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After The Main Stream Media Left: What Next For Ferguson?


Images of Ferguson Burning, Via Google Image Search

[Previously by Paul Kersey: Feds Lynching Ferguson—But First They Fouled It Up, With Section 8 Housing]

The Main Stream Media has gone back to Manhattan to watch for its next target (probably some hapless frat boy) but the residents of Ferguson, Missouri are living with an economic nightmare. And, thanks to the MSM’s Politically Correct riot, the worst is yet to come.

What makes this all the more tragic is the implicit acknowledgement by the MSM that there wasn’t much racial injustice or public anger to begin with. As the New York Times wrote:

For years, local leaders in Ferguson ran unopposed in elections that drew 12 percent of registered voters, only single-digit percentages of black residents and almost exclusively white candidates.

Now, eight candidates, many first-time political hopefuls, are trying to fill three of the seven Council seats; all three are being vacated by members who decided not to run again. City officials said the candidacies were unprecedented: Four African-Americans are running this year, compared with a total of three in Ferguson’s previous 120 years.

[City Council Races Offer Change in Ferguson After Months of Upheaval, By Jack Healy and John Eligon, March 14, 2015]

So the MSM has successfully followed the Saul Alinsky strategy of “rubbing raw the resentments of the people of the community.” But if Ferguson were a hotbed of racial hostility, wouldn’t more than three black people have run for office in the city’s entire previous history?

Of course, the surge in black population and resulting increase in crime and instability is relatively recent. And the real explanation for the collapse of Ferguson wasn’t just the increase of a black population, but the surge in the Section 8 voucher population. That increase from 300 households receiving aid in 2000 to 800 in 2010--numbers that don’t include the number of people living in each home [Ferguson, MO Emblematic of Growing Suburban Poverty, by Elizabeth Kneebone, Brookings, August 15, 2014].

The most dramatic case: the Canfield Green apartments, the location where Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, and a frequent source of complains about crime [Diverse police forces are not a panacea for fatal police shootings, by Jesse Bogan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 3, 2014].

As Gregory Hood noted in RADIX

The Enemy Of My Enemy—Why NOT Negotiate With Iran?

The forces that do not want a U.S. nuclear deal […]

You Can Run But You Can’t Pander: Starbucks And The Perils Of Accidental Racism

Starbucks Holds Annual Shareholders Meeting

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

See, earlier, White Guilt With That Flat White? Starbucks Targets White Employees–and Customers–For Possibly Illegal Racial Harassment

When Starbucks first announced its now-concluded “Race Together” plan for Politically Correct coffee conversations, the Twitterverse snarked several ideas for new custom drinks: "Malcolm Xpresso,""Some of My Best Friends Are Black Coffee," "Buy any beans necessary” [Starbucks' 'Race Together' campaign draws widespread mockery on Twitter, by Jacob Silverstein, New York Daily News, March 18, 2015].

Jokes aside, Malcolm X had already addressed the relationship between racial metaphors and coffee, though not in a particularly PC fashion. In Spike Lee’s biopic Malcolm X, as Malcolm pours cream into his drink, he deadpans, “The only thing I like integrated is my coffee.”

In real life, he wouldn’t even integrate his beverages, analogizing in a 1963 speech:

It's just like when you've got some coffee that's too black, which means it's too strong. What do you do? You integrate it with cream, you make it weak. But if you pour too much cream in it, you won't even know you ever had coffee. It used to be hot, it becomes cool. It used to be strong, it becomes weak. It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep.

Needless to say, white cultural figures have a different take on the racial implications of coffee. 50 years after Malcolm X, the pop country singer Brad Paisley attempted to atone for his white Southern upbringing by

Ann Coulter On ABC’s David Muir: Hey, Pretty Boy: Do You Actually Know What’s In The News?

Ann CoulterWhen "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams crashed and burned over all the tall tales he had told, there must have been mirth in the hallways at ABC.

In the highly competitive world of TV news, finding the right anchor is crucial to a network's brand. After running through a few pretenders, ABC had finally filled the iconic Peter Jennings' seat on "World News Tonight" just months earlier with David Muir. ABC was perfectly poised to snatch the top spot from NBC.

During his first six months as "World News" anchor, the newly minted Muir had beaten Williams only a half-dozen times. But after Williams' fall from grace, ABC sailed to the most-watched evening news program.

