [...]

The Fulford File | Alton Nolen Not A Muslim Terrorist, But An American Phenomenon—116 People, Mostly Whites, Have Been Killed By 18 Black “Disgruntled Employees” In The Last 40 Years


From Alton Nolen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

Alton Nolen, above, was taken into custody after beheading Colleen Duffy and stabbing Traci Johnson, both white, in Moore, Oklahoma.

The beheading of a white woman in a Western state by disgruntled African-American employee who had been fired for proselytizing the Muslim religion and for advocating the stoning of women reminds us that not everything is terrorism.

Or to put it another way, in black-on-white crime everything is terrorism. This suspect is not an immigrant from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and he’s not involved in any external terrorist group. He’s a regular African-American man from a regular African-American family.[Mother of Muslim criminal who beheaded co-worker and stabbed another apologizes to his victims in online video... but adds 'there are two sides to every story', By Jill Reilly, Daily Mail, September 28 , 2014]

Because of the Main Stream Media policy of “Not Reporting Race”, we have no idea how many of the mass workplace shootings by disgruntled employees or ex-employees are actually committed by minorities, especially blacks.

There's been an effort to persuade people that this is "disgruntled employee" thing is an almost exclusively a white male activity, the same as there has been with serial killers.

For example Jezebel came out with an article saying Have You Noticed That White Dudes Keep Mass Murdering People?, to which we replied No, We`ve Noticed You Promoting It, and the Washington Post published a piece saying “White men have much to discuss about mass shootings.”. I replied that Yes, WASHINGTON POST, White Men Do Have “Much To Discuss About Mass Shootings”—Starting With Your Selective Reporting, and Ann Althouse said " I would have thought white men were the one group that American elite media does feel free to single out…". No kidding!

I noted a couple of years ago that the famous 1987 workplace shooting on an airplane mentioned in Gavin de Becker’s book The Gift of Fear was one that even I had only just learned involved a person of color—David Burke who crashed Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 1771, killing 43 people.

DIGIPIXIn the case of Omar Thornton (right) who was fired from a beer distributors in Connecticut and shot eight white people because he thought they were racist, the MSM did tell us that he was black—because the authorities made a posthumous attempt to investigate the victims for racism. [No proof of racism at site of 2010 shooting rampage: police, Zach Howard, Reuters, May 13, 2011]

Another such disgruntled shooter: Nathan Dunlap of Colorado, the Chuck E Cheese killer. That sounds comical (comedian Tracy Ullman had a character who married the “Wetwipe killer” on Death Row, and after the injection was looking to date the “Tastee-Freez Rapist”) but Dunlap committed a real and very serious crime: killing four people by shooting them in the head with a .25 caliber automatic in 1996.

In her column recently, in a discussion of John Hickenlooper’s general crapweaselness, Michelle Malkin reported:

Last month, Bob Crowell–father of 19-year-old murder victim Sylvia Crowell–blasted Hickenlooper for indefinitely delaying the execution of mass murderer Nathan Dunlap.[ Note: Disgruntled Chuck E. Cheese employee and mass shooter Nathan Dunlap is on our list of black mass shooters, a category many people don't believe exists.] When Hickenlooper confided in CNN that he might grant Dunlap clemency if he loses in November, Crowell didn’t mince words. “I think that’s the coward’s way out, and I view John Hickenlooper as a coward.”

Malkin was quoting...

Barack Obama, Outside Agitator


Barack Obama Speaks To The Black Caucus:"Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement..."

In his U.N. address, President Obama listed a parade of horrors afflicting our world: "Russian aggression in Europe," "terrorism in Syria and Iraq," rapes and beheadings by ISIL, al-Qaida, Boko Haram.

And, of course, the Ferguson Police Department.

That's right. The president could not speak of war, terrorism and genocide without dragging in the incident in a St. Louis suburb where a white cop shot and killed a black teenager:

"In a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri-where a young man was killed, and a community was divided."

What, other than its racial aspect, can explain why Obama is so hung up on Ferguson? At the Congressional Black Caucus dinner Saturday, he was back stoking the embers.

"Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement, guilty of walking while black or driving while black-judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness."

Obama is here implying that Michael Brown was profiled, judged "guilty of walking while black," when shot and killed.

But that is false, and Barack Obama knows it is false.

Brown had just knocked over a convenience store after collaring the clerk and was walking in the middle of the main street in Ferguson, blocking traffic, when officer Darren Wilson confronted him.

Did Wilson shoot Brown in a racist rage? Or did Wilson, face battered and eye socket smashed in a fight with the 290-pound, 6'4" Brown, empty his gun in self-defense?

We do not know. And neither does Barack Obama.

For weeks, a grand jury in St. Louis County...

What’s the Matter With Kansas?– How Conservatism Inc. Is Blowing It In A Red State

Leftist Thomas Frank famously accused the Republican Party of working against the interests of its own voters in his book What’s the Matter With Kansas?Fanatical immigration enthusiast and current GOP Governor Sam Brownback seems determined to prove Frank right. His incompetence may cost the state party the Governor’s mansion, the Republican Party the Senate—and worst of all, patriotic immigration hero Kris Kobach his career as Kansas Secretary of State.

