Racial Reality And The New Orleans Nightmare

It was the Perfect Storm.

No, not

Hurricane Katrina.
That could have been much worse.
Back in the 1990s, my friend Rob Brennan wrote an
unpublished novel called Category 5 about a
ferocious hurricane that strikes New Orleans at the
worst possible angle. Katrina, in contrast, was a
Category 4 hurricane and hit New Orleans only a glancing

No, the perfect storm was actually the combination of
social and governmental incompetence at local, state,
and federal levels—and unmentionable racial reality.

Republican Presidents are supposed to provide adult
supervision for crooked Democratic urban machines. But
the White House is now occupied by George W. Bush, a
politician so

, so uninterested in

proficiency and honesty
among his minions that late
last year he tried to appoint as Secretary of Homeland
Security the egregious

Bernie Kerik

Mr. Bush shows no evidence of holding his appointees
accountable, so long as they remain

to him personally. Just as he has never vetoed
a bill, he almost

never fires
anyone for poor performance. 

VDARE.com readers are familiar with the contempt with
which Mr. Bush treats his sworn duties to uphold the
laws against illegal immigration. Now the whole country
is starting to catch on to his disregard for his duties
in his pursuit of image over effectiveness.

His invade-the-world-invite-the-world policies have
left America unprepared for

domestic troubles, as Paul Craig Roberts
recently pointed out


The ineptitude displayed by the Louisiana state
government is also unsurprising. The state is unique in
having a Latin political tradition (it uses the

Code Napoleon
rather than the English common
law, even though Napoleon didn`t release his code until
the year after he sold Louisiana to Thomas Jefferson), a
culture in which the Argentinean demagogue

Juan Peron
would have felt at home.


unofficial state motto
is "Laissez les bons
temps rouler
" or "Let
the good times roll.
Compare that to New Hampshire`s official motto of "Live
free or die,"
which display a rather different
understanding of freedom. Louisiana`s reigning
philosophy is freedom from responsibility.

It`s a general rule that the tastier the indigenous
cuisine, the lousier the government. Its culture has
provided America with


A Street Car Named Desire
and the great
American comic novel of the 20th Century,

A Confederacy of Dunces.
New Orleans is a nice place to visit. But you
wouldn`t want to raise your kids there.

All this is now common parlance, more or less. What
you won`t hear, except from me, is that "Let the good
times roll"
is an
especially risky message
for African-Americans. The
plain fact is that they tend to possess

poorer native judgment
than members of
better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral
guidance from


New Orleans itself is two-thirds black. It has had
nothing but black mayors since

. All four of them are from the light-skinned
"creole of color"
elite, including the notorious

Marc H. Morial
, now head of the

National Urban League
. The city government is

and lackadaisical. While the police
department has perhaps rebounded from the depths it
reached a decade ago when an officer was

condemned to death
for having a mother of three
rubbed out by drug gangstas in his employ, nobody should
be surprised that last week numerous officers ran away,
and some even freelanced as


In a racially diverse democracy like New Orleans,
voting for good government takes a backseat to voting
for your

tribe`s representatives
in the eternal

ethnic tussle
over slices of the pie. As the
ultra-competent but not terribly democratic founder of
the state of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, noted in a recent


"In multiracial
societies, you don`t vote in accordance with your
economic interests and social interests, you vote in
accordance with race and religion."

For instance, after blacks took control of New
Orleans, they required new police recruits to live in
the city itself as a way to

exclude white cops.
Dean M. Shapiro writes for Court
TV`s "Crime

"The department was being
depleted of experienced officers and the numbers within
the ranks were decreasing as crime stats were rising at
an alarming rate… In order to beef up the rapidly
dwindling numbers of NOPD, the department was forced to
lower its acceptance standards. Recruits with criminal
records, DWIs, unfavorable employment records and
dishonorable discharges from the Armed Forces were
allowed to enter the Police Academy, whereas they had
previously been excluded… Their records were expunged
and, on completion of their training, they were issued
badges, guns and patrol cars and turned loose on the
street… These new officers were expected to suddenly
straighten up and begin enforcing the laws they had
not-so-long-ago been breaking. They were expected to
arrest those suspected of crimes, even if those accused
had once been their street buddies. But this was an
unrealistic expectation."

The state`s

Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Evacuation and Sheltering
made all the right noises about evacuating
residents without cars by school bus. But state and
local authorities apparently failed to execute, as the
famous picture of about 200 New Orleans school buses
neatly lined up in a flooded parking lot shows.

It also should have been expected that a large
fraction of New Orleans`s lower class blacks would not
evacuate before a disaster. Many are too poor to own a
car, or too untrustworthy to get a ride with neighbors,
or too

shortsighted to worry.

Judging from their economic and educational
statistics, New Orleans` blacks are not even an
above-average group of African-Americans, such as you
find in


, but more like


. About half are below the poverty line.
With the national black average IQ around

, New Orleans` mean black IQ would probably be in
the lower 80s or upper 70s.

And of course nobody, despite what they may say, is
all that much startled that, when the city`s whites and
more prosperous and/or foresightful blacks left, New
Orleans quickly turned into its


—where 2004`s

Tropical Storm Jeanne
unleashed similar mayhem and

Bill Quigley
, a law professor at Loyola of New
Orleans who represents political prisoners in Haiti,
stayed behind with his wife, who is a nurse. He noted:

"I had always hoped that
Haiti would become more like New Orleans, but what`s
happened is New Orleans has become more like Haiti here

In contrast to New Orleans, there was only

minimal looting
after the horrendous 1995 earthquake
in Kobe, Japan—because, when you get down to it,

aren`t blacks. For example, the per capita
imprisonment rate for Asian-Americans is about 1/30th
that of African-Americans.

Nor is it surprising that the black refugees at the
Superdome and the convention center failed to get
themselves organized to make conditions more livable.
Poor black people seldom cooperate well with each other
because they don`t trust other blacks much, for the
perfectly rational reason that they commit large numbers

against each other.

Indeed, as Francis Fukuyama`s best book,

, makes

, in most of the world—outside Japan and the
more British-Germanic-Nordic parts of Europe and their
overseas offspring like America—people seldom trust
fellow citizens beyond their extended families enough to
voluntarily come together to solve community problems.
Force is generally needed to get them to work with each
other. Which is why "civic society" is relatively

(Why Mr. Bush wants to

vast numbers of

additional immigrants
from cultures where unrelated
residents have no tradition of self-organizing as free
individuals is a mystery for another day.)

But if all these disasters in New Orleans should have
been expected, why did nobody at any level of government

act as if they expected

Because to anticipate the problems would require

noticing that racial differences
are relevant.

And that can ruin one`s career.

Governmental bodies naturally decay rapidly in
competence, especially when free discussion of
unpleasant realities is suppressed.

New Orleans should remind us that we still live in a
harsh world. The make-believe that passes for public
discourse, even at the elite level, simply isn`t
adequate for protecting American citizens.

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