VDARE.com: Saturday`s Letters: A California Reader Tells How To Fight Back Against Wells Fargo; etc.

Saturday`s Letters: A California
Reader Tells How To Fight Back Against Wells Fargo; etc.


B. Quick [e-mail

Re: Today`s Letter:

Another Wells Fargo Employee Says Bank Aides and Abets
Illegal Immigration

I have
been in financial services for 20 years as an insurance
broker.  I also have a securities license so I can sell
pension plans and investments.

A very
important concept in

financial services
is "Know
Your Customer."
  Anyone who doesn`t
follow KYC, and it appears some at Wells Fargo

it, is subject to losing his license and
being sued in civil court.

If a
customer ever has a problem with a financial transaction
the first thing the National Association of Securities
Dealers or the insurance commissioner will do is check
to see if what was sold to him was
whether the investment was appropriate based on
the clients risk tolerance, income level, net worth,
age, etc. 

have no excuse for not knowing their clients. If a
broker sells an "unsuitable" security, he may
lose his license, his assets and his reputation.

Contrast KYC this with what the whores at Wells
Fargo are doing. 

Fargo essentially does
not want to know its

relying on useless documents like

matricula consular cards

Individual Tax Identification Numbers
, the bank is
willfully blind. A

driver license
depending on what state it comes from
is slender reed.


Wells Fargo and other major banks
are perfectly
content to accept bogus documents from their illegal
alien customers, consider what I must go through to get
a securities or insurance license.

I must
be fingerprinted and go through a criminal background
check.  Every time I change my broker dealer, I have to
repeat this process.

is a grotesque double standard and smacks of

to me.

Quick works and
resides in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Saturday`s Letters: A
Massachusetts Reader Reports On The Mexican Invasion of

From:  [Name


A Massachusetts Native Says Cape Cod Is Cracking Down On

is home to the

.  The median price of homes sold last
year was $1.5 million. 

The tourist and vacation home industry is key to the local economy.  The
biggest part of that is the

of the multi-million dollar homes that
sprout up every year.  Building them is certainly a job

Americans want to do

I assumed that the locals would protect these valuable and good paying
jobs.  Imagine my surprise when I saw

, illegally in the U.S. I presume,
renovating a home I once rented. The entire crew spoke

I called the
Town of Nantucket Police Department


The policewoman who answered the phone claimed to have
no responsibility for verifying if these construction
workers are legal.  She suggested that I call the
Building Department which I did. 

The woman who answered the phone sounded bewildered that I would even
ask about immigration status and had no idea what to
do.  In fact, she was annoyed that I called.

So here I am, trying to protect the good jobs on this island and, to my
disappointment, local law enforcement isn`t interested.

writer has been visiting Nantucket since 1979.

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Saturday`s Letters: A Georgia
Reader Calls Massachusetts Senator Kennedy`s Office To
Get Some Answers; Office Hangs Up

Slade, Sr. [e-mail

outside of

readers realize the impact the

1965 Immigration Act
had on America`s demographics.
Then as now,

Senator Edward M. Kennedy
played a central role in
working against American traditions


Kennedy`s shocking advocacy
of still more
immigration 40 years later weighing on my mind, I
decided to phone his Washington, D.C. office to ask
whoever answered the phone what Senator Kennedy thinks
today about his decision long ago.

unidentified young man answered the phone. When I posed
my question, he replied: "I don`t have time for this
He then hung up in my face.

believing what had happened, I phoned back, got another
unidentified young man who referred me to a third person
supposedly knowledgeable on the subject of immigration.

aide claimed that the 1965 act "opened the doors"
for others. He also told me Kennedy`s support reflected
the will of the Massachusetts people.

and a little shocked by the collective rudeness I
received (I was never argumentative, but I was
persistent), I decided to phone

Senator John Kerry
, the other Democratic senator
from Massachusetts.

"Elizabeth" answered.  I
began to ask about immigration and to relate my
experience with Kennedy`s office. "Elizabeth"
immediately dismissed me with: "I don`t have time."

