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WSJ On An American Terrorist (Not Alt-Right, He’s An Egyptian Named Mohammed)

When I saw this Tweet by the WSJ, my first [...]

Blacks Storm Alabama House Flying Confederate Flag, Beat, Kill White Inhabitants

Via Narrative Collapse, whose headline isn’t as strong as mine: [...]

“Australian Man” Arrested In Terror Plot–Not Bloody Likely!

This Reuters story says “Police Charge Australian Man”: Police charge [...]

In 60% White Chattanooga, TN, The TIMES FREE PRESS Estimates Black Violence Cost City $2 Billion Between 2010-2015

Previously on SBPDL: ‘Worst of the Worst’ (All Black People) Removed [...]

Immigrant Mass Murder: Mexican Deportee Who (Allegedly) Shot Five People In 2016 Called “A Kansas City, Kan., Man”

In this GOPUSA story, the whole point is that alleged [...]

CBS in SF: “BART Withholding Surveillance Videos of Crime to Avoid ‘Stereotypes’”

From KPIX, the CBS station in San Francisco: BART Withholding [...]

African From Cape Verde Arraigned in Grisly Double Murder Of Two Doctors–Or As AP Puts It “Man Charged”

Here’s the AP story: Man charged with killing doctors in [...]

Bronx Hospital Shooter Bello WAS AN IMMIGRANT, Claimed Racism After Sexual Harassment Firing

Questions answered about Bronx Hospital shooter Henry Bello (deceased, right): [...]

The Fulford File | The Immigrants Who Bring Their Slaves To America, And The Press That Doesn’t Want You To Know

Slavery seems to be in the news lately, in that it’s the excuse for the desecration of Confederate

Alleged Terrorist “Bronx Man And Michigan Man” = Two Arabs, One An Immigrant From Lebanon

This is the official announcement from the Department of Justice, [...]