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Carr vs. Alexander: Win Or Lose, Immigration Driving Tennessee Senate Primary—And, Increasingly, GOP Politics

Tea Party insurgent Joe Carr is placing immigration at the center of his August 7 primary challenge against longtime Tennessee GOP Senator Lamar Alexander, 74. Both Carr and the Main Stream Media are aware of David Brat’s stunning victory over cheap labor advocate Eric Cantor, and Alexander’s pro-amnesty voting record is giving Carr plenty of ammunition. The GOP Establishment is digging in, but Carr has already proved that immigration is the issue now driving grassroots Republican politics—and Presidential candidates are going to have to recognize the new political reality.

The “Brat Playbook” suggests that for a candidate to win on the immigration issue, it’s not enough to have a strong stance—you actually have to run on it (as heroic immigration patriot Tim Donnelly, alas, did not in the California gubernatorial primary). But Carr has been pushing the issue from the beginning, saying that Alexander’s vote for the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill would be one of his “critical issues.” Still, whatever Carr said or didn’t say seemed of little importance, because he was trailing heavily—until recently.

Unfortunately for Lamar!(as his signs read during his failed 1996 Presidential run), Brat’s victory and Chris McDaniel’s narrow loss (due in part to his ignoring immigration) are feeding into an MSM narrative of incumbent Republicans under attack. Thus, Time Magazine calls Alexander the Tea Party’s “next target” and explicitly compares challenger Carr to Brat.

Like Brat, Carr gathered steam slowly. He won the endorsements of some local Tea Party groups, then gained favor with conservative talk-show hosts. Both hammered the incumbent for supporting “amnesty,” an issue with special resonance as the migrant crisis on the southern border escalates. Both caught the attention of Laura Ingraham, the conservative pundit who campaigned for Brat and endorsed Carr on July 14.

[Meet the Tea Party’s Next Target, by Alex Altman, Time, July 15, 2014]

Similarly Slate’s Dave Weigel writes bravely: “One thing Carr learned from the Brat race: The GOP base is more irritable about immigration reform than anyone admits. And unlike Cantor, Alexander actually voted for the Senate’s immigration bill” [Meet Joe Carr, the Last Tea Party Senate Challenger of 2014, Slate, June 14, 2014]

In Tennessee, the local Tea Party is enthusiastically backing Carr. Grassroots groups opposed to Lamar Alexander overwhelmingly identify as part of the “Tea Party,” as can be seen in on pages like “Beat Lamar.” These groups also highlight immigration as one of the main reasons for their opposition. (So far, we have not seen...

The Day of the Hawk: Would The U.S. Really Benefit From Breaking With Russia?

The bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie was premeditated mass murder. Gadhafi was taking revenge for Reagan’s raid on Tripoli in 1986. The downing of KAL 007, flying from Anchorage to Seoul, was mass murder in the second degree. Seeing an aircraft intrude into Russian air space, Soviet officers brutally ordered it shot down. [...]

The Fulford File | To End “Unaccompanied Minor” Scandal, Start Deporting Illegal (And Irresponsible) Parents

Suicide of the West paradox: public policy now forces U.S. parents to raise their kids in a bubble of fanatic safety, but simultaneously rewards Latin American parents for risking their kids on an illegal border crossing—and has for years. The obvious culprit: the Treason Lobby, whose greed and recklessness created an enormous moral hazard that Obama’s recent border dissolution has now made undeniable. But don’t forget the Latino (“Hispanic family values”) parents. Many are already here illegally and paid to have their kids smuggled in. They should be tracked down and deported—with their children—as the best form of family reunification

American kids weren’t always so protected. From David Frum’s book about the 1970s:

If pre-1965 Americans hesitated to seem sensitive to comfort, they positively disdained safety. They lit rockets in their backyards on the Fourth of July. They bought their steak marbled with fat. They smoked. They bought cars without seatbelts. They gave boys .22-caliber rifles for their eleventh birthdays. How they would gape and stare at a contemporary playground, with its rubber matting underneath the swings, safety belts on the teetertotters, and three-year-olds strapped into crash helmets before they can mount their tricycles.

