Lydia Brimelow: VDARE.Com Year In Review

It was not a quiet year for

In fact, it was kind of a roller coaster.

I’ll start at the end, with our year-end appeal: I want to thank everyone who generously gave to our biggest fundraiser of the year! It was a nail-biter in terms of meeting our goal, but I’m delighted to report that we, just like last year, not only exceeded our goal but also set a record for donations (at the last second!). Our goal was $100,000 and we brought in over $116,000 between November and January!

Web Traffic: Overall, our numbers are consistently up. We had a slight snowball in sessions over the course of the year, culminating in a 25% increase in

  • sessions (4,957,864 vs 3,959,459),

  • users (2,042,686 vs 1,630,536)

  • and pageviews (13,038,344 vs 10,645,326).

That trend was echoed in our numbers of users. The bounce rate has decreased by 6%, although it took a jump in December, presumably because we had the fundraising layer up.

November was our peak month in terms of unique users with 231,540. Our slowest month was December with 160,888. December is traditionally our lowest month in terms of traffic, which I assume is a result of the intensity of our fundraising (the click-through layer also increases our bounce rate slightly), although I suppose it could also reflect the myriad of distractions the Christmas season brings to most of us.

December is an interesting month: despite the increasing bounce rate and reduced number of users, we see peak numbers in terms of time-on-site (4 minutes) and pages per session (just over 3). Does this mean that the fundraising and Christmas season skims off our most fleeting readers and leaves only the die-hards?

We had several major spikes, most significant being November 14 with 38,147 sessions, which was on a blog post titled “Trump Supporter Martyred: RIP Thomas Shaw Jr., 75–Stabbed By 21-Year Old Black Man,” by James Kirkpatrick, which went viral on Facebook. Other spikes included: Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Trump Has The Authority To Ban Immigrants—Senate GOP Needs To Get OUT OF THE WAY!


Americans thought electing a trash-talking billionaire reality TV star to the presidency of the #$%^ United States would finally be enough to convey the message that they hate both political parties. If anything, they hate Republicans more.

But the Uni-Party can't learn. The bureaucracy, the judiciary and congressional Republicans are all openly working for the "Resistance." It's President Trump against the world.

In Congress, the hate for Trump is personal. Not only did he throw a grenade into politicians' little do-nothing club, but his very existence destroys their self-conception as people with a set of skills.

While Trump was making billions of dollars building skyscrapers, developing golf courses and starring on a hit reality TV show, members of Congress were slowly working their way up the political ladder—interning at think tanks and congressional offices, taking some small government job, then running for the House or Senate, and, hopefully, marrying a woman with a large inheritance.

A stunning number of senators and congressmen are supported by rich wives—Sens. John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Richard Blumenthal, John Kerry and Ron Wyden, and Reps. Michael McCaul, Scott Peters and Paul Ryan, to name a few. Is there any other profession with as high a percentage of men sponging off their wives' inheritances?

Then a self-made billionaire came along, violated all the rules they had lived by, and swept aside more than a dozen experienced politicians just like themselves! Not only did Trump make his own money, but he beat them at the one thing they thought they knew how to do. Read more >>

Forget Politicians—The People Of The West Have Decided Against Muslim Immigration

Nigel Farage listens to a British caller who is well to his right on Muslim immigration.

Talk about fake news: before our very eyes, the Main Stream Media is attempting to disappear Sweden’s Muslim rape crisis after President Trump alluded to it in his Florida rally on Friday e.g. From an Anchor’s Lips to Trump’s Ears to Sweden’s Disbelief . [By Peter Baker And Sewell Chan, NYT, February 20, 2017]

Trump did not actually say what the MSM heard—that Sweden had suffered a terrorist attack—but that the Swedes, having taken in large numbers, were  “having problems like they never thought possible. “[' Trump Trance'? Media Sure It 'Heard' Sweden Comment Trump Never Said, By Charlie Martin, PJMedia, February 20, 2017]

And now immigrants are rioting in Sweden to prove him right.  The New York Times is still in denial.

