America`s Vaticrats Wish You Happy National Migration Week!

[Peter Brimelow writes:


Christmas Meditations

have all been written by


and we`ve carried a
number of articles by Catholics challenging the

immigration stance


their own Bishops

(for example



For some reason, we`ve never succeeded in getting any
Protestant immigration patriots to fulfill assignments
to criticize

their own churches

equally awful
although perhaps not as outrageous—but National
Migration Week was too good a target for one
non-observant Protestant to miss).

In a cathedral near you, open-border-loving Catholics
may be even now

their annual

National Migration Week
(January 8-14).

The occasion
is not as spectacularly colorful as,

Groundhog Day
(February 2), but it does function as
a handy organizing device for shredding American

These days,

job one
for Catholic hierarchy—one of the

loudest voices for open borders
—is to destroy the
Sensenbrenner bill (HR 4437), in which the U.S. House of
Representatives took the first small steps toward
retrieving immigration from chaos.

The New York Times

that the U.S.

Conference of Catholic Bishops
has "called on
President Bush to oppose the measure publicly."
on Illegal-Immigrant Aid Draws Fire
30, 2005, By Rachel L. Swarns]

Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino launched a
major salvo by writing to Congress, "The legislation
would place parish, diocesan and social service program
staff at risk of criminal prosecution simply for
performing their jobs."

A Washington Times editorial

responded pointedly
that there is no such provision
in the legislation: it targets alien smuggling rings.

In other words, don`t expect the Bishops to tell the
truth about immigration.

Forget all the fake piety and good-works nonsense.
Immigration is entirely a self-interest project with
Vaticrats, particularly to populate empty pews.
According to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Office of Hispanic Affairs
, Hispanics accounted for
71 percent of the growth in the U.S. Catholic Church
from 1960 to 1999.

Many rank-and-file Catholics have become displeased
with the world-class hypocrisy of an institution that
has protected pervert priests for decades, but condemns
to hell anyone who uses birth control. Apparently, as
good authoritarians, the Catholic hierarchy prefers
passively obedient parishioners—rather than educated
Americans who are capable of critical analysis.
Credulous Mexicans fresh from the pueblo are seen as
ideal fillers of pews.

Immigration`s unforgiving math looks good to the
Catholic Bishops. By holding the door open, they hasten
the day when America will become a

majority Catholic country,
probably later this
century if Hispanic immigration continues at its current

Throughout its history, the United States has been a
Protestant nation. That culture is reflected in the
choices made by the Founders in shaping the country. As

Professor Samuel Huntington
, the

master analyst
of culture and

critic of Mexican immigration
, has observed:

"If America had been settled not
by British Protestants but by French, Spanish, or
Portuguese Catholics, it would not be America; it would


, or


Now America is being resettled via immigration that
is reversing the culture which built one of history`s
most successful societies. The progress-prone values of
Americans are being displaced by members of
progress-resistant cultures—in the compelling

analysis of Prof. Lawrence Harrison
—and the results
are seen in

shocking rates of school dropouts

Hispanic high schoolers,


gender violence

Some in the Church have been so bold as to speak
openly of a

"peaceful conquest"
by Mexican Catholics whom
they prefer to America`s current residents:

"…America is a dying nation. I tell the Mexicans when
I am down in Mexico to keep on having children, and then

take back

we took from them
: California,

, Arizona, and then to take the rest of the
country as well."
(The Wanderer, St. Paul, MN
May 6, 1987, citing Father Paul Marx)


immigration strategy
of the Catholic Council of
Bishops is as much a

subversive enterprise
as that of La Raza, but the
church designation saves them from the opprobrium they

Let us not forget that the Catholic Church in America
is still in the middle of a multi-year

legal struggle,
fighting against the victims of
sexual abuse by pedophile priests, as it tries to avoid
financial collapse. Payouts in the

Los Angeles Diocese
alone could surpass $1 billion.

Portland Diocese declared bankruptcy
in 2004.

