Yes, Virginia, (Dare) People Are Opposing Obama-Rubio Amnesty

Definitive Daniel Horowitz Evisceration Of GOP House Leadership Amnesty "Principles" AKA Betrayal


H/T One Old Vet

Sadly, it is less than a year ago I posted

When something appalling happens and the need for ferociously caustic invective is intense, there is no point in duplicating Larry Auster - as I realized years ago.

Rising alas from his sick bed, he posts today GOP drinks the Kool-Aid

His country has lost the wonderful talents of Larry Auster, but Daniel Horowitz has stepped forward, as he has beforeBoehner Releases Immigration Deform Proposal RedState January 30th, 2014 has much of the same quality to say nothing of incredible industry.

…the long awaited GOP principles on illegal immigration were presented today to the House GOP Conference at their annual [aptly-named] retreat… Their framework is a mirror image of the Senate “Gang of 8” bill, albeit cloaked in even more deceptive and disingenuous language in order to distract conservatives with shiny objects.

Horowitz then ruthlessly dissects this fantastically dishonest document starting with

•    Legalization before amnesty is the key point.  Everything else is window dressing.  Once they are legalized there is no turning back.  There will never be any leverage to implement the universally agreed-upon security measures thereafter.

and going on to

Fine Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) Amnesty Denunciation At FrontPage Mag

Amnesty truck

H/T One Old Vet for drawing my attention to Amnesty Ends the American Dream by Daniel Greenfield January 28, 2014

This fluent and powerful essay is notable for really understanding the present situation:

The United States has been taking in a million immigrants a year since 2004. Are a million immigrants a year really inadequate for the needs of businesses in a country with less than one hundred million private sector employees and over ninety million people out of the workforce?

and for offering a persuasive insight into the dynamics of immigrant employment

To quote the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “The unemployment rates for foreign-born blacks, Asians, and Hispanics were lower than for their native-born counterparts…

Talk to anyone who employs illegal aliens and that discrepancy between foreign-born minorities and native-born minorities stops being a mystery. They prefer first generation minority immigrants to second generation immigrants because they consider them more obedient, docile and responsible.

Like a man who keeps divorcing and remarrying every few years, they constantly want fresh immigrants, but they don’t want to hire their American-born children. And so the social welfare system becomes a dumping ground for the children of cheap labor immigrants and the businesses head somewhere

Kosher At Last: FAIR Breaks Taboo, Protests Big Donor Corruption Of GOP Leaders


Zuckerberg,Koch, Adelson: Billionaires for Open Borders. H/T Mother Jones

With Main Stream Media cheerleading for the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge legislation back to the heights of a year ago, and with another Boehner betrayal being widely expected, an important and encouraging development has occurred. FAIR (the Federation For American Immigration Reform), the wealthiest and least effective Inside-The-Beltway Immigration restraint outfit, has broken ranks and denounced the influence of Treason Lobby Plutocrats on the GOP Leadership. This topic had previously been mysteriously taboo.

Ira Mehlmans’ essay Will House Republicans Follow the Money or Their Consciences on Immigration in 2014? Jan 05 2014 is a fine statement of the ugly reality

“Follow the money.” It’s still the surest way to trace the roots of a political disaster: Watergate, the S&L crisis, the mortgage meltdown, Obamacare, and just about every other avoidable mess that has shaken this nation over the past half century.

It will also be the surest way to trace the next political disaster if John Boehner and his inner circle of House Republican leaders decide to force through a package of immigration bills that include amnesty for illegal aliens, and massive increases in future immigration. The primary reason why Boehner and company might move on immigration in 2014 – perhaps the only reason – is money: lots and lots of it.

( emphasis)

Mehlman truly understands what the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill will do to Americans and his emphasis on the Surge aspect is wise:

Vastly expanding access to new foreign workers at a time when more than 20 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed, and millions more find themselves downwardly mobile, would pound the final nail in the coffin of our once robust middle class.

He notes

…that sort of immigration “reform” is exactly what business interests in the United States are demanding…Having invested heavily in winning approval by the Senate for S.744, the so-called Gang of Eight bill, these interests are likely to spare no expense to get the House to follow suit.

Mehlman prudently emphasizes the iniquitous role of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, saying they are

Asserting de facto ownership of the party

but in a subsequent sentence discreetly indicates he knows the true situation

Former Border Patrol Officers: Nearly TWENTY Million Illegals In US—We've Been Saying This For Years

In the Washington Times, the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers is quoted as saying that are are nearer twenty million illegals than 11 or 12 million, a popular estimate when people are talking about amnesty.Former Border Patrol Officers: Nearly TWENTY Million Illegals In US—We've Been Saying This For Years

Nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in U.S., former Border Patrol agents say

By Stephen Dinan

The Washington Times

Monday, September 9, 2013

The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is actually closer to 20 million, according to former Border Patrol agents who issued a letter this weekend disputing the count of 11 million that the government and most top private demographers use.

Heeding Grassroots, NATIONAL REVIEW Demands No Conference On Immigration Bill. Can They Be Trusted?

Amnesty Truck

H/T One Old Vet

In general, has a low opinion of National Review editor Rich Lowry, seeing him as a corruptly opportunistic minion of Conservatism Inc and its owners. But he has been unwaveringly hostile to this year’s Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration push.

And now he deserves credit for running a forceful editorial No Conference National Review August 14, 2014

House Republicans understandably want to show that they favor their own set of reforms rather than oppose anything and everything. But incremental bills are destructive if their ultimate purpose is to get to a conference committee that would bless a version of the Gang of Eight bill… there is a simple way to allay our fears and those of other opponents of the Gang of Eight — for Speaker Boehner to make a blood-oath commitment to oppose any conference committee.

This editorial is interesting because it shows

Powerline's Hinderaker: GDP Per Capita Key To Amnesty/Economic Growth Claim (Or, The Toilet Paper Fallacy)


H/T One Old Vet

Over the past four decades—and especially since 2000—the share of income paid to workers in the form of wages, salaries, and other forms of labor compensation has steadily declined… the rise in the immigrant share of the U.S. labor force is the mirror-image of the decline in labor’s share of income.

writes Ed Rubenstein in his devastating July 14 essay Labor’s Share Falls as Immigrant Workforce Rises—So Why Do Democrats Support The Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Act? I see this as an imperative refresher for anyone seriously interested in the economic impact of America’s immigration disaster.

So is John Hinderaker’s July 14 Powerline piece Why Immigration “Reform” will make Americans Poorer.

In essence, it has dawned on Hinderaker (who apparently does not feel comfortable with numbers) that what matters in analyzing the economic effect of immigration is what happens to economic output per capita. Unless this rises there is no chance that increasing immigration will benefit native-born Americans

Victims of Illegal Alien Violence Speak Out Against Gang Of Eight Plan

This is from Jeff Sessions's YouTube channel. The speaker is Maria Espinoza, Director of The Remembrance Project, which remembers the victims of illegal alien violence.

New Republic: "Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill"

Veteran Los Angeles-based liberal journalist T.A. Frank (who is, I just discovered, not the same person as veteran liberal journalist Thomas Frank, author of What's the Matter with Kansas) writes in The New Republic:

Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill 

It's about low-wage American workers 


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