Absimilation On Westminster Bridge: The Japanese Were Right. The British Were Wrong.

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This week our subject is "Life in Derbistan" or London as it used to be. I'm going to indulge myself in some nostalgia. It's geezerish, I know. But reading about the terrorist attack on London's Westminster Bridge this Wednesday got me thinking about London, and I began to nostalge.

(Is that a verb, "nostalge"? "I nostalge; you nostalge; he, she, or it nostalges?" If it isn't, it ought to be.)

So here goes with a trip down Memory Lane.

I was raised in a sleepy small provincial town whose natives referred to London, seventy miles southeast of us, as "the Smoke." I only really got acquainted with London when I went to college there, from 1963 to 1966.

The colleges of London University didn't have much residential accommodation. I lived for those three years in rented rooms, in private houses owned by Londoners. My very first semester's landlord was an employee of Pentonville Prison in north-central London. He had fun stories about executions, capital punishment being then still on the books in England.

Not wanting to pay rent while back in my home town for vacations, I changed lodgings every semester, and sometimes mid-semester. So I got a good random selection of Londoners as landlords, or more often landladies.

A single rented room in a private house was called a "bedsitter," and that's what I lived in those three years. There was a whole bedsitter culture back then. Spike Milligan wrote a play titled The Bedsitting Room. Quentin Crisp described the bedsitter environment in his memoir The Naked Civil Servant.

London in the early 1960s wasn't very diverse by current standards. My landlords and landladies were mostly English, or in one case Welsh. I did have a West Indian landlady for half a semester: a plump Trinidadian mulatto, pleasant enough when not in a mood, but a terrible housekeeper, with a host of men friends who shared her intimate favors serially on some schedule I never figured out.

The only other non-British foreigner was a Greek Cypriot, who threw me out summarily because he thought, mistakenly, I'd made a pass at his wife. People who knew Greek-Cypriot culture told me I was lucky to get away with all my parts still attached.

The modern immigration boom was well under way, but in London there were only a few small concentrations of blacks, and light scatterings of others like the Cypriots and Chinese.

The city had had its first black race riot in 1958. A poll taken five years later would I am sure have shown that most English people would have preferred the blacks to leave. But it wasn't something people thought about much, so nothing was done. There was even some plantation-style paternalist affection towards blacks—on TV, The Black and White Minstrel Show was very popular.

Islam was even less of an issue. Muslim countries themselves were either keen to modernize or sunk in medieval apathy. For those trying to modernize, Islam was a dusty relic of the past that was only holding them back. That's why you had these secular dictatorships like Nasser's Egypt or Ba'ath Syria.

Nobody in London spoke or thought about Islam. Read more >>

And Then They Came For @Jew_Goldstein: Deadly Assault Gifs And How Ended Up In A FBI Criminal Complaint.... just appeared in an FBI criminal complaint charging a Twitter troll with felonies for sending an animated gif to Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald, a notoriously unhinged anti-Trumper, with the result that he allegedly had an epileptic seizure. The story is bizarre—but it shows the Ruling Class is getting more aggressive about repressing its internet tormentors.

To start from the beginning: On December 16, 2016, Eichenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss his (completely unsubstantiated) claim that Donald Trump was once committed to a mental institution. Eichenwald refused to answer Carlson’s questions, brought out a binder emblazoned with the words “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods,” and read a message purportedly from the CIA. Even liberals described his performance as “cringeworthy” [ Kurt Eichenwald faces off with Tucker Carlson in one of the oddest interviews of 2016, by Taylor Link, Salon, December 16, 2016] Read more >>

Pat Buchanan: The Obama Plot to Sabotage Trump

Devin Nunes just set the cat down among the pigeons.

Two days after FBI Director James Comey assured us there was no truth to President Trump's tweet about being wiretapped by Barack Obama, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Trump may have had more than just a small Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Full-On Crazy–The Left Wants EVERYONE In The World To Have The Right To Move To America


Liberals are ecstatic that a judge in Hawaii is writing immigration policy for the entire country, and that policy is: We have no right to tell anyone that he can't live in America. (Unless they're Christians—those guys we can keep out.)

As subtly alluded to in the subtitle of Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, the goal of liberals is for the poor of the world to have a constitutional right to come here whenever they want.

I can't help but notice that the Third Worlders aren't moving to liberals' neighborhoods.

After nearly 1 million Rwandans were murdered by other Rwandans in 1994, our government asked itself: Why not bring more of this fascinating Rwandan culture to America? Ten thousand of them poured in. So far, nearly 400 have been convicted in the United States of lying on visa applications about their role in the genocide.

And that's why we have to tighten our belt, America! Massive international investigations don't come cheap.

Almost every immigration case is a con, something we find out every time there's a San Bernardino shooting and half the family turns out to have scammed our immigration officials. One hundred percent of the "humanitarian" cases are frauds. Read more >>

Is Paris Burning? Could That Make France French Again—Despite The “Loi Gayssot?”

Hitler supposedly ordered the French capital destroyed before the Allies liberated it, but General Dietrich von Choltitz defied him. Hitler’s famous question, “Is Paris burning?” has now taken on a new meaning. Today, the answer is: yes. And that may be the salutary shock the French nation needs to break free of its political prison.

According to “secret polling” cited in the French daily Le Figaro, National Front leader Marine Le Pen is polling close to 34% in the April 23 first round of the upcoming French presidential election. [ French presidential race: Marine LePen Far Ahead of Rivals In Secret Polling,  Zero Hedge, March 21, 2017]

And Le Pen just turned in a strong showing in the first presidential debate on March 20, with a number of exchanges focusing on the National Question. [ Le débat en direct : la conclusion des candidats , L’Obs, March 20, 2017]

This current Establishment favorite Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen argued about several French cities’ ban of the “burkini,” a sharia-compliant women’s bathing suit. Le Pen supports the ban, but she noted dryly that “It’s true, nonetheless, that only a few years ago there were no burkinis on our beaches. I know you’re for them, Monsieur Macron.” Macron retorted petulantly—and ludicrously—that the burkini has nothing to do with France’s official secularism (laïcité) because it is not a “religious symbol” (like the menorah!). Of course, Le Pen knows that the burkini—invented in the West, not in Araby—is a way of staking out turf for Islam, and a manifestation of a very big problem. Read more >>
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