My Father, My Son, And Janet Murguia`s “Hate Group” Lie

Peter Gadiel

My father, Jacques Kurt Gadiel,
arrived in the United States as a

in 1940.

He arrived here

, with a visa issued to him because he was
being hunted by the Nazi German government. The

had many reasons to want to kill him: he was a
German Jew by birth (his French first name was due to
his mother`s

love of French culture
); he had been very active in
anti-Fascist political activities before fleeing Germany
for France in 1927; he had violated

Nazi race laws
in 1939 by marrying my mother, a

German Protestant
who herself had defied the Nazis
before also fleeing Germany.

Thus, for many good Nazi reasons, he
was the ideal candidate for

. Arrested in France by the French in
1940 as an enemy alien, he escaped from his

French internment camp
but was separated from my
mother for the duration of the War.


he arrived in New York in 1940
his only identity
document was his German passport with a big red "J",
for Jew, stamped inside the front cover, and the middle
name "Israel" scrawled in by a German official

as was required
for Jews whose names were not
obviously Jewish. (For women with names not sufficiently
Jewish, the name added was "Sarah".)

Yet, despite this background and his
visa, when he arrived in New York harbor, before even
getting off the ship, he was taken into custody by the
FBI and

Immigration and Naturalization Service
. He was held
for several days of intense questioning. Then he was
released on parole he but required to remain on
Manhattan Island and return for additional
interrogations, including very thorough questioning by
an FBI psychiatrist who was a native of Germany and thus
well qualified to find inconsistencies in his story.
Eventually, he was cleared of suspicion of being an
enemy agent
and was released into the United States
of America.

He used to joke that the
FBI investigation
was so thorough "the FBI
practically looked under my fillings."

I once asked him if, given his
background, he was angry or offended that the

United States government
would subject him to such
rigorous examination.

His answer was simple:

"No. I was happy they questioned me. I didn`t want

Nazi agents
in the

United States
any more than

President Roosevelt

General Eisenhower
–did. I came to the United States
to be safe. How could I have been safe if the
Americans allowed anyone from Europe to enter the US
without carefully examining them? I was proud that I had
passed a test intended to keep me and all Americans

Sixty-one years after my father
arrived in the United States, his grandson, my

23 year-old son James
, was murdered in the World
Trade Center when

nineteen Muslim aliens
, all of whom were

illegally present in this country
, hijacked four
passenger airliners and turned them into guided

How ironic it is that my son,
Jacques` grandson, could be murdered because the same
government that had been so careful about whom it
allowed to cross our borders in 1940 had by 2001
voluntarily given up

control of its borders.


the group of which I am a director and

9/11 Families for a Secure America,
has been a small
part of a movement consisting of

many groups

many thousands of individuals
working to persuade
federal, state and local officials to enforce those
border security and immigration laws already on the
books, and to enact new ones.

Certainly, our movement is gaining

most recently
with the Supreme Court`s 6 to 3
decision to permit

states to require photo ID
in order to

. (Next up: challenge and reversal of

Plyler vs. Doe
). And the era when illegal
aliens, including the unknown terrorists and violent
criminals among them, could get authentic American
drivers licenses is also drawing to an end.

Nevertheless, given the overwhelming
opposition of Americans to illegal immigration and
illegal immigrants, the results are disappointing to me.
We have a long way to go.

Regular readers of

know why this is: money, big money, is

all on the side of the illegal alien/Open Borders
pressure groups

 Ford Foundation
, Joyce Foundation,

Rockefeller Foundation
, General Motors Foundation,
UPS Foundation, Coca Cola Foundation, Pepsi Cola
Foundation, American Express Foundation, Packard
Foundation (of

H-P computers
); all these and many more support

La Raza


and dozens, perhaps hundreds of lesser known
elements of the pro Open Borders mob.

The Catholic Church, seeking to

expand its membership
and get more

federal dollars
for social services provided to
illegals, supports Open Borders. The


People for the American Way

Southern Poverty Law Center
; Marxists, anarchists,

Code Pink
, and other far left groups supported by,
among others,

George Soros
pour in money and expertise in an
effective campaign to

sow discord and weaken American social cohesion.

Joining with the


ethnic lobbies
, but from other side of the political
spectrum, are the capitalists who support Open Borders
as part of their drive for more profits.


, the

travel industry

construction industry

and many others lobby in support of
Open Borders both to enlarge their markets and obtain
cheap, off-the-books illegal labor.

Recently, the Open Borders mobsters
have launched a campaign intended to keep supporters of
immigration law enforcement from reaching the public.
Race baiters like Janet Murguia, CEO of the
aptly-labeled outfit called the

"National Council of The Race"
(presumably their
members are "Racists"), along with money-raising
rackets like the

Southern Poverty Law Center
, are demanding that
those who disagree with their rants

be denied the ability to speak
on CNN, Fox News, and
other media outlets. They want to knock

Lou Dobbs
and others off the air completely.

It appears that Murguia and her
allies, in addition to importing an alien disrespect for
American sovereignty also bring an alien disregard for
the right of free speech and debate.

9/11 Families for a Secure America,
as a

strong proponent of secure borders
and opponent of
any form of

or other benefit for illegals,

clearly fits into that category
of what Murguia
calls a "hate group".

The Murguia lie is so absurd as to
be almost amusing. Membership in our group is restricted
to families members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks,
survivors of those attacks, and victims and relatives of
victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens, including


vehicular homicide

, and

other crimes of violence
. Because these victims are
of many races and national origins, our organization`s
members are Chinese, Hispanic, South Asian, White,
Black. Most of us are children and grandchildren of
immigrants to this country (me included, of course).
Many of our members have immigrated to the USA in the
last thirty years.

Among our beliefs are these: that
the first obligation of the federal government to the
people of the United States is to protect them from
foreign invasion
, whether that

be a uniformed military invasion or otherwise

We know that, to fulfill this
obligation, government officials must ascertain that any
person who

wishes to visit or immigrate to the United States
not a threat to the people of the United States. We
believe that every single visitor or immigrant to the
United States, whether coming to our country for
economic reasons or through fear of persecution at home,

comply with the laws
of the United States pertaining

crossing our borders
and must comply with

all other criminal and civil laws

We believe that non-citizens who
violate any of these laws

must be deported
. We believe that all these laws
must be

applied without regard to race.

Finally, we believe that those
citizens of foreign countries who come to the United
States and are unwilling to subject themselves to
thorough investigation of their

character and history
have by that refusal admitted
that they come here not to contribute to the wellbeing
of our society, but to

exploit and destroy

Such individuals should be
automatically disqualified from entry. Only those
applicants willing to be screened can possibly be
considered for admission.

Until the 1970s, this was the burden
imposed on all would-be immigrants and visitors. The
families of

September 11
, and the tens of thousands who have
been the

victims of individual crimes committed by illegal aliens
have paid an enormous price

imposed on us
by unscrupulous politicians and
interest groups founded on greed, racism or political

And because we dare to speak out,
the likes of Janet Murguia and her Racists label us
"hate groups".

Our response to her is simple: we
and the many others participating in the crusade (an
apt word
) to make America secure from


violent felons
and other threats are not going to be

To allow that to happen would be to
turn our backs on our loved ones—killed because of the
policies Murguia so arrogantly espouses.

Peter Gadiel (email
him) is president of

9/11 Families
for a Secure America
His son, 9/11 World Trade Center victim James
Gadiel (North Tower, 103rd floor),
was 23 at the time of his murder.