Like disproportionate black crime in the U.S., this phenomenon is a Hate Fact so thoroughly repressed by the MSM that its denizens are genuinely astonished when the subject surfaces—although it’s old news to readers of samizdat publications like

And, of course, ordinary Europeans know, and are drawing conclusions. Listen to this sound clip. It's a caller to a British radio show hosted by Nigel Farage, the Trumpish former leader of Britain's national-conservative UKIP party. If the caller's accent sounds vaguely familiar, it's because he's from Liverpool, so he talks like a Beatle. That's "B-e-a" Beatle: "B-double-e" beetles don't talk: Read more >>

Michelle Malkin: Fighting For A Falsely Accused White Cop note: For those who are curious about such things, falsely accused Police Officer Brian Franklin is white, and so, apparently, is his accuser. The stepfather alleged to have done the actual molesting, starting when the accuser was 6? Hispanic.]

Former Fort Worth, Texas, police officer Brian Franklin (right) is finally free. But he is still fighting to clear his name.

"I've been vindicated," he told me in an interview last week, "but not yet exonerated." Franklin served 21 years in prison—a harrowing 7,700 days—of a life sentence after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in 1995. But he steadfastly maintained his innocence, studied law in the prison library and won a reversal of his conviction last spring. In December, a jury acquitted him after a second criminal trial.

"It's been a roller coaster ride up and down," Franklin reflected. Hellish doesn't begin to describe the journey. His accuser had lied that she was a virgin before Franklin allegedly raped her. Prosecutors produced physical exam results of damage to her genitals as proof of his crime. In fact, she had been the victim of molestation by her stepfather for years. Read more >>

Fed Failure: What That Attack On Betsy DeVos Says About Civil War II’s James Fulford recently noted that the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, had to have her security detail augmented by the U.S. Marshals Service as a result of an attack by thugs from the teachers unions, cheered on by the Washington Post.[ Betsy DeVos being guarded by U.S. Marshals Service, By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel and Emma Brown, Washington Post, February 17, 2017] But the recent attack on DeVos was more significant than most have realized.  The American political order is breaking down, and the blood in the streets will be real.

Some background:  After 9/11, provision of protective details for cabinet officers and other heads of government agencies was all the rage.  Generally, there had not been a protective detail unless there was a real threat.  Usually it was just for prestige and the ability to move through traffic with lights and sirens.

Even during the 1970s, in the heyday of domestic and international terrorism, few cabinet officials had protection, and the usually only on dangerous international trips.  Even during the Iraq War I, then-Secretary of State James Baker had only a driver and one or two agents protecting him domestically.  Now the Secretary of State has a full-time detail of uniformed officers and Special Agents from the Diplomatic Security Service in the United States, and dozens of agents protecting him on overseas trips.

Usually, most Cabinet officers are protected by Special Agents from their respective Offices of Inspector General (OIG), with the exception of the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and Attorney General.  For example, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a full detail of HHS OIG agents from headquarters and the field during any travel. Read more >>

War Party, Media Trying To Stop Trump-Putin Detente

Among the reasons Donald Trump is president is that he read the nation and the world better than his rivals.

He saw the surging power of American nationalism at home, and of ethnonationalism in Europe. And he embraced Brexit.

While our bipartisan establishment worships diversity, Trump saw Middle Read more >>

John Derbyshire: “An Ocean Apart”—Why A U.S. College Let Chinese Students Veto The Dalai Lama

See also Importing Sino-Fascism?, by John Derbyshire, September 13, 2000

[ Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on]

I've met more than my share of famous people, just because I've lived mostly in big metropolises and hung around with journalists a lot. Among those encounters: one with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, back in 1984. I wrote up an account in a column back in 2003.

Well, His Holiness is still among us here in the material world; now 81 years old, but still doing speaking engagements. One of those engagements has caused a bit of a fuss over on the Left Coast. Here's the nub of it:
Chinese students are joining their peers on American campuses in getting woke. Their cause? Defending the official line of the Communist Party.

On Feb. 2, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) formally announced that the Dalai Lama would make a keynote speech at the June commencement ceremony.

The announcement triggered outrage among Chinese students who view the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader as an oppressive figure threatening to divide a unified China. A group of them now plans to meet with the university chancellor to discuss the content of the upcoming speech.


Chinese students in the US are using “inclusion” and “diversity” to oppose a Dalai Lama graduation speech

By Josh Horwitz,, February 15, 2017

The rest of the story is hard to read with a straight face. These Chinese students at an American university—a tax-payer supported public university, yet—have twisted the language of political correctness—"inclusion" "diversity," "respect," and so on—to enforce the line of the Chinese Communist Party that His Holiness is a scheming terrorist who seeks to destroy China. Read more >>
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