How We Got Here: The 70s The Decade That Brought You Modern Life -- For Better Or Worse, (2000)

Lenore Skenazy has been pushing back against this. She has a book calledFree-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry) and her website,, has many stories about the crazy things Americans do preserve kids from largely imaginary harms and the constant overreaction of police and school authorities to things like kids walking to school.

And Megan McArdle recently wrote about about Mommy Police With Real Handcuffs[Bloomberg View, July16, 2014]:

A week ago, a woman was charged with leaving her child in the car while she went into a store. Her 11-year-old child. This week, a woman was arrested for allowing her 9-year-old daughter to go to the park alone.

Which raises just one question: America, what the heck is wrong with you?

Compare that with what Mexican and Central American parents have been doing to their little ones for years. While your school-age children have to hold your hand while crossing a quiet suburban street with a green light, the little girl in this famous sign is being dragged across a highway so fast that her pigtails are flying.


In fact, that sign was created in response to over a hundred deaths caused by illegal aliens crossing interstate highways near the border:

Parents were killed in front of their children, children in front of parents. Drivers who hit these people were left emotionally wrecked. One was haunted by the sight of an anguished face flying across the windshield….Before [Caltrans graphic artist] Hood began drawing the sign, he and his supervisors met with Highway Patrol officers and saw photos of accident scenes. What got to him most were the deaths that involved families.

"Graphically, I wanted to show a family," said Hood, who lives in San Diego. He chose to include a pigtailed girl, rather than a boy, because "there is something about a little girl running across with her parents that we are more affected by."

Highway safety sign becomes running story on immigration, By Leslie Berestein, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 10, 2005

American children must have a car seat or seatbelt, and failure to use them will result not only in tickets, but in Child Protective Services being called and the parent arrested. But illegals are bringing their children in the back of tractor-trailers, inside the trunks of cars and in light trucks, vans and SUVs with up to 21 passengers [Juarez boy among thousands of Mexican children smuggled into U.S.,By Lorena Figueroa, El Paso Times, December 23, 2013]

In a 2003 (!) post on the moral hazard of not enforcing immigration law, I noted that 18 illegal aliens had lost their lives when their smuggler drove off and left them locked in a trailer compartment in the Texas heat. One was five years old...

Derbyshire On Race And The International Math Olympiad

Here’s a wee brainteaser for you to while away ninety minutes with.

For each positive integer n, the Bank of Cape Town issues coins of denomination 1/n. Given a finite collection of such coins (of not necessarily different denominations) with total value at most 99 + ½, prove that it is possible to split this collection into 100 or fewer groups, such that each group has total value at most 1.

That is one of the six problems set in this year’s International Math Olympiad (IMO), just held in Cape Town, South Africa from July 3rd to 13th.

You can download all six problems in the language of your choice, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese, here. There are worked solutions here. Participants were given three problems on July 8th, three on the 9th, with four-and-a-half-hour sessions each time—average an hour and a half per problem. So if you can make fair progress on that one above in ninety minutes, and are less than 20 years old, you are IMO material.

I have put up occasional blog posts about the IMO before (this one from last year, for example) and the national-level USAMO (2012 winners here) as a matter of minor interest to human-biodiversity mavens. I thought I’d try something a bit more ambitious with this year’s IMO.

In doing so, I was diving into a crowded pool. Analyzing IMO results is a popular pastime among the statistically inclined—so much so that after browsing thirty-odd websites on the topic I began to feel that crunching IMO results data deserves an Olympiad of its own—an IMOO, perhaps.

