Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump Striking Back Against Deep State Coup?

See earlier by Pat Buchanan: Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly

"It is becoming more obvious with each passing day that the men and the movement that broke Lyndon Johnson's authority in 1968 are out to break Richard Nixon," wrote David Broder on Read more >>

Ann Coulter: Trump Needs To Get Back To “Americans Are Dreamers, Too”

Does anyone know why President Trump loves "Dreamers"—i.e.: illegal aliens allegedly brought here before the age of 12 (which no federal judge will ever check) by their parents (which no federal judge will ever check), "through no fault of their own" (which no federal judge will ever check)?

We've been lectured by Mark Zuckerberg about how much better "Dreamers" are than you lazy Americans—especially African-Americans, whose jobs are disproportionately taken by illegals. (As former Mexican President Vicente Fox once charmingly put it, illegal immigrants "are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States.")

So why aren't we being bombarded with television interviews and profiles of these amazing human beings?

Liberals can't make an argument without producing a victim. Attack the media—they bleat about journalists getting shot in the face while reporting abroad. Complain about FBI corruption—they choke up over G-men putting their lives on the line EVERY DAY! Denounce the Deep State—they moan that CIA officers have been killed in the line of duty.

Isn't this the moment for our hearts to be breaking over the millions of wonderful "Dreamers" who will suffer unless we amnesty them immediately?

Let's see 'em! Surely they've got a few Einsteins! After all, the media are capable of turning a gang-admiring thug who forcibly robbed a convenience store and assaulted a cop into "Gentle giant, Mike Brown." They turned jewelry-stealing juvenile delinquent Trayvon Martin into an altar boy.

But even MSNBC dare not show us Trump's beloved "Dreamers." The snarling Muslim showcased by the Democrats at their 2016 convention has gotten more airtime than any "Dreamer." Read more >>

Michelle Malkin: Muslim Knife Jihad Result Of Another Fatal FBI Fumble In Florida

A sickening act of youth violence in Florida glinted across the news headlines last week, and then disappeared from view.

There will be no CNN town halls or student walkouts over the lost life and preventable tragedy, because there are no guns to blame. Only dropped balls.

As the exploiters of

Somali Affirmative Action Cop FINALLY Charged in Justine Damond Murder—Minneapolis Police Continue Cover-Up

The Somali immigrant Affirmative Action cop who gunned down Australian Justine Ruszczyk Damond in Minneapolis last July 15 has finally been charged with murder and manslaughter.

Justine Damond had called police at about 11:30 p.m. to report a suspected rape in progress behind her south Minneapolis apartment. A squad car responded, but as Damond approached the car in her night clothes, Officer Mohamed Noor fired across his partner, Matthew Harrity, killing her.
Noor is charged with third-degree murder "perpetrating eminently dangerous act and evincing depraved mind" and second-degree manslaughter, "culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk" in the shooting, which drew international attention and led to the ouster of Police Chief Janeé Harteau.

"A person sitting in a passenger seat of a squad car takes a gun, hears a noise, maybe sees some object...He reaches across in front of his partner, shoots a gun at an object that he can't see. That's evidence of a depraved mind in my view," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference announcing the charges. While Freeman said he believes they have gathered enough evidence "as humanly possible" in the case, "We have a daunting task in front of us."

Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor turns himself in on murder, manslaughter charges in Justine Damond killing

Charges say his partner Matthew Harrity 'feared for his life.'

By Libor Jany, Star Tribune, March 20, 2018

Freeman's task is “daunting” because Noor has refused to cooperate with the investigation, other than so say that he was startled by unidentified noise.

Incredibly, other police officers involved in the incident have also refused to co-operate. Both Noor and his partner Matthew Harrity had apparently “forgotten” to turn on their bodycams, a violation of procedure. A cover-up is obviously underway. [ Tension rises between county attorney, police union in Noor investigation | Police union president challenges Freeman's efforts to gain testimony, By Libor Jany , Star Tribune, March 1, 2018] Read more >>

The Strange (Well, Actually, Absolutely Predictable) Death Of Left-Libertarianism

See also Lew Rockwell And The Strange Death (Or At Least Suspended Animation) Of Paleolibertarianism

I have attended the annual “Liberty Conference” (formerly the “International Students for Liberty Conference”) for years now, and the decline is palpable. At its peak, from 2012-2015, the conference was always covered by Establishment outlets such as National Review and Bloomberg (and!). But by 2017, the non-libertarian coverage of the event discussed one thing only: that Richard Spencer had showed up, uninvited, and caused a stir [ Libertarians clash with Richard Spencer in DC , by Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner, February 18, 2017]. The 2018 gathering just wrapped up, but no one seems to have noticed. The only article I could find outside of libertarian outlets was a puff piece in the Washington Times [ ‘Don’t Tread on anyone’--LibertyCon draws young Libertarians , by Jennifer Harper, March 1, 2018]. What happened?

Anecdotally, I can tell you that in the golden years, attendees really felt like they part of a rising tide that would sweep the country in their lifetime. More recently, everyone feels at best like a virtuous remnant.

Looking back on past Liberty Cons, two other things jump out.

First: how many of the more prominent speakers from past years have subsequently left the Libertarian world. In 2012, the first year the conference broke 1,000 attendees, the keynote speaker was Peter Thiel. Thiel was once one of the most prominent libertarians in the country—but now he is a prominent Trump supporter [ Peter Thiel Gives Full-Throated Endorsement of Donald Trump, By Dan Primack, Fortune, July 22, 2016]. He can no longer be found at libertarian events, but instead attends more Dissident Right gatherings such as the 2017 DeploraBall.

The next year, 2013, saw a performance by Dorian Electra, who was at the time something of a Libertarian pop star. These days, she makes music videos about female genitalia and drag—and has purged from YouTube all her old videos about Libertarian economics. Read more >>

Patrick J. Buchanan: Did Putin Order The Salisbury Hit?

Britain has yet to identify the assassin who tried to murder the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury, England.

But Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson knows who ordered the hit.

"We think it overwhelmingly likely that it was (Russian President Vladimir Putin's) decision to direct the use Read more >>

PA-18 Victory Masks Real Dem Problems, Especially On Immigration—Is GOP Too Stupid To Exploit?

The victory of “Blue Dog” Conor Lamb over Republican Rick Saccone in the Pennsylvania District 18 special election seems to suggest the Democrats have a strategy to win back a congressional majority. By soft-pedaling cultural issues and emphasizing economic populism (except, of course, for immigration), they could possibly reclaim the Rust Belt whites that Donald Trump so brilliantly won over. Unfortunately for the Democrats, however, they have become a Coalition of the Fringes united around hatred of whites and of traditional American culture, and their base will not tolerate candidates like Lamb. Symptomatically, even as Democrats trumpeting Lamb’s victory, the party machine is undermining one of the last remaining “Blue Dog” Democrats: Dan Lipinski (IL-3) in his March 20 primary.

The pro-life Lipinski is being challenged by leftist Marie Newman, who has the backing of Obama’s political operatives as well as the endorsement of Bernie Sanders [ Conservative Democrat Rep. Lipinski struggles to fend off progressive primary challenge , by Aamer Madhani, USA Today, March 17, 2018].  Lipinski is supported by traditional Democratic powers like the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees and the AFL-CIO But Newman is reportedly within only two points of winning [ Poll: Lipinski holds slim lead over progressive primary challenger , by Lisa Hagen, The Hill, March 6, 2018].

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