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Florida Shooting Prompts VOX To Issue The Most Bogus “Trump Lied” Claim Ever

Yesterday a Hispanic gunman, who may have been mentally ill, [...]

Quentin Lamar Smith Confirmed As Black Suspect In Westerville, OH Murders Of Two White Cops

Earlier, I blogged that the police had released the name [...]

Suspect In Westerville OH Murder Of Two White Cops Named As Quentin Lamar Smith, Apparently Black

Two white police officers were murdered when they went to [...]

FEMA Gave $156m Contract For 30m Meals For Puerto Rico To Black Woman Called “Dr. Tiffany Brown”—She Delivered 50, 000

From the NYT: FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals [...]

Woman Smashed In Face In Malmo, No Description of Suspect

A beautiful Swedish blonde says a man attacked her at [...]

Alleged Chinese Mole In CIA Is Chinese Immigrant (Of Course) And Thus Won’t Be Called Chinese Mole

When I saw this message pop up on my phone, [...]

5-Times Deported Illegal Who Threatened Greyhound Passengers Is “Man Arrested” And Even “Chicago Man”

The Fox News story above is about a Mexican illegal [...]

The “Long Island Family” Arrested For Counterfeiting Handbags Are Called Mahmood, Ramish, And Rubail

Tamar Lapin writes in the NY Post: Long Island family [...]

Was Hispanic “Man Accused” Of Robbing Immigrants An Immigrant Himself? MSM, LA County Don’t Want To Know

Whenever I see “man accused” of attacking immigrants, I wonder [...]

Disgruntled Minority Massacre Not About Islam–Black Employee Who Beheaded White Coworker Sentenced To Death Three Years After Crime

In September, 2014, Alton Nolen, a black American beheaded Colleen [...]