Hurricane Katrina and the Race Card: Five Years Later

This weekend, on the 5th
anniversary of

Hurricane Katrina,
civil rights activists and
hip-hop stars will hold what they call a
to commemorate the disaster. President
Obama will speak at a separate event in New Orleans on
Sunday. But don`t expect any of these
reconciliation-seeking leaders to confront the indelible
stain of racial demagoguery left by the left in

Katrina`s aftermath.
Hating George W. Bush means
never having to say you`re sorry.

The Olympic gold medal for racial
grievance-mongering went to rapper Kanye West, who
railed during a supposedly nonpolitical nationwide
telethon that the government was shooting
"us," that
"those are my
people down there,"
and that
"George Bush
doesn`t care about black people!"
West`s vulgar
exploitation of a charity drive—which was meant to unite
America—left most viewers with the same aghast, frozen
expression as the
on comedian Mike Myers` face
as he tried to rescue
their fundraising segment from the sewage.

Not to be outdone, the
Congressional Black Caucus convened a press conference
blast news reporters for describing Katrina victims as
Yes, really. The Rev. Jesse Jackson echoed their

"It is racist to
call American citizens refugees."
Refugees are,
by dictionary definition,
"exiles who flee
for safety."
How this could be construed as bigoted
remains as much a mystery as the source of unhinged
Huffington Post blogger and self-proclaimed
"social justice advocate" Randall Robinson`s bogus claim

black hurricane victims

in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive."


retracted the report
, but did not apologize for
spreading the black cannibalism tale around the world
and using Katrina to vent his own

anti-American veno
m about his country being a
Nation of Islam race hustler-in-chief

Louis Farrakhan
trafficked in

his own baseless conspiracy-mongering
"a 25-foot-deep
crater under the levee breach"
indicating that the
levee "may have
been blown up to destroy the black part of town and keep
the white part dry."
Director Spike Lee stoked the
levee truthers further, declaring,
"If they can rig
an election, they can do anything!"

New Black Panther Party head Malik
Zulu Shabazz chimed in, calling the Katrina rescue and
recovery operation a
"racist occupation of subjugation rather than a relief effort," and
saying it was designed
"to keep non-white people in a state of subjugation on all levels, and
they are viewed as expendable in order to protect the
interest of the system."
Donning her own tinfoil
hat, Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggested that
Republican suppression of the black vote in 2000 and
2004 was to blame for the government`s

botched Katrina response

Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel
drove the racial wedge in deeper by comparing President
Bush to brutal Alabama segregationist Bull Connor.
"If there`s one
thing that George Bush has done that we should never
Rangel spewed,
"it`s that for us
and for our children, he has shattered the myth of white
supremacy once and for all."
At a House hearing, a
Katrina witness testified unchallenged that black New
Orleans residents were victims of
"genocide and
ethnic cleansing."

The execrable Jimmy Carter waited a
few months to unleash his own Bush-bashing bile—at the

funeral of Coretta Scott King, no less
—in February
2006. "We only have to recall the color of the faces of those in Louisiana,
Alabama and Mississippi, those who were most devastated
by Katrina, to know that there are not yet equal
opportunities for all Americans."

Carter`s speech not only lacked
basic decency. It lacked any grounding in reality.
According to vital statistics released just months after
the storm by the primary morgue that processed the
bodies of the deceased, 48 percent of those who died in
the natural disaster were black, 41 percent were white,
with another 8 percent unknown and 2 percent Hispanic.
Little-noted follow-up analysis confirmed those
preliminary results and also debunked the myth that the
poor were disproportionately affected by the storm.

Five years later, the same
color-coded paranoia and political opportunism that
poisoned the Hurricane Katrina recovery permeates every
current conflict in the public square:

Ground Zero Mosque
opponents are all suspiciously
funded bigots, according to Democratic House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi.
The Tea Party movement is the new Bull
Connor, according to every liberal
New York Times
columnist. President Obama`s critics hate black people,
according to every major black Hollywood director and
hip-hop mogul. As for the soul-fixing,

Nobel Peace Prize
-winning commander-in-chief

whose election was supposed to heal the divide,
will guarantee you he won`t ever lift a finger to
repudiate the cynical smear tactics against his unjustly
accused predecessor.

Post-racial America, we never knew



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