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Michael Kinsley Thinks Race “Played Virtually No Role In The 2012 Campaign”

Ann Althouse quotes Michael Kinsley:

John Derbyshire: A White Flight From Christianity?

My video clip of the week, perhaps the year, is this one of Vincent Stewart, a/k/a/ Reverend X,

Limbaugh, Instapundit Discussing Byron York`s Version Of The Sailer Strategy

A reader reports that Rush Limbaugh was discussing Byron York`s version of the Sailer Strategy:Near the end of

Romney`s White Share Fell Short Of 2010, So He Lost

Romney`s White Share Fell Short Of 2010, So He Lost

Only one metric really matters in the close 2012 Presidential race: according to CNN`s exit polling (scroll down),

Nov 6 Election Day!—Still Statistical Dead Heat, One 59% White Share Sighting

The Election Day tracking polls still show a statistical dead heat and Romney`s white share at 56%-59%, at

Nov. 5: Still Deadlocked—Romney`s White Share Still Below 2010`s 60%

There’s no breakthrough for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama in the most recent opinion polls. All show statistical

Nov. 4: Race Still Deadlocked—Romney`s White Share About Bush`s 2004 58%, May No Longer Be Enough

The latest tracking polls show the Presidential race an actual or statistical deal heat. Of course, this is

Nov. 3: Race Deadlocked—Romney`s White Share Stuck Well Below 2010`s 60%

The polls continue within the margin of error, with a slight advantage to Obama, but all agree that

Nov. 2: Polls Say Romney Ripple Gone—White Share Back To Mediocre Post-Reagan Range

Both the tracking polls and have been hit by Hurricane Sandy, but it appears that the post-debate