Some names familiar to readers show up in those websites. Ron Unz waded into the pool last year in one of his meritocracy pieces (four paragraphs into here). Fred Reed used IMO results to give his Hispanophilia an airing over at Taki’s Magazine back in March. The blogger Occidentalist demolished Fred here, with a good combative comment thread … and so on, and on.

As I said, it’s a popular pastime.

The Olympiad anyway lends itself to this sort of thing. It is, after all, run by and for mathematicians. The IMO publish excellent tables for the results, cut several ways—I’ll get to them in just a moment.

The event has been held since 1959, so there’s a good historical trail, made use of for example by Heiner Rindermann in a well-known (here in the pool, I mean) 2011 paper titled “Results in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) as Indicators of the Intellectual Classes’ Cognitive-Ability Level,” published in a festschrift for German psychologist Kurt Heller.

(Rindermann’s paper points out, with no irony I can detect, that “It may be hard to believe, but there are no IQ measurements of IMO participants”—page 314 of the festschrift.)

Here I shall only look at this year’s results.

And then, there is a straightforward mathematical elegance...

“He Kept The Faith”–A Conversation With Richard Lynn: Part Three

This interview is from the recent festschrift Race and Sex Differences in Intelligence and Personality, reviewed by John Derbyshire here. The interview is conducted by Danish psychologist Helmuth Nyborg [Email him], and, since Lynn’s career has run over 60 years, it’s long enough that it has been run in three installments, of which this is the last.

Earlier: “He Kept The Faith”–A Conversation With Richard Lynn and “He Kept The Faith”–A Conversation With Richard Lynn: Part Two

RL: In 1972 I moved to Ulster and began my work on national and racial differences in intelligence. I began publishing papers on this in 1977 when I estimated the mean IQ in Japan at 106.6 (in relation to an American mean of 100), and the mean IQ of the Chinese in Singapore at 110.richardlynn

The next year I published a review of national and racial IQs. I continued to collect IQs for countries all over the world. I concluded that with the IQ of Europeans set at 100, the North East Asians have an IQ of 106, the South East Asians have an IQ of 90, the Native American Indians have an IQ of 89, and sub-Saharan Africans have an IQ around 70.

In 1980 I published my theory that these race differences evolved when early humans migrated out of Africa into temperate and then into cold environments. These were more cognitively demanding, and so the peoples who settled in North Africa and South Asia, and even more the Europeans and the North East Asians, had to evolve higher IQs to survive.

HN: Then in 2002, you used these national and racial IQs in your book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, which you wrote in collaboration with Tatu Vanhanen.

RL: Yes, Tatu Vanhanen is a political scientist in Finland and has a good knowledge of economics. We got in touch in 2000, met in London and talked about using my national IQs to explain the huge differences in living standards between the economically developed countries and the third world.

We found that the correlation between national IQs and per capita income was r = 0.68, so national IQs explained about half the variance in per capita income. The other half can be largely explained by the degree to which nations have free market economies and natural resources.

HN: How was the book received?

RL: It had the usual reaction to which I have become accustomed. Some hated it, some loved it. Among those who hated it was Earl Hunt, who described the national IQs as “meaningless”, while Susan Barnett and Wendy Williams said they were “virtually meaningless”.

Others saw my national IQs as opening up a new field in which national differences in intelligence have explanatory power for a wide range of social and economic phenomena. In 2009, Heiner Rindermann and Steve Ceci described the calculation of national IQs as

“... a new development in the study of cognitive ability: Following a century of conceptual and psychometric development in which individual and group (socioeconomic, age, and ethnic) differences were examined, researchers have turned their attention to national and international differences in cognitive competence to predict a variety of outcomes: societal development, rate of democratization, population health, productivity, gross domestic product (GDP), crime, health and longevity, infant mortality, and wage inequality”.

From 2005, numerous papers have been published on a variety of correlates of national IQs.

