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Sessions Justice Department Weaponizing The Census Against Illegals

This correspondent has been fiercely critical of Attorney General Jefferson [...]

‘ILLEGALS COULD ELECT HILLARY’–Not Because They Vote, But Because Of Apportionment

'ILLEGALS COULD ELECT HILLARY' is the screaming headline on the [...]

A Reader Reports The LA TIMES Is Supporting Rotten Boroughs

Above, Latino politician Kevin De Leon addresses supporters who may [...]

Apportionment And Illegals: Supreme Court Finally to Look Into Rotten Boroughs

From Britain in 1831 I wrote back in 2003: UCLA [...]

Federal Government Admits Illegally Assisting Invaders. Again.

Remember, it’s not a failure of state policy. It is [...]

A Reader Asks About Immigration’s “Rotten Borough” Effect On The Electoral College–We Have A Lot of Answers

Re: A Reader Comments On The Birth Of New More-Than-Multicultural [...]

The Fulford File | Obama, Immigration’s Rotten Borough Effect, And The Small White States

From Obama's Point Of View, The States Marked 3 Are Overrepresented, But California Gets Enough Noncitizen Electoral Votes

A California Reader Objects To Having His Vote Diluted By Non-Citizens

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

The New York Times And The Too-White Electoral College,

If you want proof of Washington Watcher`s thesis that the Electoral College may be the GOP`s friend, note

Look On The Bright Side—Electoral College Gives GOP A (Small) Window To Act

The Main Stream Media and its sockpuppet Republican strategists drone on about the GOP’s dire need to appeal