By James Fulford on 2018-06-20 18:55:00 -0400

The Fulford File | The Honduran "Child Actor” Who Killed A Pregnant Woman In Michigan

See also Ann Coulter: Why Can't Media Use Google To Find Treason Lobby Acting Coaches? and, earlier When Treason Lobby Poster Children Go Bad…Nothing Changes  By Thomas Allen Ann Coulter's recent colu...
By Ann Coulter on 2018-06-20 06:20:00 -0400

Ann Coulter: Why Can't Media Use Google To Find Treason Lobby Acting Coaches?

Journalists know absolutely nothing about immigration and refuse to learn, so when I cited the fraudulent "humanitarian" cases on TV Sunday night, I footnoted myself live on air, citing a New Yorker ar...
By Federale on 2018-06-19 23:00:00 -0400

Back To The Future: Clinton Deep Stater Paul Virtue Resurfaces To Defend His Sabotage Of Immigration Law

Being an insider is not always a happy lot.  You know what the American people do not: what goes on in the federal bureaucracy, and how bureaucrats and political appointees misuse tax dollars. Recent s...
By Michelle Malkin on 2018-06-19 22:49:00 -0400

Michelle Malkin: The MSM’s Weapons of Mass Manipulation

Confirmation bias damages reputations. It ruins credibility. It destroys lives. When researchers ignore contradictory data that undermines their assumptions, junk science prevails. When police conduct...
By Hubert Collins on 2018-06-18 19:48:00 -0400

Hey, BREITBART, FEDERALIST—Our "Black Crime" Tags Are Better Than Yours!

Above: The New York Times's Wil Hylton wrote: "[O]ne of the most incendiary pieces to carry the notorious ‘‘black crime’’ tag was written by a man named Jerome Hudson, who, like some other black conser...
By Patrick J. Buchanan on 2018-06-18 17:41:00 -0400

Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump And The Third World Invasion Of The West

"It is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart," says former first lady Laura Bush of the Trump administration policy of "zero tolerance," under which the children of illegal migrants are being de...
By John Derbyshire on 2018-06-17 18:06:00 -0400

John Derbyshire: We Should Be Talking About Meritocracy’s Problems, But New York’s De Blasio Just Wants To Destroy The Whole Thing

I got a bit carried away with congressional maneuvering over immigration issues last week, leaving myself no time for other topics in the news. Here's one of those topics: the assault on meritocracy. ...
By Anthony Boehm on 2018-06-16 00:37:00 -0400

On German Unity Day, God Bless Little Austria, Which Is Resisting Islamification

Earlier by Anthony Boehm: June 17, 1953: Sixty Years of “Electing A New People” On June 17, 1953, East German workers revolted against the totalitarian Communist regime. The leftist response, predicta...
By Harri Honkanen on 2018-06-15 18:41:00 -0400

Denmark: Can The “Silent Carriage” Survive?

In some European countries there are “quiet” carriages on long-distance trains. This means that you talk at a low volume and ensure that nobody can hear the music from your iPod. But this isn’t good en...
By Patrick J. Buchanan on 2018-06-14 21:58:00 -0400

Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump's Historic Gamble In North Korea

Earlier by Pat Buchanan: A Trump Doctrine for Singapore and Beyond President Donald Trump appears to belong to what might be called the Benjamin Disraeli school of diplomacy. The British prime minist...