In 2010, in collaboration with Gerhard Meisenberg, I integrated all the international studies of scores in reading comprehension, math and science understanding. We put this on a common metric for 108 nations and showed that they are perfectly correlated (r = 1.0) with national IQs. I doubt whether there is anyone who now disputes that my national IQs are valid.

HN: In 2005, you wrote another book on...

Rick Perry—Still All Hat, No Cattle On America’s Immigration Disaster

Rick Perry is trying to climb out of his coffin. Less than three years after the Texas governor’s humiliating fall from grassroots GOP favorite to late night TV punchline, two new polls show he is again competitive among Republican presidential candidates [Rick Perry. So hot right now.By Aaron Blake, Washington Post, July 18, 2014]. Incredibly, Perry using Americans’ disgust at Barack Obama’s border dissolution to further his ambitions. It’s a scam.

Perry is sure acting like a candidate—he’s been conducting border tours with immigration squish Sean Hannity and posing with the talk show host in paramilitary garb alongside a machine gun.

[Rick Perry takes Sean Hannity on border tour, by Kendall Breitman, Politico, July 11, 2014]. Perry also grabbed headlines by slamming Obama for showing up at Texas fundraisers while refusing to visit the border. Perry volunteered to show the President around, quipping that if he “is really serious about securing that border, we can show him how to do that.” [Rick Perry to Obama: Come to border, Politico, by Kendall Breitman, July 2, 2014]

Good red meat for Red State voters. The panelists on the McLaughlin Group last weekend were near-unanimous in their praise of Rick Perry’s political skill during the crisis. Washington Times editor Guy Taylor said: “This is affecting Rick Perry more than it is Barack Obama

This Is Not The First Border Crisis. No New Laws Needed—Reagan Administration Did Fine in 1988

See also Ann Coulter: Happy 30th Birthday, Central American Humanitarian Crisis

Republicans are divided on a legislative response to the Obama Regime’s border dissolution, with real fears that any legislation may become a Trojan Horse for the Establishment’s Amnesty/ Immigration Surge obsession. But new laws are not needed to stop the latest wave of illegal immigration—because the law enforcement solution is already available. Past influxes were easily handled by the existing system as recently as the 1980s and 1990s, and there are even more tools available today. What is needed is enforcement of existing statutes—not the sinister farce of phony legislation.

Incredibly, the outlet publicizing the real answer to the latest crisis is, normally the online voice for the Open Borders immigration lawyers calls the ...

US Becoming The Brazil of North America—When Did We Vote For That?

Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.To observe the decades-long paralysis of America's political elite in controlling her borders calls to mind the insight of James Burnham in 1964—"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide."

What the ex-Trotskyite turned Cold Warrior meant was that by faithfully following the tenets of liberalism, the West would embrace suicidal policies that would bring about the death of her civilization.

The crisis on our Southern border, where the left, and not only the left, is wailing that we cannot turn away desperate people fleeing wicked regimes and remain true to our liberal values, is a case in point.

To assert that we cannot take all these people in, that we must send them back and seal our border for our survival, is to be called a variety of names—racist, xenophobe, nativist—all of which translate into "illiberal."

But as we continue our descent to Third World status, perhaps we should explore more deeply the "diversity" that has of late come to be regarded as America's most treasured attribute.

In 1960, we were not nearly so diverse. Nine in 10 Americans professed a Christian faith. Nine in 10 Americans traced their ancestry back to Europe. E Pluribus Unum. We were one nation and one people.

Since then, we have become the Brazil of North America, a multiracial, multilingual, multiethnic, multicultural "universal nation" unlike any that has existed in the history of the West.

And if we look abroad

Mrs. Obama’s Operation VA Scandal Distraction

Barack and Michelle Obama are quite the diversionary tag-team. He blames everyone else for his problems. She takes credit for progress on his behalf that he doesn’t deserve and distracts public attention from his avalanche of failures with endless feel-good photo-ops. While the shirker in chief golfed and grubbed for money at closed-door celebrity fundraisers [...]