ABC executives could go for long lunches and look forward to cashing their bonus checks. Muir is young, dashing—one of People magazine's 2014 "Sexiest Men Alive"!—and the proud recipient of the Walter Cronkite journalism award.

The vanquished Brian Williams had told most of his fictions off air. The only thing ABC execs had to worry about with Muir was that the new guy would tell fairy tales ON AIR, which is so much less important.

Last week, Muir began the news with a story about the retraining of New York City police officers under Commissioner Bill Bratton. To fulfill the new policy of not inconveniencing criminals, cops are being taught to subdue violent suspects without harming them, requiring the officers to learn a series of Bolshoi ballet moves.

This would work great if American cops were London bobbies arresting public school louts, but we have a somewhat different urban reality in the U.S. There's no question but that the "retraining" will get cops killed.

Muir led off

National Data: STEM Wages’ Shocking Stagnation Destroys Case For Increased Immigration

Last week’s damaging Senate Judiciary Committee testimony (see here and here) suggests that legislation expanding H-1B program is going nowhere (which may be why the Regime is threatening one of its imperial decrees for guest workers: Indian IT Industry Gets a Boost As Obama Decides To Ease L-1B Visa Norms, by Mohul Gosh,, March 24, 2015. But all the evidence you really need is in our chart above. (Mouseover for the underlying data).

When a commodity is in short supply its price rises, thereby increasing supply, reducing demand, and eventually eliminating the shortage. If STEM workers were in short supply, their earnings would be increasing rapidly. Instead, the data show long-term stagnation

Average real earnings for all STEM workers rose by a mere 0.4% per annum over the 2000 to 2012 period, according to a Center for Immigration Studies report published in 2014. No STEM category escaped stagnation: average annual

The NAACP’s Fomenters of Fear: Imaginary Lynching, Imaginary Bombing, Imaginary Arson For Last 20 Years


Above, Sheriff Marvin Lucas, the "Mississippi Sheriff" investigating the hanging death. The Claiborne County he replaced, Sheriff Frank Davis, who served for 40 years was also black. It turns out that it's not 1965.

They just can't help themselves--and their agenda-driven media enablers never, ever learn.

This week, the NAACP made national front-page headlines with a local press release demanding that the feds investigate the hanging death of a local man in Port Gibson, Miss. Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP Mississippi State Conference, immediately invoked the specter of a "hate crime." In response, the Obama Justice Department flooded the zone with a whopping 30 federal agents.

News outlets grabbed the bait. USA Today asked ominously: "Was it a lynching?" The discovery of ex-con Otis Byrd's body swinging from a tree by a bed sheet "brought back unpleasant memories of America's violent, racially charged past," the paper's video reporter asserted. Voice of America similarly intoned: "Mississippi hanging death raises lynching specter." The Los Angeles Times leaped into the fray with: "Why this story haunts the nation."

Whoa there, teeth-gnashing Nellies. Didn't we just recently witness the implosion of an NAACP-incited non-hate crime with the same exact narrative? Why, yes. Yes, we did.

As I reported in January, the group was here in my adopted hometown of Colorado Springs hyping a so-called "bombing" at the city's chapter office. Local, state and federal NAACP leaders, amplified by political and media sympathizers, claimed

Sex For Sale In The Shenandoah: Will The Trafficking Scandal Turn Rep. Goodlatte Into An Immigration Patriot?

proeto[1] martinez-rojas2[1] romero-rugerio[1]
Eugenio Hernandez-Prieto, Severiano Martinez-Rojas, and Saul Romero-Rugerio
Citizens of Mexico on ICE's Most Wanted List For Sex Trafficking

If Senate Republicans get their way, Loretta Lynch’s nomination for Attorney General won’t be voted on until Democrats agree to pass an anti-sex trafficking bill containing boilerplate abortion language that Democrats claim will take America back to the 19th century.[Sex-Trafficking Bill, Ensnared by Politics, Is Left in Limbo by a Senate Vote, By Jennifer Steinhauer, NYT, March 17, 2015]

Of course, Lynch should be blocked to protest Obama’s unconstitutional executive Amnesty—but it is significant that sex trafficking has become such a big issue, at least partly because of one big reason: illegal aliens. Helpfully, it’s spilling into the district of one key Republican who is in a position to do something about it: Bob Goodlatte, VA-6, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Congress is considering 40 other bills that address trafficking. States are acting, too; 31 of them passed such laws in 2014. Recently the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill making it a Class 2 felony. [General Assembly Passes 1st Standalone Sex Trafficking Statute In Virginia, NBC29, February 27, 2015] The Senate and House of Delegates unanimously approved the legislation, sponsored by Sen. Mark Obenshain, scion of a distinguished Republican lineage.

