Anarcho-Tyranny—Where Multiculturalism Leads


, if not in the United States, some people are
beginning to grasp that just maybe they made a mistake
when they decided to welcome millions of immigrants over
the last several decades.

The most recent

to get it is former West German Chancellor
Helmut Schmidt, who has been making noises about the
damage he and his colleagues have inflicted on their own

Interviewed in a Hamburg newspaper
last month, Mr. Schmidt confessed, “The concept of
multiculturalism is

difficult to make fit
with a democratic society”

and that importing thousands of Turkish gastarbeiter,
or foreign guest workers, into Germany over the last
several decades was a

bit of a boo-boo.

As the London Daily Telegraph
reported the story, Mr. Schmidt, Social Democratic
chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982,

that the

resulting from the influx of mostly Turkish
Gastarbeiter, or guest workers, had been

in Germany and the rest of Europe.
They could be
overcome only by authoritarian governments, he added,

as an example
.” [Turkish
workers a mistake, claims Schmidt
, by Hannah
Cleaver, November 25, 2004]

He`s hardly the first to see this,
although admittedly, at the age of 85, he`s just a wee
bit behind the curve.

As long ago as 1990, I wrote, in an
article in Chronicles magazine,

late Roman Empire, the

Empire, the

Empire, and the dominions of the

and the Romanoffs, among others, all
presided over a kind of rainbow coalition of nations and
peoples, who for the most part managed to live happily
because their secret compulsions to spill each other`s
blood was restrained by the overwhelming power of the
despots and dynasties who ruled them. 

“Political freedom relies on a shared political culture
as much as on the oppositions and balances that social
differentiation creates, and when the common culture
disintegrates under the impact of mass migrations, only
institutionalized force can hold the regime together.”
[July, 1990,


That`s a bit of a mouthful, but I
gather it`s what Mr. Schmidt was driving at. To have
freedom on a stable political basis, you have to have a
homogeneous culture and society, composed of people who
share the same values and beliefs.

If they don`t share them, you can
hold them together only by force.

That lesson is becoming clear in
Europe, where the

brutal murder
of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh last
month by an

Islamic fanatic
shows what happens when you destroy
homogeneity by importing fragments of alien and hostile

Much the same lesson ought to be
clear in this country, not only from the

9/11 atrocities
themselves but from the

recent slaughter

six white deer hunters
in Wisconsin by a

disgruntled Asian immigrant.

“Society cannot exist,”
wrote the great eighteenth century conservative

Edmund Burke,
“unless a controlling power upon
will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of
it there is within, the more of it there must be

Restraints come from within when a
population shares cultural and moral values; when they
don`t, external force has to provide the restraints.

Only a week or so after the murder
of Mr. Van Gogh in Holland, the neighboring country of

outlawed its main opposition party,
the Vlaamsblok,
for being a “racist organization.”

The Vlaamsblok, which two opinion
polls found was the most popular political party in
Flanders the month before, was notable

mainly for its strong opposition to immigration.

That`s what made it “racist” and that`s why it
had to go.

This month Great Britain simply
arrested two of its leading

of immigration,

Nick Griffin
of the British National Party and the
party`s founder John Tyndall, on charges of “inciting
racial hatred.”
Each, it seems, had made (in private
meetings secretly taped by undercover informants)
derogatory (or perhaps merely critical) remarks

about Islam

The arrests are transparent efforts
by the British overclass to muzzle rising political
challengers, but they`re also

part of the drift
toward authoritarianism that mass
immigration provokes.

We see the drift in this country,
with the

Patriot Act
and its spawn at

and in

random searches of law-abiding citizens
—all because
our own overclass will not

enforce standing laws
against illegal immigration
and does nothing to halt the
transformation of American society
by millions of

Unwilling to control immigration
and the cultural disintegration it causes, the
authorities instead control the law-abiding.

This is precisely the bizarre
system of misrule I have elsewhere described as

—we refuse to control

real criminals
(that`s the anarchy) so we

control the innocent
(that`s the tyranny).

What is now becoming obvious in
Europe, even to decrepit socialists like Helmut Schmidt,
ought to be no less obvious to our own decrepit rulers

It`s already obvious to those they

All they need is a leader with the
guts and brains to say it out loud.



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