Globalism vs. Ethnonationalism

Standing before the

, the Victory Column that commemorates
Prussia`s triumphs over Denmark, Austria and France in
the wars that birthed the Second Reich,

Barack Obama
declared himself a
"citizen of the
and spoke of
"a world that
stands as one."

Globalists rejoiced. And the election of this


of a

white teenager from Kansas

and a

black academic from Kenya
is said to have ushered us
into the new

Are we deluding ourselves? Worldwide, the mightiest
force of the 20th century,

—that creator and destroyer of
nations and empires; that enduring drive of peoples for
a nation-state where their faith and culture is dominant
and their race or tribe is supreme—seems

more manifest than ever.

Reflects Racial Divide

ran the banner in
The Washington Times
over Tuesday`s story datelined,
"Santa Cruz,

It began:

"The Bolivian vote to approve a
new constitution backed by leftist President Evo Morales
reflected racial divisions between

the nation`s Indian majority and those with European

Provinces where mestizo and Europeans predominate voted
down the constitution. But it carried with huge
majorities the

Indian tribes of the western highlands,
for this
constitution is about group rights.

In 2005, Morales came to office resolved to redistribute
wealth and power away from Europeans to his own Aymara
tribe and other

"indigenous peoples"
he contends were robbed by the Europeans
who began to arrive 500 years ago, in

the time of Columbus

Pizarro`s victory over the Incan Empire is to be

According to Article 190 of the new constitution,
Bolivia`s 36 Indian areas are authorized to
"exercise their
jurisdictional functions through their own principles,
values, culture, norms and procedures."

Tribal law is to become provincial law, and national

Gov. Mario Cossio of Tarija, which voted no, says the
new constitution will create a
controlled through an
"ethnically based
To which Morales

"Original Bolivians who have been here for a thousand
years are many but poor. Recently arrived Bolivians are
few but rich."

Bolivia is Balkanizing, dividing up and being divided on
the lines of tribe, race and class. And, hailed by

Hugo Chavez,
Morales` Bolivia is not the only place
where the claims of ethnicity, tribe and race are
conquering the forces of universalism and globalism.

After a disputed election in Kenya, the Kikyu were
subjected to ethnic cleansing and massacres by

. In

, white farmers are being

due to their ancestry. In Sri Lanka,
the Tamil rebellion against the ruling Sinhalese—to
create a Tamil nation, a war that has cost tens of
thousands of lives—appears lost, for now.

In Vladimir Putin`s time, Russians have crushed
Chechens, confronted Estonians over Russian military
graves and war memorials, collided with Ukrainians over
the Crimea and

up the



the Uighurs who want their own East
Turkestan and Tibetans who seek autonomy, flooding both
lands with Han Chinese.

In Europe, populist anti-immigrant parties, alarmed at a
loss of national identities, are striding toward
respectability and power. The

Vlaams Belang,
seeking independence for

, is the biggest party in the Belgian
parliament. The Peoples Party and Freedom Party are now
Austria`s second and third most popular. The

Swiss People`s Party
of Christoph Blocher is the
largest in Bern. In France, the National Front
humiliated the government this week, winning over half
the vote in a suburb of Marseilles.

All are unabashedly ethnonationalist. Writes British
diplomat Sir Christopher Meyer,
"It is useless to
say that nationalism and ethnic tribalism have no place
in the international relations of the 21st century."

A return to 1815 is the way forward for Europe
London Times
, September 2, 2008]

Meanwhile, global institutions, the United Nations, IMF
and European Union, have lost their luster. Czechs—whose
president, Vaclav Klaus, regards the EU as a
prison house of nations
—hold the EU presidency. When
the financial crisis hit, Irish, Brits and Germans
rushed to bail out their own banks, as did Americans,
who rescued Ford, Chrysler and GM, leaving Toyota,
Hyundai and Honda twisting in the wind.

This is economic nationalism.

Inside Ehud Olmert`s cabinet, a rising star is Avigdor
Lieberman. What Lieberman`s
"merry men"
advocate, writes the

American Prospect
cleansing: As the creepy name (which translates into
`Our Home Is Israel`) suggests, Yisrael Beiteinu
believes the million-plus Arab citizens of Israel

must be expelled.

Barack won the African-American vote 97 percent to 3
percent over John McCain, and 90 percent to 10 percent
over Hillary Clinton in the later primaries. McCain ran
stronger than George W. Bush only in
the laager of

Jerry Z. Mulle
and Them: The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism,

in Foreign Affairs,
his thesis is summarized:

"Americans generally

the role of ethnic nationalism in politics.
But … it corresponds to some enduring propensities of
the human spirit. It is galvanized by modernization, and
… it will drive global politics for generations to
come. Once ethnic nationalism has captured the
imagination of groups in a multiethnic society, ethnic
disaggregation or partition is often the least bad

Disaggregation or

, the man said.

Are we really in a post-racial America, or is our
multicultural multiethnic America, too, destined for
Balkanization and break-up?



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