Racial Gangrape: Another Diversity Disaster

No doubt because of the influence
of xenophobia and nativism
in this country, America has not yet had an opportunity
to welcome a new sport that the glorious multiracial
diversity of the new millennium has already created. But
in more cosmopolitan centers like Paris and Australia,
the game is blossoming. It consists in the ritual gang
rape of white women by non-white immigrants.

Back in April, 11 young black
males went on trial in Paris for the gang rape of a
14-year-old white girl seven years ago. Rapes happen all
the time, of course, but this one was unusually notable.
It turned out to be a ritual for initiation into a gang.
(VDARE note: The Guardian
story on this case refers
to the rapists as “French youths”. See Peter
with Good Intentions

for a discussion of this media phenomenon.

The ritual is known as a “tournante,”
meaning “Take your turn,” and it consists of a black
male becoming “friendly with” (seducing) a white
female, preferably a teenager. Once they`ve become
chums, the male lures the girl to a location where his
buddies in the gang “take their turns” with her. In
the case on trial in Paris, it was no fewer than 14
buddies. Unlike many victims of such fun, this young
lady lodged a complaint with the police. As a result,
she was gangraped a second time—this time, allegedly,
by the 11 who went on trial in April.

The incident is not isolated.
Police investigations of similar rapes were underway in
three other French cities, and one French magistrate
says the game has been going on since at least the
1980s. “Their technique was to pick up a young
girl—a white girl—and once she had become the
girlfriend of one of the members, he would allow his
mates to make use of her,” magistrate Sylvie Lotteau
told the press last spring. (VDARE:
to read it in the French
language. Computer translation

But France isn`t the only nation
to experience the pleasures of diversity. Reports from
Australia reveal that racially motivated rapes of white
women are catching on there as well.

The Australian
reports that police data show that some
70 racially motivated rapes of young white girls, one as
young as 13, by Middle Eastern immigrants have taken
place in the last two years. “Fifteen youths and men
have so far been charged with more than 300 offenses
relating to matters since mid-2000 alone. They are all
of Middle Eastern extraction. None of those involved is
presently before the courts. Their alleged victims have
all been Caucasian, aged between 13 and 18.”

Unlike the French white rape
sport, those in Australia don`t seem to be part of a
gang initiation, but they are nonetheless clearly
racially driven. “Before being brutalized,” the
Australian paper reports, “other victims have
reportedly been questioned about their Australian
heritage or forced to endure taunts about their
attackers` prowess.” But, like the rapes in France, those
in Australia
follow a similar pattern
in which one non-white male becomes intimate with a
white girl, whom he then delivers to his friends for
sexual violation, beating and humiliation.

As I remarked, these particular
sports, rather like soccer a few years ago, have just
not caught on in the United States—at least not yet.
But a recent report from Sacramento suggests that times
are changing. There four men who are immigrants from
Fiji are facing trial for kidnapping and rape as part of
a gang initiation, and they are part of a group of 11
suspects facing similar charges of kidnapping and raping
at least nine women, most of them prostitutes. There`s
no word in the Sacramento
story that reported these facts as to the race
of the victims—no doubt because race just isn`t
important, you know. (VDARE
note: The Sacramento Bee did a year-long project on rape in the Sacramento
area. Both their
on the details of Sacramento area rapes, and their
of a rapist”
any mention of race, culture, or citizenship. They do
use the word macho,
but with reference to Americans.

And that of course is the whole
point, isn`t it? In the glorious diversity of the new
millennium the brutal truth is that race is
important—so important that non-whites who know this
truth will commit rape against white women because of
it. Importing millions of non-whites into what for
centuries have been majority white countries doesn`t
diminish the importance of race; it increases it.

Because American and some other
Western governments refuse to protect
their own citizens, rape, like other violent crimes, is
no longer uncommon. What is uncommon—so far—is for
rape to be openly committed for racial reasons, and the diversity
and its supportive ideologies have utterly
destroyed the capacity of white Westerners to understand
this. Human beings aren`t really motivated by racial
loyalties and racial hatreds, are they? Human beings are
just interested in getting better jobs and making more

Racial rape is only the latest
contribution of multiracialist diversity to the growth
of Western civilization and its narrow-minded ethic and
world-view. Just imagine what other contributions
multiracialism will make possible once whites cease to
be a majority in their own countries and the immigrants
who are now on trial are able to take control.


August 09,