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John Derbyshire: Can MacArthur Awards Go Lower Than Genius T. Coates? Meet Cristina (Jiménez?) Moreta! etc.

Adapted from the October 13 Radio Derb, available exclusively on The weirdest aspect of the Open-Borders ideology is

“Dreamer” Strategically Deported, Trump Administration Reading

[See Also: How To Reclaim America: Attrition Through Enforcement—And Strategic Deportation] [...]

TPM Accuses Peter Brimelow Calling For Something Illegal–But Deporting Illegals Is Already The Law

TalkingPointsMemo has a report on the conference, and one [...]

Trump’s “Deportation Force” Great—But He Shouldn’t Forget “Self-Deportation”

  In 2005, the leftist Center for American Progress released a study [PDF] that estimated the cost of deporting

Trumping Michael Tomasky

Michael Tomasky is very upset Donald Trump brought up the [...]

AP Says Trump’s Deportation Idea Is Impossible–Here’s Why They’re Wrong

The Associated Press has a story attacking Trump’s suggestion that [...]

Illegal Immigrants Disrupt US Congressional Hearing–Why Aren’t They Being Deported?

Once again, this story from The Blaze illustrates how much [...]

DREAM Act Poster Boy Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested By Immigration Authorities—At Last! Will He Face “Strategic Deportation”?

DREAM Act Poster boy Jose Antonio Vargas has been detained [...]

DC Mall Amnesty Rally A Bust—Despite Featuring ReConquista Band

Unusually, the Washington Post report of Tuesday`s Amnesty rally—which the Obama Administration allowed on the National Mall although

AP Numbskull Confirms GOP`s 2012 Problem Was Low White Support—Advocates Amnesty Anyway

The headline is the usual Lets`-Scare-Whitey stuff: In a first, black voter turnout rate passes whites, by Hope