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2nd Shooting At VA School In A Week. Why? It’s A “Historically Black” School–And These Things Happen

This is the second shooting at Virginia State University in [...]

“New Jersey Man” Convicted In Chelsea Bombing During Trump Campaign Is Afghan Immigrant–Media Hasn’t Apologized

Brenda Walker, reporting on the Chelsea Bomber case below, is [...]

Attacker In Vegas Is White Male–Terrorism Ruled Out, Because Unlike BLM And ISIS, Whites Don’t Hate America

The attacker in Las Vegas has been announced to be [...]

Refugee Emanuel Samson’s Tennessee Church Shooting Is Dylann Roof In Reverse–But AP Doesn’t Want To Know

John Derbyshire’s blog on the Tennessee church shooting by Sudanese [...]

Black Man Yells “I Hate White People”, Punches 84-Year Old White Man On New York Train

A story about why people—especially elderly white people—aren’t enthusiastic about [...]

MSM Don’t Want To Talk About Corrupt Senator Menendez’s Party Or His Race (He’s White)

“Name That Party”–the phenomenon of a corrupt Democratic politician being [...]

“Kill All White People” Guy And Black Serial Killers

Here’s a story from Kansas City: ‘Kill all white people’: [...]

WSJ On An American Terrorist (Not Alt-Right, He’s An Egyptian Named Mohammed)

When I saw this Tweet by the WSJ, my first [...]