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The Cold Civil War On Thanksgiving–Thanksgiving Table Arguments About “Racism” Are Only Happening In White Families

Former conservative Bruce Bartlett was radicalized to a surprising degree by the Bush Administration, and now tweets from

A Chicago Reader Reports That The Thanksgiving Parade Was Multicultural Again—And May Someday Be Banned Altogether

Re: A Reader Reports Multiculturalism In Chicago`s Thanksgiving Day Parade [...]

War On Christmas Comes Early: “Have a joyful HOLIDAY Season” From The OREGONIAN

The War On Christmas begins with this early entry from [...]

Memo From Middle America | War On Christmas—War On American Food—War On America?

It’s not enough that Christmas is being replaced in the name of diversity–so is American food, at least

War On Thanksgiving Craziness: Abolishing Macaroni Indian Necklaces And Black Paper Pilgrim Hats.

The War On Christmas is already in progress, so I need to get this last War On Thanksgiving 

Ronan Farrow On Thanksgiving And Genocide

Ronan Farrow [Twitter], is the son of Mia Farrow, [

Thanksgiving Is Racist Because America Is Racist. But Says: Have A Happy Thanksgiving Anyway!

Thanksgiving is racist. How do I know this? Because America is.

A Reader Wonders If The Indian Wars Against The Pilgrims Count As Anti-Immigrant Violence

From: MrStentorianCommentator  [Email him]

Thanksgiving Is An American Holiday—It Is Not Immigration Day!

Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday, started in the year 1621 by the Pilgrims, a group of people

The Fulford File, By James Fulford | A Happy Thanksgiving To All VDARE.COM Readers! “Thank God There’s No More Of Us.”

There’s a typical piece liberal hate-America snark in the New York Times today from Paul Krugman, celebrating Thanksgiving