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Former Border Patrol Officers: Nearly TWENTY Million Illegals In US—We`ve Been Saying This For Years

In the Washington Times, the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers is quoted as saying that are

Heeding Grassroots, NATIONAL REVIEW Demands No Conference On Immigration Bill. Can They Be Trusted?

H/T One Old Vet In general, has a low opinion of National Review editor Rich Lowry,

Powerline`s Hinderaker: GDP Per Capita Key To Amnesty/Economic Growth Claim (Or, The Toilet Paper Fallacy)

H/T One Old VetOver the past four decades—and especially since 2000—the share of income paid to workers in

The Lowry/Kristol Odd Couple Stunt: What Do They Fear?

NOW they get the message? (H/T One Old Vet)

Victims of Illegal Alien Violence Speak Out Against Gang Of Eight Plan

This is from Jeff Sessions`s YouTube channel. The speaker is Maria Espinoza, Director of The Remembrance Project,

New Republic: “Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill”

Veteran Los Angeles-based liberal journalist T.A. Frank (who is, I just discovered, not the same person as veteran