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Who Is Our Real Ally Against Terror: Erdogan, Who Helps Islamists, Or Putin, Who Bombs Them?

Monday, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosted a spirited discussion with Donald Trump on whether he was right in asserting that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated as the towers came down on 9/11.

About Muslim celebrations in Berlin, however, there appears to be no doubt. In my chapter "Eurabia," in "State of Read more >>

Derb’s November Diary: Peter Wehner’s Bush Mush; Bernie Sander’s Communism; etc.

Reformocons are wanPeter Wehner is a sort of St. Paul of Compassionate Conservatism, taking George W. Bush to be the Christ … Or, to tighten up the theological parallel: taking Bush 41, Bush 43, and ¡Jeb!  to be the Holy Trinity.

If you like Karl Rove, you'll love Peter Wehner. With Rove and Michael Gerson, Wehner shares most of the guilt for unleashing on our unsuspecting nation what writer/blogger Jen Kuznicki calls "Bush mush."[ Magnificent Imbeciles: The Enemy Within,, October 14, 2013]

Wehner has been around Washington, D.C. pretty much for ever, think-tanking and opinionating and consulting and speech-writing, always trying to get the Republican Party to follow the advice so generously and selflessly offered to them by the New York Times (where he has an Op-Ed gig).

I did a few rounds with Wehner five years ago over George W. Bush's PEPFAR program to subsidize AIDS drugs for sub-Saharan Africans. I thought the thing was an inexcusable waste of public money; Wehner thought I was a shamefully un-compassionate brute for thinking so. I posted a record of the bout in my December 2010 diary

Imagine, then, the expression that crossed my face on reading George Packer's article "The Republican Class War" in the November 9th issue of The New Yorker (which, you understand, I only buy for the cartoons). Opening:
One recent morning at the Jefferson Hotel

John Derbyshire On Why Educrats Can’t Handle Black Affirmative Action Babies

A few days ago, I had the honor of sitting at a dinner gathering across the table from James Watson, the world's greatest living geneticist, joint winner of the Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of the DNA molecule. It was a private gathering so I'm not offering any specifics. But I can report that Dr. Watson is still vexed about his public shaming eight years ago after he told a newspaper interviewer that he was "inherently gloomy about the prospects for Africa because all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.” [ Fury at DNA pioneer's theory: Africans are less intelligent than Westerners, By Cahal Milmo, Independent, September 18, 2011]

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, in his 2012 book The Righteous Mind, argued that the human moral faculty is built around five axes. He gave them names like "Care/Harm"—that is, caring about others is at one end of this axis, harming them at the other. Another axis is "Fairness/Cheating" with fairness at the positive end and cheating at the negative. Later Haidt added a sixth axis. Haidt and his colleagues worked up a Moral Foundations Questionnaire they could give to test subjects, to see where they placed on each axis.

Well, one of these basic axes—Haidt actually calls them "foundations"—is "Sanctity/Degradation." Haidt argues from the case of the German guy Read more >>

The Fulford File | Fred Reed Admits To “A Great Weariness.” He Should Quit While He’s Still Behind.

Fred Reed is a veteran of the Vietnam War and a veteran reporter who promotes himself as a no-nonsense kind of guy. Unfortunately, "no-nonsense" as an attitude doesn't prevent you from occasionally talking nonsense, as in his repeated attacks on Ann Coulter's carefully-researched book, Adios America…and on .’s Allan Wall (who also has a Mexican wife and family, although Fred ignores it) replied to a previous attack by Fred in Memo From Middle America: Ann Coulter Right, Fred Reed Wrong, On Mexico’s Age Of Consent (And Litter) .

Fred, a conservative of somewhat paleo sympathies, has moved to Mexico (which, as he points out, is in some ways freer than  21st century America) and has a Mexican family. Apparently this causes him to get emotional about people on the Dissident Right who criticize Mexicans. His latest effort starts out:
Sometimes it seems to me that I am the only gringo on this whole sorry planet who does not think Mexicans are scum–filthy, perverted, and witless.  They are not, dammit. If you want to criticize Mexico, stick to facts, such as that it is corrupt to the roots of its teeth and terribly governed, that the narcos are out of control, the police criminals, and that it qualifies as a failed state by some (reasonable) definitions. And they play loud music at three a.m. during fiestas. All of this is true.

But spare me the twaddle. In fact, spare everybody the twaddle. No matter who does what, there are going to be a lots of Mexicans in the US, or more correctly American citizens of Mexican descent. Maybe the public ought to have an accurate idea of them. But no. We get twaddle, chiefly from sites like vDare, from groups calling themselves the Human Bio-diversity (hbd) movement, and from Ann (“Legs”) Coulter.

vDare, HBD, and Me: A Great Weariness ,, November 26, 2015 [Crossposted on, which has comments.]

I am willing to concede that there are lots of nice people in Mexico. In fact, Donald Trump, speaking of the illegals who have invaded America, taking American jobs, who are “bringing drugsbringing crime” and many of whom are rapists , was also willing to concede that “some I assume are good people .”

Not that it has done him any good.

Fred Reed, however, seems to be going farther than Read more >>

Merkel Threatens Europe—And The West

The first snow in Bavaria covered the tents sheltering thousands of illegal immigrants at the border between Austria and Germany as Angela Merkel showed up in Munich at the party congress of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), allied with her CDU (Christian Read more >>

John Derbyshire: “That’s Not Who We Are”—Sez Who?

[ Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available at for no charge.]

If there's one thing guaranteed to have me reaching for the barf bag it's some fool politician or pundit saying, "That's not who we are.” Obama said it here about waterboarding, here about deporting DREAMERs, and OU President David Boren said it here about frat boys and the N-word. You just know, when you hear that phrase, that the speaker is pushing some item of the Cultural Marxist agenda—stirring up class resentment, making whites feel guilty about something, sowing discord.

Well, here is not a speaker saying it, but the Speaker, the actual Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Heaven help us, Open Borders fanatic Paul Ryan, proud owner of a D-minus grade from NumbersUSA on immigration votes in the House.

Ryan was speaking to Sean Hannity on November 19th. Hannity asked him whether it's smart to permit settlement in the U.S.A. of great numbers of people from a culture as different and hostile as Islam. How do we know if they want to assimilate? Hannity asked. How do we know who'll turn terrorist?

That gave crapweasel Ryan his opening. "Well, first of all, I don't think a religious test is appropriate," he honked. Then he added—wait for it: " That's not who we are. We believe in the First Amendment of religious freedom." End honk.

Back in July of 2013 Ryan told a roomful of Latino scofflaws Read more >>
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