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What KIND Of “Man Biting Passengers” Forced A Plane To Turn Around? Black, With Dreadlocks!

A passenger on a JetBlue flight between New York and [...]

Muslim Immigrant From Bangladesh Tries Suicide Bombing In New York: MSM–“Brooklyn Man”

Ayed Ullah is, like many NYC cab drivers, a Muslim [...]

Filipino Immigrant In Florida Wanted To Shoot Up Islamic Center In Revenge For Terrorism–Reported As “Florida Man”

This version of the story is from the Daily Caller, [...]

Crooked Black Congresswoman Corrine Brown Gets Five Years In Jail–Claims Racism Because Of Course She Does

Mark Tapscott writes at Instapundit: CHARITY FRAUD NETS EX-CONGRESSWOMAN FIVE [...]

Black Suspect Charged In Tampa Murders Of Three Blacks And One White (Not Mass Shooting, Just A Black Serial Killer)

The photograph above is what NBC wants to appear in [...]

Oops, They Did It Again: Black Suspect Arrested In Black Church Burnings


Emily Yoffe On Campus Rape: “You Type In The Name And It’s A Black Guy, It’s A Black Guy, It’s A Black Guy.”

Emily Yoffe has been writing about the false accusations of [...]

Was Seth Rich Murdered by the Russians, the Democratic Elite, or the Democratic Base?

The Washington DC police department currently claims a closure rate [...]

NBC: New York Bike Path Attacker Identified As Uzbek Muslim Immigrant

The NBC report below does not directly say that the [...]

The Lawyer Dog And The Unmentioned Child Rape Victims

Elie Mystal, the black blogger at Above The Law, is [...]