Brownback won his gubernatorial election in 2010 by a remarkable 30 point margin [Kansas Governor – Brownback vs. Holland, RealClearPolitics, 2010] He declared his intent to conduct a “real, live experiment” on the state by pushing through tax cuts under the theory that supply side economics would keep revenue up. Revenue collapsed, resulting in the state’s credit rating being downgraded and a political rebellion from within his own party. [What’s the matter with Sam Brownback?by Patrick Caldwell, Mother Jones, September 25, 2014]

More importantly, rural Kansans—the conservative base—may actually face higher property taxes as local communities try to make up the lost revenue [Insight Kansas: Governor’s experiment wallops rural property taxpayers, by H. Edward Flense, Leavenworth Times, June 19, 2014] focuses on immigration does not take a position on fiscal policy but after long experience we are skeptical of the MSM account of Brownback’s Kansas katastrophe (or of anything else for that matter). Unfortunately, also after long experience with Steve Moore, we are also skeptical of his defense of Brownback [A Taxing Tale Of Two States: Illinois And Kansas, by Steve Moore, Forbes Magazine, September 27, 2014]. It may be that Kansas just needs to “stay the course,” as Ronald Reagan said during the 1981-2 recession. And, of course, displaced liberal Republicans are notoriously vindictive.

But regardless of the merits of Brownback’s actions, his efforts have clearly been politically expensive—recent polls show him trailing his Democratic opponent Paul Davis in his race for re-election. [Fox News poll shows Paul Davis, leading Sam Brownback, by Bryan Lowry, The Wichita Eagle, September 18, 2014]

Of course, this hasn’t stopped Conservatism Inc. exemplar and open borders zealot Grover Norquist from enthusiastically defending Brownback [Norquist defends tax cuts despite Brownback woes in Kansas, by Mike Lillis, The Hill, September 21, 2014] He can hardly do otherwise.

Though Brownback’s critics pillory him as “far right,” he is actually a fanatical supporter of Third World immigration, possibly (although misguidedly) because of his conversion to Catholicism in 2002. As a Senator, Brownback received lavish praise from Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times because of his efforts to expand “refugee programs” (although Brownback was careful to keep the flood away from his home state). Brownback was also instrumental in legitimizing the kind of “humanitarian” waivers for refugee programs that have led to the disastrous deluge of Central American “youths.”

But, above all, Brownback should also live in infamy because as a Kansas Congressman he played a leading role in derailing the Smith-Simpson Bill, which contained the critical recommendations of the Jordan Report, in 1996.

At the very moment when the majority Republican Party could have saved itself from eventual electoral extinction...

National Data | Immigration Not Only Displaces American Workers—It Also Reduces Incomes

There have been heartening signs recently that immigrant displacement of American workers has finally penetrated MSM consciousness. But immigrants don’t merely take jobs Americans can do—they also have another effect: competing down the incomes of those Americans who are still employed.

Back in 1964, Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson wrote in his famous textbook Economics:

After World War I, laws were passed severely limiting immigration. Only a trickle of immigrants has been admitted since then…By keeping supply down, immigration policy tends to keep wages high.

As Professor Samuelson was then willing to say, in a competitive labor market immigrant workers will lower the wages of native-born American workers. No surprise there: If his Economics textbook taught us anything, it is that an increase in supply of any commodity will reduce its price.

But while immigrants lower wages, they also buy goods and services, creating more jobs. The tug of war between lower wages and higher economic growth is key to understanding immigration’s impact on native-born Americans.

The consensus among economists is that immigration’s major impact is distributional: it lowers the wages of native-born workers and raises the income of their employers and other upper-income natives who derive a disproportionate share of income from capital gains, stock options, and other unearned income derived from higher profits.

The difference between what the winners win and the losers lose is called the immigration surplus. It measures the net income gain accruing to native-born Americans as a result of immigration.

In a 2013 paper, Harvard economist George Borjas estimated the immigration surplus to about $35 billion – a mere 0.24% of GDP. Immigration and the American Worker, CIS, April 2013.

This modest surplus is the difference between an enormous $437 billion gain accruing to employers and a slightly less enormous $402 billion wage loss suffered by native-born workers.

Three factors influence the immigration surplus calculation...

Memo From Middle America | Clintons, Slims, Billionaires Scratch Each Others’ Backs—Americans Get Stabbed In The Back


Carlos Slim Jr. was married to longtime blonde girlfriend Maria Elena Torruco Garza in a church in Mexico City’s ritzy Polanco district in October of 2010. Slim is the son of Mexican mogul Carlos Slim, currently the richest man in the world, who not only personally profits from President Obama’s welfare programs, but also champions Open Borders policies that will increase his already stupendous fortune.

