Ann Coulter: Trump Needs To Get Back To “Americans Are Dreamers, Too”

Does anyone know why President Trump loves "Dreamers"—i.e.: illegal aliens allegedly brought here before the age of 12

Michelle Malkin: Muslim Knife Jihad Result Of Another Fatal FBI Fumble In Florida

A sickening act of youth violence in Florida glinted across [...]

Somali Affirmative Action Cop FINALLY Charged in Justine Damond Murder—Minneapolis Police Continue Cover-Up

The Somali immigrant Affirmative Action cop who gunned down Australian Justine Ruszczyk Damond in Minneapolis last July 15

The Strange (Well, Actually, Absolutely Predictable) Death Of Left-Libertarianism

See also Lew Rockwell And The Strange Death (Or At Least Suspended Animation) Of Paleolibertarianism I have attended the

Patrick J. Buchanan: Did Putin Order The Salisbury Hit?

Britain has yet to identify the assassin who tried to [...]

PA-18 Victory Masks Real Dem Problems, Especially On Immigration—Is GOP Too Stupid To Exploit?

The victory of “Blue Dog” Conor Lamb over Republican Rick Saccone in the Pennsylvania District 18 special election

Memo From Middle America: All Mexican Pols Are Meddlers—But One Good Tweet Could Blow Them Sky-High.

continues over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, while America’s Political Class seems to not care about

John Derbyshire: The Telford Child Sex Scandal And The End Of England

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on I've got to assume that very few Americans ever

A WRINKLE IN TIME Bombs While BLACK PANTHER Succeeds Because Blackface Doesn’t Work—Blacks Want the Real Thing

It’s a tale of two movies, both touted as historic for having black directors. But while Black Panther

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is the GOP Staring at Another 1930?

After the victory of Donald Trump in 2016, the GOP [...]