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John Derbyshire: The Mask Is Off—Ruling Class Decides It’s OK To Hate White Anglo Gentiles

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on

You maybe heard about the black law professor who published an op-ed in the New York Times expressing the anguish he claims to feel when teaching his kids, as he feels he should, that white people can't be trusted, and blacks can't be friends with them. [ Can My Children Be Friends With White People?, by Ekow N. Yankah November 11, 2017]

The professor is Ekow N. Yankah. He teaches at Yeshiva University in New York City. To judge from his pictures, he's a full-blood negro. Some commenters, in comment threads to articles about the op-ed, have speculated that the name as published is a pseudonym, on the grounds that "Ekow," that's e-k-o-w, is just a reversal of "woke," which is the word currently used by Cultural Marxists to mean "fully compliant with the latest release of political correctness."

I am wiser than those commenters. I know that in the West African nation of Ghana, it is a common thing for children to be named for the day of the week on which they were born. I was born on a Sunday: had I been Ghanaian, my name would be Kwasi, which means "Sunday".

Well, Ekow means "Thursday." Professor Yankah was born on a Thursday; and either he or his parents—or, much less probably, his grandparents—are Ghanaian. Or, just possibly, his parents are native American blacks practising West African onomastics.

His op-ed was widely circulated and generated much comment. Sample quote: Read more >>

The National Question And The War On Poland

I hid in my bathroom from anti-Semitic marchers in Poland – in 2017” screamed Sam Rubin in The Forward , (November 13, 2017) triggered by the sight of tens of thousands of Polish patriots honoring their country’s independence in a march last Saturday November 13. Needless to say, despite the clickbait headline and ritualistic invocation of The Current Year, Rubin wasn’t chased into his bathrooms by Nazis. In fact, even though he was pretending to be a reporter, he couldn’t actually report on what he saw because “I was too afraid to look out the window.” He even shuttered his windows, unplugged “every light producing appliance” and retreated to the “windowless bathroom.”

Thus, Rubin’s article really wasn’t about a Polish nationalist march at all, but simply an unintentionally comic report on his own neuroses. But he wasn’t alone. Polish patriots need to act swiftly to defend their independence from what may be an even greater threat than the innumerable foreign armies they have outlasted in the past.

The international Main Stream Media, in that curiously coordinated way it has, has exploded in outrage over the country celebrating its existence. This reaction shows hatred is indeed on the rise—not among Poles, directed against Jews or minorities, but among journalists determined to ensure not one functional Western nation-state will survive the 21st century.

In just about any other country in the world, a march to celebrate national independence would be taken for granted. And Poland poses no threat to its neighbors and is not engaged in territorial revanchism. Given the Anglosphere MSM’s insane bigotry against Russia, one would think Polish nationalism would be celebrated the same way Ukrainian nationalism (also often aligned with “far-right” elements) was mostly hailed after the Maidan. But the Polish march drew a remarkable amount of criticism and scorn from foreign journalists—showing them to be heirs in spirit to those Communist commissars who oppressed the Polish nation for so many years: Read more >>

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is America Up for a Second Cold War, This Time With China?

After the 19th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party in October, one may discern Premier Xi Jinping's vision of the emerging New World Order.

By 2049, the centennial of the triumph of Communist Revolution, China shall have become the first power Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Yes, Virginia, Immigration Is Turning The Country Blue

alieninvasionHey, Republicans! Did you enjoy Election Night last week? Get ready for a lot more nights like that as immigration turns every last corner of the country blue.

When Ed Gillespie lost in Virginia, liberals crowed about how they're winning the war of ideas. The country has thoroughly, emphatically rejected Trumpism!

Republicans, being idiots, played along, arguing only about whether Gillespie's problem was that he didn't embrace Trump enough or embraced him too much.

Gillespie's campaign was fine. No cleverer arguments, community outreach or perfectly timed mailings would have changed the result. Contrary to The New York Times' celebratory article in last Sunday's magazine, "How the 'Resistance' Helped Democrats Dominate Virginia," it wasn't Democratic operative Kathryn Sorenson's savvy use of Facebook, Google and Eventbrites that carried the day. "The Resistance" didn't win.

What happened was: Democrats brought in new voters. In 1970, only one out of every 100 Virginians was foreign-born. By 2012, one in nine Virginians was foreign-born. Read more >>

Michelle Malkin: Silence on Sleaze-Bob Menendez

Earlier by Michelle Malkin: SleazeBob Menendez’s 36DD Visa Program, and Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob—Robert Menendez’s Caribbean Sex Trips Expose Dem Hypocrisy

The verdict is in.

I pronounce Democrat leaders, left-wing feminists and Beltway journalists guilty of gross negligence and hypocrisy over a dirty rotten sleazeball in their Read more >>

To Defend America—Will Inauguration Day AntiFa Rioters Get “Exemplary Sentencing”?

Earlier, by James Fulford “Well, That’s Different.” DC Rioters Face 10 Years Prison + $25k Fine For “Felony Rioting”

Hours after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President, Editor Peter Brimelow observed in his otherwise-dark “It Will Come To Blood”–Reflections On The Left’s Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum that
if the incoming Trump Administration is behind the federal prosecutor’s apparent intention to charge rioters with ‘felony rioting’ i.e. go for exemplary sentencing, that all by itself justifies the 2016 election.

Brimelow linked to Majority of 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face 10 years in prison and $25k fine as US attorney says they will be charged with felony rioting [by Anna Hopkins and Cheyenne Roundtree, Daily Mail, January 21 2017].

Finally, we’re about to find out. The stakes could not be higher—either the law is enforced against America’s emerging totalitarian Alt-Left or they will succeed in suppressing debate in the public square as completely as they have already done in colleges. (Or, of course, patriots could fight back—in which case they may find themselves attacked by Democrat-controlled law enforcement, as in Charlottesville. This is anarcho-tyranny). Unfortunately, early signs are not all good. Read more >>
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