Some 2,500 guests attended the Slim wedding reception. It was a Who`s Who of the globalist elite. They included former Mexican president Vicente Fox and wife Martha, and then up and coming Mexican governor (and now president) Enrique Pena Nieto. Also in attendance were Mexican media billionaire Emilio Azcarraga and TV host Carlos Loret de Mola Jr. (the son of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, who wrote a 1982 column hailing a Reconquista of the American Southwest through the “Mexican invasion” of mass immigration.) From the literary world there was Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombian author, longtime resident of Mexico, and personal friend and defender of Fidel Castro. (Garcia Marquez has since passed away.)

And—this is the point— this glittering list of contacts included Microsoft mogul and immigrant enthusiast Bill Gates, who is neck-and-neck with Slim for the position of richest man in the world….and former US President Bill Clinton.

More recently, Slim appears to have made a new post-American billionaire buddy: Facebook founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who wants Amnesty and cheap foreign labor for the computer industry.

Slim recently had Mark down in Mexico to speak at a big conference, Foro México Siglo XXI. Once there, Zuckerberg dutifully declared...

Derbyshire On Math: Debunking Diversity “Theorems”, Fixing NY Schools

Here’s the thing: I have an understanding with’s editors that from time to time I need to write about math. This week is one of those times.

What follows is therefore math-oriented. It’s on-topic, though; at any rate, most of it is, most of the time.

The current issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society includes a most interesting article titled “Does Diversity Trump Ability?

The article examines a 2004 claim by economists Lu Hong and Scott Page to have proved a rigorous mathematical theorem to the effect that, to quote the title of their original paper, “Groups of diverse problem solvers can out-perform groups of high-ability problem solvers.” [In Professor’s Model, Diversity = Productivity, By Claudia Dreifus, NYT, January 8, 2008]

Referring to that paper, the Notices writer tells us:

Its publication in 2004 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has given it credibility, and it is widely cited. Its conclusions are presented as mathematical truth. Referring to this work in his 2007 book The Difference (p. 165), Page says, “… the veracity of the diversity trumps ability claim is not a matter of dispute. It’s true, just as 1 + 1 = 2 is true.”

Under careful scrutiny, however, the paper is seen to have essential and irreparable errors.

[by Abigail Thompson, Notices of the AMS, October 2014.]

Professor Thompson—she teaches math at the University of California, Davis—proceeds to apply that careful scrutiny at 3,500-word length. She concludes:

To summarize, the paper “Groups of diverse problem solvers can outperform groups of high-ability problem solvers” contains a theorem that has neither mathematical content nor real-world applications, and a contrived computer simulation that illustrates the well-known fact that random algorithms are often effective. What the paper emphatically does not contain is information that can be applied to any real-world situation involving actual people.

The noteworthy thing here is a major mathematical journal giving over six pages to debunk Hong and Page’s diversity-boosting “theorem.”

Academic mathematicians are, in my experience, as susceptible to the siren call of Cultural Marxism as the rest of the academy. You don’t find many political dissidents in math departments.

At the very highest levels of mathematical ability there is, in fact, a tradition of political stupidity. Einstein’s partiality to Stalin is well-known. The great British mathematician G.H. Hardy (1877-1947) recorded his desire “To be proclaimed the first president of the U.S.S.R., Great Britain, and Germany”—that, in the 1940s. It wasn’t all Left-wingery, either: The tremendous French mathematical genius Augustin-Louis Cauchy (1789-1857) was the last European of any intellectual eminence to believe in the Divine Right of Kings.

My own, perhaps too charitable, opinion on this phenomenon: math at the highest levels is so difficult, so demanding of cognitive resources, that it leaves one with no mental energy to think critically about worldly matters.

However that may be, it’s encouraging to see a mathematician standing up for...

Cry Me A Rio Grande! WAPO’s Bezos Imposes Cheap Labor Regime on Open Borders WASHINGTON POST

Cry Me A Rio Grande! WAPO’s Bezos Imposes Cheap Labor Regime on Open Borders WASHINGTON POST

Employees at The Washington Post are finally getting a taste of what they are trying to impose on American workers, as new owner Jeff Bezos is imposing a cheap labor regime on Washington’s leading newspaper by cutting pensions. It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

WaPo is a longstanding supporter of mass immigration and infuriatingly resistant to making any connection between American poverty and the deliberate importation of millions of workers from the Third World. It’s therefore a time for Schadenfreude now that the policy consequences of open borders and globalization are biting back.

The Washington Post announced large cuts in retirement benefits on Tuesday, declaring that it would eliminate future retirement medical benefits and freeze defined-benefit pensions for nonunion employees.

The company also said that in negotiations that started Tuesday, it will seek to impose the same conditions on employees covered by the union — one of the first indications of how The Post’s new owner, founder Jeffrey P. Bezos, will manage relations with the staff of the news organization.

[Washington Post announces cuts to employees’ retirement benefits, by Steven Mufson, Washington Post, September 24, 2014]

These pensions were promised to employees before Jeff Bezos purchased the paper. One could even call fulfilling these pensions a moral obligation. And employees hired before 2009 who planned on receiving these pensions are left utterly in the cold, perhaps only grateful that they were not terminated outright.

The Mufson article quotes...

A’ Is for Agitation: What The NEA Is Really Doing in Jefferson County Schools

There’s a big battle brewing in the Jefferson County, Colorado, [...]