Asking impertinent questions
sometimes results in very pertinent answers, even when
the answerer is trying to avoid responding

Slade is a retired
pharmacist who obtained his undergraduate degree
from the University of Mississippi and his doctorate
from the University of Arkansas. About Kennedy, Slade
says: "I am determined that the identity and culture
of my nation will not continue to be subject to the
whims of home grown fools, such as Ted Kennedy."

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Saturday`s Letters: An Arizona
Reader Says Americans, Not Illegal Aliens, Are In The


 David Pittman

We always hear the phrase "
they can come out of the shadows
" applied to
illegal alien amnesty. I think we need to coin another
phrase for non-elite Americans like me.

The phrase is "so we can go into the shadows"

The only true shadow people in America are middle class
workers. Former

middle class Americans
are now shadow people as they
continue to

lose jobs
to illegal aliens,

H-1B visa holders


Globalist America
is deporting thousands of middle
class Americans from their decent, stable occupations
that offered living wages, health care for one`s self
and family and is also robbing them of their once safe

Pittman`s previous
letters, including his updated version of the National
Anthem, the Civil War-style quality of U.S. health care,
and American "temporary" workers are





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Saturday`s Letters: A
Hazleton, PA. Reader Thanks America For Supporting His
Town`s Fight Against Illegal Immigration

From: Greg

have been reading VDARE.COM for years. And I am pleased
to report a clear triumph in my hometown of Hazelton,
PA, where Mayor Lou Barletta, stood before City Council
on July 13 and affirmed, "Enough is enough!"

then presented to City Council his revised Illegal
Immigration Relief Act. Given the national and
international media attention that

Mayor Louis Barletta
had received over the previous
few weeks regarding this ordinance, each person in
Council chambers knew what a historic moment it was not
only for the city but also for the nation as well.


President Bush
, Mayor Barletta responded to the
concerns and pleas of his citizens to protect them from
the violent crimes that Hispanic illegals are committing
in the city and the overwhelmingly negative impact
illegal immigration has made.

Mayor Barletta`s enlightenment came on May 10 when Derek
Kichline, a native Hazleton resident, was shot point
blank in the head and killed outside his home by four

for no apparent reason.  This murder
occurred on the same day that a 14-year-old illegal
Dominican possessing crack cocaine fired at a playground
that is used primarily by Hispanic children. 

Because of the

rapid increase
of Hazleton`s Hispanic community, a
700% growth rate that fueled the Hispanic population
from 3 percent of the city in 2000 to an estimated 30
percent in 2006, Mayor Barletta`s proposal has
predictably been denounced as being "racist," "bigoted,"
"discriminatory," and "mean-spirited."

The denunciations have come through the media from the

American Civil Liberties Union
, the

Roman Catholic Church
, the Puerto Rican Legal
Defense Fund, People for the American Way, and other
leftist organizations. 


by a vote of 4-1
, on July 13 the City Council of
Hazleton pasted a historic milestone by adopting the
most restrictive anti-illegal immigration law in the
United States with the full support and encouragement of
the native residents of the Hazleton area. 

a result, other local communities such as Hazle
Township, White Haven, Wilkes-Barre Township either have
passed or are considering passing similar ordinances. 

And like a small spark that can begins an inferno,
cities as far away as Palm Bay and Avon Park, Florida
and Escondido and San Bernardino, California are also
considering similar proposals.

With the national and international media attention
Hazleton has received over the last few weeks, the
people of this area have been characterized as "redneck,
backwater hicks
" filled with "racism" and "hate." 

But Hazleton – now celebrating its 150th anniversary –
is a city built by true immigrants in a time when
immigration was good for America.

a Hazelton resident, I am proud of what Mayor Barletta
and the City Council have done and grateful for the
support shown by the rest of the country to us. 

Mayor Barletta said after the passage of the ordinance,
"What you saw here tonight was a city that wants to
take back what America has given us." 

ask all Americans to follow our lead. Take back your
city and together we can take back America.

Remember—resistance is not futile!

Reese`s previous letter about Hazleton is


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