Border Walls Work…All Over The World

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James Fulford writes: has been covering the whole “build a wall” thing since long before Donald Trump made his astonishing appearance. (See Sam Francis’s The Future That Works (Despite Dubya): Illegal Immigration Can be Controlled, August 21, 2001.) In 2005, a Canadian journalist proposed the name “The New Muralism” for the world-wide movement, everywhere but the United States, to put fences in on borders. It’s not really that new, of course—I also blogged on what I called “The Old Muralism”—Hadrian’s Wall, right, that is still the dividing line between Scotland and England.

In 2006, I blogged that” Of course, outside North America, most land borders are guarded by some kind of fence. That`s why, when Victor Davis Hanson was allowed to write recently against immigration in the Wall Street Journal , (a very rare occurrence) it was strange to see him refer to the "Great Wall Of America" as a "retrograde" and "seemingly absurd" solution, when obviously what it is is forward-looking and modern. [Mi Casa Es Su Casa | America`s porous border enables Mexico`s misrule, By Victor Davis Hanson, January 1, 2006 ]” As’s Westley Parker reports below, the movement continues, and there are rumors that the next country to get one of these useful contrivances will be the United States Of America. [Border wall work begins in downtown Calexico By Associated Press, February 21, 2018]

Border walls work. That is why many countries have them.

Border walls are surprisingly common. Two-thirds of the world’s people live in countries that protect their borders with a wall or fence. Governments build these barriers because they are an effective way to keep people out.

Many critics of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall think walls don’t work—or at least would not work at the Mexican border. Senator Nancy Pelosi opposes what she calls “an immoral, ineffective, and expensive border wall.” Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano says: “You show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.” Another former DHS Secretary, Michael Chertoff, opposes “a fence which someone can climb over with a ladder or tunnel under with a shovel.” Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas says, “A physical wall would be ineffective.”

These people are wrong. Walls have a very impressive record.

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a 96-mile concrete barrier separating East and West Berlin. The 12-foot-high wall was built in 1961, reinforced the following year, and got a major overhaul in the late 1970s.

Building the Berlin Wall in 1961.


Patrick J. Buchanan: Protect Kids Or Confiscate Guns?

In days gone by, a massacre of students like the atrocity at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School would have brought us together.

But like so many atrocities before it, this mass murder is tearing us apart.

The perpetrator, the sick and evil 19-year-old who killed 17 innocents with a gun Read more >>

Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Continued Unequal Justice For Charlottesville Five (Now Six) Editor Peter Brimelow writes: When’s Colorado conference was cancelled in the Great post-Charlottesville Moral Panic, I said that I would not stop posting contributions from Jason Kessler, unlike some conservative sites, and here he is. Kessler describes himself as a “freelance journalist and activist,” which is what most Main Stream Media writers actually are. Our position: it checks out: we’ll post it.

See earlier: Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Mounting Proof That Alt Right Charlottesville Five Are Political Prisoners

The trial of Charlottesville VA Unite The Right rally leader Chris Cantwell set for today (Thursday February 22) turned out to be merely a court appearance at which yet another new trial date (August 13) was set—a further sign that Charlottesville Narrative Collapse is undermining the prosecution’s case. But it’s been almost exactly six months since the much-demonized Unite the Right rally which, as reported by at the time and subsequently confirmed by a report from former Federal Prosecutor Tim Heaphy, descended into chaos because of culpable (in)actions by Democrat-controlled state and city government and their politicized police [ Charlottesville Response to White Supremacist Rally is Sharply Criticized in Report, by Joe Heim, Washington Post, December 1, 2017]. Incredibly, four UTR participants are still being held without bail although all indicted AntiFa were released. This is what the late Sam Francis called Anarcho-Tyranny. Here’s a complete update:

Chris Cantwell

Chris Cantwell, host of the popular Radical Agenda podcast and Unite the Right speaker, was charged with three felonies. Two of those felonies were dropped when it came out that his accusers, Kristopher Goad and transvestite Emily Gorcenski had been less than truthful about Cantwell spraying Goad “directly in the face” [ Two Charges Dismissed Against Cantwell, by Lauren Berg, The Daily Progress, November 9, 2017]. Further, Gorcenski’s claim that it was Cantwell’s pepper spray that allegedly landed on her/his arm could not be verified since there were at least 4 other pepper spray incidents involving people other than Chris Cantwell.

