The Enemy Within [II]: A Treason Lobby Pro Bono PR Office Inside EOIR!

As if the Immigration Court hearing system of the
Justice Department`s Executive Office for Immigration
Review (EOIR) isn`t

enough, the

Treason Lobby
now has its own publicity office
within this supposedly impartial immigration
bureaucracy—under the guise of a pro bono

for free legal assistance.

The federal government web site promoting this
foolishness makes the DOJ Office of Special Counsel`s
promotion of the radical leftist National Immigration
Law Center (NILC),
which I

last week on VDARE.COM, look like child`s

The EOIR dutifully catalogs all of the Treason
Lobby`s finest pro-alien advocacy group web sites under

“volunteer legal resources,”

“volunteer opportunities”
(for more Treason
Lobby recruits?), and under the question:
Pro Bono Assistance?”

With a breathless “Welcome
to the

Pro Bono Program
section of the EOIR Web site!”
the infiltrators
try to explain all the free internet advertising for the
pro-alien immigration bar.

“This site has been
developed as part of the Pro Bono Program`s efforts to

with immigrants rights
organizations, the Department of Homeland Security

Bar Association
s, law schools, and other groups to
improve the level and quality of pro bono representation
before the Immigration Court and the Board of
Immigration Appeals.”

Hmmm. What exactly
does “improve the level and quality of pro bono
representation” really

For the Treason
Lobby, it means: finding more lawyers to get more
illegal aliens out of immigration

and keep them in the country as long as

What business is it
of the federal government whether or not illegal aliens
and criminal alien residents have attorneys in EOIR
Immigration Court removal proceedings anyway?

Answer: None! The
EOIR is wasting federal funds promoting more free
lawyers for aliens.

And that just
happens to be prohibited.

The Treason Lobby
and their EOIR fellow travelers had better take a look

Section 240(a)(4)(A)

of the Immigration

alien shall have the privilege of being represented, at
no expense to the Government, by counsel of the alien`s
choosing who is authorized to practice in such

The bottom line:
illegal aliens and criminal alien residents are welcome
to hire their own attorneys in EOIR Immigration
Court—but at
no expense to the government.

Promoting more free
lawyers for aliens at government expense is a violation
of immigration
law passed by Congress.

The Code of Federal
Regulations governing EOIR Immigration Court

8 C.F.R. Section 3.16(b)
equally clear on the subject.

“The alien may be
represented in proceedings before an Immigration Judge
by an attorney or other representative of his or her
choice in accordance with 8 CFR 1292, at no expense to
the government.”

What part of
“at no expense to the government”
doesn`t the EOIR understand?

First of all,
expense numero uno here is the federal government
salary of EOIR “pro bono coordinator”

Steven C. Lang
, who just so happens to be a veteran
of one of the Treason Lobby`s legal assistance projects
on the

Mexican border

The EOIR first came
across Lang in 1999 while working for illegal alien
“rights.” Lang
was interviewed by traveling EOIR bureaucrats as part of
a study on the “effectiveness”
of illegal aliens receiving even more “rights”
presentations before formal deportation proceedings
begin. [“Evaluation of the Rights Presentation”
by Anna Hinken, see Appendix II

These presentations
by groups not affiliated with the federal government—a
direct consequence of numerous lawsuits against the
former Immigration and Naturalization Service—are given
to detained aliens before they are read their
“rights” all over
again by EOIR immigration judges.

But now, as if the relentless alien “rights”
litigation wasn`t enough, one of the Treason Lobby`s
foot soldiers is inside the EOIR—at great

to the government–working full-time
promoting the same mission.

This blatant promotion of the Treason Lobby using
Department of Justice funds is a disgrace.
As I said last week,
it`s further proof of a favorite VDARE.COM theme:
immigrants, like

, are part of a classic

“iron triangle”
of bureaucrats, interest groups
and politicians, all working in alliance against the
national interest.

The EOIR`s

pro bono program
along with the

of Chief Immigration Judge

Michael J. Creppy
should be scrapped—as a
much-needed first step toward

the failed EOIR litigation bureaucracy

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of