Can Ethnonationalism Bring Down America`s Tower Of Babel?

So grave was the crisis in western
China that President Hu Jintao canceled a meeting with
President Obama, broke off from the G8 summit and

flew home.

By official count, 158 are dead,
1,080 injured and a thousand arrested in ethnic violence
between Han Chinese and the Muslim, Turkic-speaking

of Xinjiang. That is the huge oil-rich
province that borders Pakistan, Afghanistan and several
Central Asian countries that seceded from the Soviet

Uighur sources
put the death toll much higher.

The Communist Party chief in
Xinjiang has promised to execute those responsible for
the killings.

In 1989, fear that what was
happening in Eastern Europe might happen in Beijing
Tiananmen Square.
The flooding of Chinese troops
into Xinjiang bespeaks a fear that what happened to the
Soviet Union could happen to China. Unlike Mikhail
Gorbachev, the Chinese, as they showed in

, will wage civil war to crush secession.

Already, Beijing has struggled to
ensure perpetual possession of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang
and Tibet—half of the national territory—by moving in
millions of Han Chinese, swamping the indigenous
peoples, as they did in Manchuria.

The larger issue here is the
enduring power of

—the drive of ethnic minorities,
embryonic nations, to

break free and create their own countries
, where
their faith, culture and language are predominant. The
Uighurs are such a people.

Ethnonationalism caused the Balkan
wars of 1912 and 1913, triggered
World War I in Sarajevo,
and tore apart the

Ottoman empires
. Ethnonationalism birthed


and Israel.

Ethnonationalism in the 1990s tore
apart the Soviet Union and
and broke up

, creating two-dozen nations out of
three. Last August, ethnonationalism, with an assist
from the Russian Army, relieved Georgia of Abkhazia and
South Ossetia.

Russia has its own ethnic worries
in Chechnya, Dagestan and

, whose Moscow-installed president was

nearly blown to pieces two weeks ago
and where a
Chechen convoy was

ambushed last week with 10 soldiers killed.

The ethnonationalism that

pulled Ireland out of the United Kingdom in 1921
out. It split the Asian subcontinent up
into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Iran, Iraq and
Pakistan are all threatened.

Persians are a bare majority
against the combined numbers of Azeris, Kurds, Arabs and
Baluch. Each of those minorities shares a border with
kinfolk—in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Turkey has fought for decades
against Kurd ethnonationalism.

If one were to wager on new
nations, Kurdistan and Baluchistan would be among the
favorites. And Pashtun in Pakistan outnumber Pashtun in
Afghanistan, though in the latter they are the majority.

In Africa, the savage

attacks on the Kikiyu by Luo
manifest a resurgent
tribalism, as did the horrors of Rwanda, where

in the hundreds of thousands were massacred by

President Clinton may have

to the Africans for
sending troops to stop the genocide in Rwanda,
if the America of Obama is into interventionism to
protect human rights, Africa in the 21st century should
provide us plenty of opportunity.

Evo Morales in Bolivia, Ollanta
Humala in Peru and Venezuela`s Hugo Chavez are stoking
the embers,

goading the Indian populations, the indigenous peoples,

to take back what the white man took 500 years ago. They
have met with no small success.

The contrast between insouciant
America and serious China today is instructive. China is
protectionist; America free trade. China is nationalist;
America globalist. China`s economy is export-driven;
America`s base is consumption. China saves; America
spends. China uses its foreign exchange to lock up
overseas resources; America uses foreign aid for
humanitarian assistance to failed states. Behaving like
ruthlessly purposeful 19th-century Americans, China
grows as America shrinks.

Where Beijing floods its
borderlands with Han to reduce indigenous populations to
minorities, and stifles religious, ethnic and linguistic
diversity, America, declaring,

"Diversity is our strength!"
invites the whole world to come to
America and swamp her own native-born.

Observing the lightning breakup of
the Soviet Union, the Chinese take ethnonationalism with
deadly seriousness. American`s elite regard it an
irrelevancy, an obsession only of the politically

After all, they tell us, we were
never blood-and-soil people, always a
propositional nation
, a nation of ideas. Our belief
in democracy, diversity, and equality define us and make
us different from all other nations.

Indeed, we now happily predict the
year, 2042, when Americans of European ancestry become a
minority in a country whose Founding Fathers declared it
set aside for "ourselves and our posterity."

Without the assent of her people,
America is being converted from a Christian country,
nine in 10 of whose people traced their roots to Europe
as late as the time of JFK, into a multiracial,
multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural Tower of Babel
not seen since the late Roman Empire.

The city farthest along the path is
famous worldwide for the number, variety,
and size of its ethnic and racial street gangs.

Not to worry. It can`t happen here.



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