Obenshain is in a position to know. The Shenandoah Valley district he represents, which overlaps with Goodlatte’s, is full of illegal alien criminals who provide cheap labor for the poultry industry. But they also provide chicks for the sex industry. So in this case Obenshain was less concerned about the illegals plucking feathers than the ones running prostitutes into the city to ply their trade for Latino pimps. Sometimes, the traffickers are the pimps.

Some of this trafficking appears to be old-fashioned pimping, but an awful lot of it has taken prostitution to another level, where the women are unwilling participants forced by debt or flagitiously beaten into submission. (Amazingly, immigration policy has also enriched us with cases of outright chattel slavery—for example

NGOs As Agents of Subversion: Not Only In Israel, But Egypt And The Caucasus As Well

See, earlier, Are Freedom House And The National Democratic Institute […]

Memo From Middle America | The Coming Black-Hispanic Crack-Up

See earlier Brown vs. Black—vs. America by Steve Sailer

The Main Stream Media is eagerly looking forward to the day when white people will be a minority and we’ll enjoy an egalitarian utopia. But the truth is that there will be more racial conflict, not less, after the hated white majority is dispossessed. And some of the best evidence for this can be found in the comment sections of Spanish-language news.

Already, we’re seeing open conflict between the various tribes in the Grand Coalition of the Oppressed.

Even though black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson support mass immigration, it is not popular among rank and file black Americans. After all, it hurts them economically and eventually politically. On the street level, there is already violent conflict between blacks and Hispanics.

And ordinary Hispanics are distinctly unwilling to go along with the liberal Narrative of permanent black victimization at the hands of evil whites. It seems like the only people who believe in the myth of overwhelming white racism are whites themselves.

This holds true in Mexico itself. Take, for example, the fate of an opinion piece

Those Swedish [IMMIGRANT!] Shootings And Our Lying Main Stream Media

See also Turning Our Backs – It’s Time For Patriots To REALLY Break With The Main Stream Media, by James Kirkpatrick 205f5912-f0b8-4d43-87e7-77b92cc6a506-1020x612[1]

Swedes leaving floral tributes at the scene of the crime.

A recent gang shooting in Sweden was one of the most widely reported stories in the world, but the Main Stream Media in the U.S. and Europe excelled themselves in making sure readers didn’t learn too much. Violence continues to spread in the formerly peaceful capital of Political Correctness, so it takes ever more effort to ensure that the dispossession of the Swedish people through mass immigration will continue without opposition. On Wednesday, masked gunmen in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, shot killed on two individuals and wounded about a dozen others. As of this writing, they are still at large. The Associated Press, Aljazeera, the BBC, Reuters and other outlets reported the story, which was also featured on Drudge [Sweden restaurant attack raises concern of gang violence , by Karl Ritter, Associated Press, March 19, 2015]. Yet many of the stories seemed to conceal as much information as they revealed. For example, this USA Today story gives absolutely no hint who the perps and victims might be: Police: At least 2 dead in Sweden pub shooting , by Will Cummings, March 19, 2015. Of course, this is partly the fault of the Swedish authorities. While the name of Petar Petrovic, a victim of “Serbian-Swedish” descent, has been released, the other dead man’s name has not been released nor has any other information been uncovered besides the fact he had a criminal record. Anna Rigstrom and Daniel Dickson of Reuters had one of the most informative stories because they at least mentioned the involvement of gangs:  
“Lethal showdowns between gangs have become more common in Sweden after bikers such as the Hells Angels established a presence in the Nordic country in the 1990’s and the gangs have attracted young men in marginalized suburbs of the main cities.”Local paper Goteborgsposten reported, “One of those killed on Wednesday was a prominent local gang member“ [Two dead in suspected gang-related Swedish restaurant shooting, March 19, 2015].
Yet even here gang activity is mentioned only so long as not too much detail is released. Though the “Hells Angels” are mentioned specifically as having a presence in the “Nordic country,” the “young men in marginalized suburbs” are not defined. As readers will realize immediately, that’s because these “marginalized suburbs” are populated by non-Swedish immigrants. Even more significant,