The Treason Lobby`s New Immigration Henchman in Washington – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

The Treason Lobby`s

iron triangle
of foundations, the

news media
and their

in the federal government is alive and
well.  The cozy relationship among the three became
appallingly obvious last week when U.S. Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales embraced the very same

asylum report
(dutifully trumpeted in the media)
that I just

as an obvious Treason Lobby vendetta against
immigration judges.

Essentially, the Treason Lobby is
trying to establish the principle that the statistics of
the most immigration-compliant judges should be
imposed on all.

This conformity approach gives
extremists the chance to dictate to the whole bench. 
Unfortunately, the Attorney General just took the
Treason Lobby`s bait by announcing a "review" of the
asylum grant-rate study.

On July 31, various Treason
Lobby-friendly foundations sponsored the release of a

 called "Immigration Judges—An extensive
analysis of how hundreds of thousands of requests for
asylum in the United States have been handled has
documented a great disparity in the rate at which
individual immigration judges declined the
The press

dutifully covered
this non-event.


was produced by

TRAC Immigration
(Transactional Records Access
Clearinghouse), "a non-partisan research organization
associated with Syracuse University,"
and supported
by the

JEHT Foundation
, the

Ford Foundation,
the Knight Foundation and the New
York Times Company Foundation.

Then along comes our

National Council of La Raza
-honored Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales.

On August 9, nine days after the

asylum report
was released, the Attorney General
springs into action and orders his minions in the
Department of Justice to launch an investigation against
the scourge of possible

asylum-denying immigration judges in the
Executive Office for Immigration Review`s (EOIR)
Immigration Court system.

Attorney General

announced his intentions to the EOIR`s over
200 immigration judges in person at the EOIR`s annual
conference last Wednesday morning at the

luxurious J.W. Marriott
on Pennsylvania Avenue in
Washington, D.C.    The timing of the report couldn`t
have been better for maximum effectiveness . . . but  of
course it was planned that way from the start.

The Attorney General`s remarks on
the asylum report came as part of a larger twenty-two
point plan entitled “Measures to Improve the
Immigration Courts and the Board of Immigration

Most of the

proposed improvements
are obvious Treason
Lobby-friendly initiatives which would impose greater
controls on the EOIR`s immigration judges in the field,
expand the number of Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
members, and generally expand the EOIR bureaucracy
across the board.

But to the Treason Lobby`s chagrin,

Attorney General
also announced a process to write
federal regulations for sanctions power, giving EOIR
immigration judges and their BIA appellate review
counterparts the ability to impose civil monetary fines
on private immigration lawyers for misconduct.  And no
matter how frivolous their behavior may be, the Treason
Lobby`s legal henchmen won`t like getting hit in the
pocketbook with immigration judge-imposed fines by the
EOIR Immigration Court.

Regarding the asylum report, the
Attorney General`s “Memorandum for Immigration Judges
and Members of the Board of Immigration Appeals”

dated August 9 stated:

“Analysis and Recommendations Regarding Disparities in
Asylum Grant Rates – A recent study has highlighted
apparent disparities among immigration judges in asylum
grant rates.  The Director of EOIR, in consultation with
the Acting Chief Immigration Judge, will review this
study and provide an analysis and, if appropriate,
recommendations to the Deputy Attorney General with
respect to this issue.”

So to recap: the Treason Lobby
makes the case for more asylum grants in Immigration
Court.  The media trumpets the report.  The Attorney
General of the United States just happens to be meeting
with all of the EOIR immigration judges within the
Department of Justice nine days later . . . and
announces an investigation of the “highlighted
apparent disparities.”

And so it goes inside the Beltway .
. .  business as usual.

In response to my

of the

TRAC Immigration
asylum report last week –  using
the EOIR`s 2005

statistical yearbook
specifically page 27] – a reader sent these
comments via e-mail:

“Lately, there have been a number of related stories
about how the immigration judges and courts are being
reviewed, usually followed by the quote from Attorney
General Gonzales:  “…. some immigration judges "can
aptly be described as intemperate or even abusive and
[their] work must improve."

Courts told to be nicer to immigrants
, CNN.Com,
January 10, 2006;]

“Conversely, many immigration judges are equally abusive
to the government representatives, and thus to the
American people, who are trying to defend the integrity
of immigration law.  Immigration judges who may have
social justice roots and left-leaning ideals
deliberately undermine this integrity by granting asylum

undeserving aliens
based on little more than a

fanciful, unverified story
, tears on demand, or good
prompting as to what to say by their attorneys.

immigration judges use their own

creative interpretation
of the “particular social
group” prong of eligibility for asylum, to expand
eligibility to accommodate those who might not otherwise
qualify, and may not fit the traditional definition of
“political asylum,” and little oversight or
accountability appears to exist.

“Though the data is eye-opening, in positive and
negative ways, the study does not seem to address this
reality at all, that fraud exists.  After reading this
report, it appears very one-sided on behalf of any alien
applicant, when in reality, a good deal of fraud exists
and are sometimes simply desperate attempts to stay.

would also be curious about data on the following:

  • the number of immigration judges whose
    asylum grants that are overturned by the BIA;

  • the number of decisions which have an
    immigration judge finding of a frivolous or fraudulent
    claim, which would bar an alien them from any future

  • the grant and denial rates as they
    pertain to just juvenile alien cases (as traditionally
    only certain immigration judges preside over special
    juvenile courts) considering the lowered standard of
    proof and credibility they are entitled to.”

dear reader.

Unfortunately there probably isn`t a pile of tax-free
foundation money just lying around waiting to be used by
savvy readers like yourself, and other
like-minded individuals, to investigate these issues. 
Most likely, the American people will never know about
the questions referred to by the reader. Furthermore,if
data exists at all on these issues, it never makes it
into the EOIR`s

statistical yearbooks

I`ve maintained

that the litigation-creating bureaucracy
of the EOIR should be

abolished outright
and replaced with summary methods
of removal by federal officers.

But as long as the Treason Lobby`s
iron triangle of foundations, the media and compliant
government officials is in effect, the necessity for the
existence of the EOIR will never be publicly
questioned.  The

federal immigration bureaucracy
can look forward to
ever-expanding horizons of greater complexity, more

mandates, and ever increasing
centralized control.

As long as the Treason Lobby

sets the agenda
from behind the scenes, the most
pressing EOIR scandals ripe for investigation by the
Attorney General will be for

crimes against diversity
such as the offense du
of not loving asylum-seeking aliens enough.

Juan Mann [email
him] is an attorney and the proprietor of
He writes a weekly column for
contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

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