Arizona`s Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs. Obama`s Emerging Stealth Amnesty

Joe Arpaio—the 77 year old
sheriff of Maricopa
County, Arizona
—bills himself as the

toughest sheriff in America.

 I don`t know that
he`s the toughest, but he certainly

endured more
from the

Treason Lobby
than any law enforcement officer in
the country. And, as the Obama administration

"stealth amnesty"
by quietly dismantling even the
minimal protections against illegal immigration
surviving from the lame-duck Bush administration,
Sheriff Joe is undeniably emerging as a true American

Since Arpaio began detaining
illegal aliens in 2005, the usual

Treason Lobby
, the

, the

, Amnesty International,

, and their media parrots—have used every
trick in the book. He`s faced lawsuits, recall
petitions, media exposés, and protests. But he always
comes off stronger and more popular in the end.

What has Arpaio done to deserve
this hostility? He enforces the law. In 2005,

passed a law making human smuggling a felony. Sheriff
Joe takes this law seriously and arrests the
smugglers—and, naturally, charges the illegal aliens who
are conspiring with the coyotes with conspiracy. Arpaio
has also entered a

287 (g
) agreement with the Department of Homeland
Security that allows local law enforcement officers to
detain illegal aliens during the course of their normal
law enforcement activities.

Arpaio does not indiscriminately
harass Hispanics. But his deputies go to suspected

drop houses
for illegal aliens and pull over vans
and trucks

with foreigners. His department
explicitly bars pulling over suspects based on
ethnicity, but they do use common sense tactics like
scrutinizing those who

do not have any documents
and cannot speak English.

Arizona Republic
came out with an analysis showing that 68% of those
arrested in his sweeps had Hispanic surnames—presumably
evidence of racial profiling. [Feds
give sheriff a tough choice on immigration enforcement
by JJ Hensley, August 5, 2009] The story failed to
mention that Pew Hispanic Center

that 78% of illegal aliens come from Latin
American countries, and it`s a safe bet that the number
is even higher in Maricopa County.

one example of a typical anti-Arpaio stunt took place on
Friday DATE.

Salvador Reza
and the group
[= bridge] AZ

held a
"Children`s March for Family Unity"
. Fifty Latino
kids dressed in butterfly outfits (butterflies migrate
over borders…get it?) waiving American flags, and
holding signs like
"Don`t take away
my parents, Joe"

Of course, we can have
while enforcing our laws. No one is

the illegal alien children and anchor
babies from going back to Mexico with their parents.

But the Treason Lobby doesn`t care
about keeping together families. They are too valuable
for propaganda purposes in the United States—as when
immigration enthusiasts


Elvira Arellano`s
son around the country to campaign
for amnesty after his mother`s deportation.

Salvador Reza, who organized the march, is also
responsible for much of the anti-Arpaio hijinks. Some
patriotic immigration reformers

he supports Reconquista. But it`s actually

. Not only does he refuse to recognize the
sovereignty of the United States, he doesn`t even
recognize the sovereignty of any country in North or
South America. In fact—contrary to the flag-waving
kids—he doesn`t even like the word America,

, "I
called it "America" because that is the common term, but
in reality it is `Abya Yala`, which is the name of our

thinks amnesty advocates are too short sighted

reality we are struggling for the freedom to travel
throughout our mother The Earth without having barriers"

just like the migrating Indians supposedly did before
"some sick minds invented nationalism".

Of course
this doesn`t get covered in the Main Stream Media. NPR

to him as a
Organizer Fight
for Immigrant Rights"
. In contrast, the fact that a
few opponents of Reza have un-PC cartoons of Obama is

its own story

In fact,
just on August 12, Phil Gordon, [Email
] the Mayor of Phoenix—which is part of Maricopa
the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law
Center (known to VDARE.COM as the

) to talk about combating the many
"hate groups in
the state"
. FAIR president Dan Stein, whose
unimpeachably herbivorous Beltway patriotic immigration
reform group has been nevertheless

a "hate
by the SPLC, sent a

asking for a representative to merely attend
the meetings, but was rebuffed. At the meetings, the

Heidi Beirich
warned the audience of the dangerous
"links" that
Arpaio supposedly had to

Following an
earlier anti-Arpaio march just in May,

New York Times
editorialized that the sheriff`s
faces more forceful opposition from a
"a dogged organizer, Salvador Reza"
than from the
U.S. government.