The diminished respect Americans have for the
Catholic Church is shown by

late-night television

  • "The House
    Transportation Committee is now considering a bill
    that would allow

    to carry guns for protection. I`ve got a
    better idea, why not give guns to altar boys, give
    them a fighting chance."
    — Jay Leno

  • "In Boston, it looks
    like Cardinal Bernard Law

    isn`t going to be punished.
    It turns out he`s
    getting transferred to

    , which is kind of like a promotion. He said
    today he wanted to thank all the little people."

    — Jay Leno

  • "The Catholic Church is
    finally cracking down. Here`s the deal now: if a
    priest is

    transferred to another parish
    , he cannot take
    his live-in boyfriend."
    — David Letterman

And yet the Vaticrats still act like they have moral
authority. In their spiritual arrogance, they continue
to scold law-abiding American citizens who merely insist
that immigration be legal, controlled and reduced.

The Church drones on about "welcoming to the
one of its beloved catch-phrases and a
rare reference to scripture, [VDARE.COM

Matthew 25
, " I was
a stranger, and ye took me in"

but compare

"The stranger that
[is] within thee shall get up
above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low"
though it seems uninterested in Jesus` admonition to
unto Caesar
that which is Caesar`s."

Many Catholic priests obviously regard immigration as

, not a privilege granted by the American
people. In Brownsville, the Church busied itself in
September with attacking Texas Minutemen, whose only sin

protecting their country.

Organizing in conjunction with the
Catholic Church makes sense because the church`s
position is

said Father Michael Seifert of San
Felipe de Jesús.

"Any family in economic
need has a right to immigrate, that`s our posture,

if a family is hungry and the family needs work, then
society should provide a way for people to do that,"
Seifert said.
[Church organizing anti-Minuteman
By Sara Inés Calderón,

The Brownsville Herald
September 5, 2005]

Since there are

literally billions
of people "in economic need"
across the world, following the Church`s teaching would
result in political, economic and social anarchy that
would make

Camp of the Saints
look like Disneyland. On a
crowded planet of six billion souls, genuine
humanitarians should

work in the home countries
to improve lives.

In addition to its part in Catholicizing America, the
Church also benefits by

raking in big money
for providing "immigrant"
services. As a result of faith-based dispensation of
money, Migrant and Refugee Services receives more than
$40 million in taxpayer funds (according to a sizable

PDF report
on the

website, see a

screen snap here

As a modern social services provider, the Church
celebrates diversity (and follows non-discrimination
laws) by resettling a variety of refugees, from

shamanist Hmong
to Muslim

. Catholic Charities is in the forefront of
repopulating America with immigrants, some of whom are

extremely diverse
that they

may not become self-supporting
in their lifetimes.

It`s not like there are no important challenges for
the Vatican to tackle. Given the threat which

radical Islam
constitutes for


western civilization,
the Holy See might usefully
spend more time explaining the

of the coming Muslim Europe, aka

(another demographic idiocy). There is some
good news on this front, since the new Pope is
apparently more realistic about Islam than his

Koran-kissing predecessor
. Pope

Benedict has spoken more forcefully
terrorism than John Paul II, a welcome change.

Here in the United States, the

Conference of Catholic Bishops
has a leftist,
open-borders agenda. But that`s at odds with their
counterparts in Europe, where many immigrants are
unfriendly Sons of Allah.

Cardinal Biffi
caused a controversy in 2000 when he
recommended that Italy

"protect its national identity"
and give
preference to Catholic immigrants over Muslim ones.

Imagine if the U.S. suggested immigration policies
that safeguarded America`s historical national

For that matter, the Catholic Church is not only a
religion, but also an

independent state with geography
(Vatican City—.44 sq
km), a

and an American ambassador (Francis
). But there`s no immigration into the tiny

Sadly, the close of Migration Week will not bring an
end to the anti-borders activities of the cassock

Perhaps some patriotic friends of sovereignty might
show up at the local cathedral to defend the moral high
ground against the hypocrites—just as the

anti-pedophile protestors did
a few years back. A
stronger statement of disapproval is overdue.

As its actions have shown, the American Catholic
Church is just another special interest group with an
immigration agenda damaging to the common good.

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] publishes

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