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The Fulford File | The Immigrants Who Bring Their Slaves To America, And The Press That Doesn’t Want You To Know

Slavery seems to be in the news lately, in that it’s the excuse for the desecration of Confederate

Alleged Terrorist “Bronx Man And Michigan Man” = Two Arabs, One An Immigrant From Lebanon

This is the official announcement from the Department of Justice, [...]

USA TODAY Can’t Report Race OR Immigration Status Of West African Killer

I dare not call this “black humor” as that would [...]

Narrative Collapse In Bathroom Rape By Hispanic Teens? Not Really

Various organs of the left are claiming Narrative Collapse in [...]

If Desecrating Jewish Cemeteries Is A “Neighborhood Tradition” It Must Be A Black Neighborhood

A CBS story about an ADL report claiming (a) anti-Semitic [...]

Bingo: #CroydonAttack Committed By Blacks

On April 1, I asked What Color Are The Croydon [...]

Somali Refugees Convicted Of Aiding Terrorism Abroad: “Suburban Moms” In Headlne

The headline on was Two Somali-American women found guilty [...]

White Cop Dead, Tattooed Black Suspect–Was He An “Unarmed” Black Male?

Last night, hearing of the killing of a white cop [...]

The Fulford File: Fake News Frenzy–Remember the Great Black Church Burning Hoax?

Picture of arsonist not included in the Atlantic’s story. The recent “fake news” about bomb threats at Jewish Community

The “Pants On Fire” Florida Lawyer–The Rest Of The Story

I was alerted to this story on Twitter: Game over. [...]