But in reality, propaganda stunts
involving a few illegal alien children in butterfly
outfits are nowhere near as big of a threat to Arpaio as
the Obama Administration.

In March, the Obama Department of
Justice sent a

to Arpaio announcing that its civil rights
division is investigating his office for
origin discrimination
, including failure to provide

meaningful access to MCSO services
for limited
English proficient individuals"
But Arpaio refused
to play his role in this show trial and announced at a

press conference
that his department would not
cooperate with the investigation.

And now the
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement [ICE] is after
Arpaio for enforcing immigration laws. On

July 10,
Homeland Security Secretary

Janet Napolitano
revised the 287 (g) agreement with
state and local government to require them to release
all illegal aliens not charged with serious crimes
"to address concerns that individuals may be arrested for minor offenses
as a guise to initiate removal proceedings"
weakens illegal immigration rule enforcement

 Arpaio vowed to
continue enforcing the law, saying,
"If I`m told not
to enforce immigration law except if the alien is a
violent criminal, my answer to that is we are still
going to do the same thing, 287 (g) or not"
. Worst
case scenario, he would continue to

detain illegals
under Arizona`s existing state law


DHS gave
Arpaio 90 days to continue with the old policy. But on
July 23 and 24th it ordered him to release 13
illegal aliens who were caught in a broad sweep. When he
told the public of this outrage, it threatened to
completely revoke the 287 (g) agreement if he did not
"coordinate with
ICE regarding information to be released to the media
regarding actions taken under this memorandum of

In other
words: shut up—or we`ll make you release violent illegal
aliens back on the street. [ICE
gags sheriff,
Washington Times,
August 5, 2009]

The Feds
claimed that Arpaio ordered the release to get PR, but,
anticipating their lies, he had
taped their orders.

I have heard a few in the patriotic
immigration reform movement complain that Joe Arpaio
more interested in publicity than immigration. They
believe that by applying the laws as broadly as possible
while constantly attacking the federal authorities, he`s
in part responsible for the now-watered-down 287 (g)

No one can deny that Arpaio enjoys
getting headlines. And it`s possible that he might
arrest a few less illegal aliens because of his feud
with the Feds. But by letting illegals know they`re not
welcome in his county, he no doubt causes many more to

Keeping the

287 (g) program
alive is important. But it is not
going to solve the illegal immigration crisis in this
country by itself. Most illegal aliens are not


, or

. This does not mean, however, that they are
not here illegally, nor that they do not impose enormous

fiscal and social costs
upon American citizens.

will solve the problem is when Americans wake up to the
fact that not only have the Bush and now the Obama
administration refused to enforce our immigration laws,
but they persecute our law enforcement officers who
do—and then do something about this continuing scandal.

Sheriff Joe sends a message to
(and potentially patriotic
across the country: if you stand up against the Treason
Lobby, the American people will stand with you. Despite
attacks by the media, ethnic pressure groups and
government he always polls highly.

her panel on
"hate groups"
, the flustered Heidi Beirich concluded
her remarks on Arpaio by

, "I
don`t know why it is that he keeps getting re-elected,
just don`t know

Here`s a hint: the most recent

showed that 57% of Arizona

believe that Arpaio improves the image of the
state, while only 27% thinks it reflects poorly.


small town mayors

Lou Barletta
and big county Sheriffs like Joe Arpaio
become national figures by sticking to their guns, it
will embolden other local officials to crack down.

77, Arpaio is
to start a national political career (although
he`s two years younger than the

Arlen Specter). But I wouldn`t mind seeing
him kick out the SPLC-groveling mayor of Phoenix, or

Congressman Jeff Flake
, or even a certain Arizona
Senator who cosponsored an amnesty bill a couple of
years ago back and is up for re-election in


Sheriff Joe might love publicity—but the fact that the
Obama administration sides with illegal aliens over a
sheriff who just want to

enforce the law
is something that needs to be

Ellison Lodge (email
him) works on Capitol