Sgt. Crowley, A Cop in Full


Professor Louis Henry Gates
retreated from his
threat to sue Sgt. James Crowley. Friday, President

retreated from his charge
that the Cambridge cops

"acted stupidly."

As Crowley has not budged an

arrest of Gates
was correct, and there will be no
apology—there is no doubt

who won this face-off
. Game, set, match, Crowley and
the Cambridge cops.

It is, indeed, as Obama said
Friday, a "teachable moment."

And those most in need of teaching
are the professor, the
governor of Massachusetts
and President Obama. By
charging or suggesting Gates was a


racial profiling,
all three were guilty of having

reflexively reverted

racial stereotypes about white cops

Here is the chronology.

Answering a 911 call about a
break-in in progress, Crowley encountered the professor
inside the house. According to Crowley`s report, his
request for

Gates` I.D.
was initially rebuffed, and he was
accused of hassling Gates because he was black. The
professor made a

slurring reference to Crowley`s

The professor then raised such a
ruckus Crowley arrested and cuffed him.

Once in the street, Gates bellowed,
"This is what happens to a black man in America." Gates then called
Crowley a "rogue

Gov. Deval Patrick declared Gates`
"every black
man`s nightmare."
Obama said the Cambridge cops
had "acted
and went on to elaborate, on nationwide
TV, on the sad history of racial profiling of blacks and
Hispanics by police.

Thus the two most powerful black
elected officials in the U.S., with no hard knowledge of
what happened, came down on the side of a black
professor, their buddy, against a

white cop and his department
, implying racial
motivation in the arrest of Gates.

Yet there is still not a shred of
evidence for their rush to judgment.

Crowley`s partner in the arrest was
a black officer who said he stands
"100 percent"
behind Crowley and that Gates acted

Sixteen years ago, Crowley gave CPR
to an unconscious Boston Celtics star,
Reggie Lewis,
in an attempt to save his life. The
memory of his failure caused Crowley to break down in
tears and haunts him to this day.

Crowley was selected by a black
police lieutenant to teach fellow officers about racial

. He has been doing this for five years.

And watching TV coverage for a
week, this writer has yet to hear one cop anywhere
condemn Crowley`s handling of the incident.

Outside the fevered imagination of
Louis Henry Gates, then, where is the evidence Crowley
engaged in racial profiling?


victim here
is Sgt. Crowley, not professor Gates.

Crowley is the one defamed as a
"racist" and "rogue cop." He is
the officer whom Gov. Patrick implied perpetrated
"every black
man`s nightmare."
He is the cop on the Cambridge
force who, Obama told the nation,
"acted stupidly."

If anyone has grounds for legal
action, it is Crowley. Indeed, upon what grounds would
Gates sue?

That he was wrongly arrested, when
Crowley, his black partner, the Cambridge P.D., the
police union and 1,000 cops would gladly come to
Cambridge to testify that Crowley went by the book?

Moreover, no one says Crowley
abused Gates in any way. And there were witnesses in the
street to the arrest. And Crowley apparently had his
mike open, and a recording of the incident exists.

But if Obama`s racial reflexes
served him badly Wednesday night, his political
instincts served him well him on Friday. For he must
have sensed that this confrontation was shaping up as
three powerful black men coming down hard on a white cop
with a stellar record who had only done his
conscientious duty.

Obama picked up the phone, called
Crowley, regretted his choice of words about him and the
Cambridge P.D., walked into the press room and told the
nation Crowley was a
"good guy,"
he himself had misspoken, that he and the sergeant had
talked about getting together for a beer.

It was a goodly slice of humble pie
the president ate there, but it was a class act. To ask
more would be churlish. As for Patrick and Gates, they,
too, should eat a little crow.

The president`s decision to go
before the White House press corps also suggests Obama
is acutely aware of the political peril here.

For while his black support is rock
solid, his white support is soft. And Americans will
usually side with an
Irish cop
over a Harvard don, especially when the
professor is pulling rank and the cop is right.

"This isn`t about
says Gates. Sorry, professor, it is about you.
You have shown the country why

William F. Buckley
won laughter all over America
when he wittily observed that, rather than be governed
by the Harvard faculty, he would

to be governed by the first 300 names in the
Cambridge telephone directory.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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