Immigration`s Rotten Borough dynamic…

[Helpful VDARE note: “Rotten Boroughs” were districts returning
members to the British House of Commons, prior to the
democratic Great Reform Act of 1833, despite having
few or even no inhabitants.
As a practical matter, they were in the gift of
local magnates.  Well,
guess what…]

Fred Siegel has an excellent book
on ethnic politics in American cities – The
Future Once

Happened Here:
New York, D.C., L.A., and the Fate of
America`s Big Cities

He points out that in Los Angeles,
where between 40 and 50 percent of the population is
foreign born,  the
small percentage of the population who are actually
citizens control the vote.

This means that while a recent
immigrant from El Salvador would like to send his
children to a school where they can learn English, he
doesn`t get a vote. A Mexican-American schoolteacher
would like to keep her bilingual education job, which
will actually have the effect of keeping the
Salvadorean`s children in poverty.

But the schoolteacher will be
able to send her kids to private school.

[P. 147,

Latino pols in L.A. are classic ethnic operatives –
with a twist.  What`s different is most represent
“rotten boroughs,” districts where, because
of recent immigration and the youth of the average
Latino, the percentage of voters in
the total population is tiny. This means that
the real voting base
is that small fraction of the population
already eligible to vote and sometimes directly
dependant on government employment programs.  In
practice this means that Latino-elected officials,
like county commissioner Gloria Molina and City
Councilman Richard Alarcon, support the failed
bilingual education programs for the same patronage
reasons they oppose charter school reform. Their
support is based on getting their group`s cut
of the local government and social service jobs.

February 23, 2001