Within a week, Cantwell’s charges were brought back to two when Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney Robert Tracci brought another indictments for “Illegal Use of Gas” before a Grand Jury [ Bond Granted for Cantwell, by Courteney Stuart, CBS 19, December 4, 2017].

James Fields

Fields has been accused of intentionally driving his Dodge Challenger into a crowd during a State of Emergency, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. In addition to the ten felony charges he was facing as of our last VDARE update, his second degree murder charge has been upgraded to first degree murder i.e. he woke up that morning intending to kill an AntiFa. This is precisely the sort of overcharging that let Kate Steinle’s killer go free, although in Field’s case the prosecutors certainly want to convict.

Shortly thereafter, it came to light that Dwayne Dixon, from the Communist group Redneck Revolt, had chased James Fields with a semi-automatic rifle just prior to the crash. Dixon’s (now-deleted) Facebook comment:

“I take a perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s [Tactical Gunshop] lower [rifle receiver]in defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south.” (Emphasis added)

[ A Durham man brought a semi-automatic rifle to a rumored KKK rally. Did he break the law? , By Virginia Bridges,, September 06, 2017.] Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Amazing New Breakthrough To Reduce Mass Shootings–Stop Importing Mass-Murdering Immigrants!...

See, earlier: What is “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome?

As fun as it is to ridicule the FBI for devoting massive resources to chasing down Hillary Clinton's oppo research while blowing off repeated, specific warnings about school shooter Nikolas Cruz, we've put a lot on the agency's plate.

We're hauling in nearly 2 million manifestly unvetted Third World immigrants every year, leading to a slew of FBI "Watch Lists" with a million names apiece. In 2015, Director James Comey said that there were ISIS investigations in all 50 states—even Idaho and Alaska! And that's just one terrorist organization.

Maybe the FBI brass would still be a bunch of incompetent, PC nincompoops if we weren't dumping millions of psychotic and terrorist foreigners on the country. But even the most efficient organization would have trouble keeping track of the Nikolas Cruzes when our immigration policies require approximately one-third of the country to be constantly watching another third of the country. Read more >>

Michelle Malkin: On Gun Control, Do NOT Let The Children Lead

Where are all the grown-ups in times of crisis and grief? Don't bother searching America's prestigious law schools.

Two adult men, occupying lofty perches as law professors, argued this week that the voting age in the U.S. should be lowered to 16 because some high school survivors of the Parkland, Florida, Read more >>

Memo To Trump: When You Have Time, Deport Moaning Marxist Ariel Dorfman!

Earlier by Benjamin Villaroel: One Year After, A “White Hispanic” Broods On The Curious Transformation Of George Zimmerman

“Now, every desperate American must gaze in the mirror and interrogate the puzzled face and puzzling fate that stares back: What did I do or not do that made the cataclysm possible?”

So wrote Professor Ariel Dorfman [Email him], a Chilean-American immigrant of Russian Jewish extraction, recently. The “cataclysm” to which he was referring: the election of President Donald Trump [ America still hasn't reckoned with the election of a reckless con man as president, by Ariel Dorfman, Los Angeles Times, December 17, 2017]

Despite his pose as a downtrodden immigrant intellectual, Dorfman, whose political views akin to those of Naomi Klein and Howard Zinn, has managed to publish regularly in many of America’s most prestigious outlets: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Time, for example. His academic writings are also experiencing a revival, with glowing reviews in Marxian outlets like The Los Angeles Review of Books and Jacobin Magazine.

From 1971-1973 Dorfman worked as a “cultural advisor” to Chile’s Leftist government, which was eventually overthrown by a military coup that received some assistance from the US. He then fled Chile and lived for decades in exile.

Eventually, Dorman settled in the U.S. and, in the mysterious way these things happen, became a tenured professor at top school, Duke University, and a stereotypical Leftist academic. Because of his personal experience, he purports to be an expert on “undemocratic” impulses in healthy democracies. American liberals eat this up because they thrive off of guilt. Having a foreigner (especially a sort-of-Hispanic) condemn their native country legitimizes their worldview. Having it done by a professor who regularly insinuates that President Trump is analogous to a much-demonized free-market loving, right-wing military dictator makes it all the better. Read more >>
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