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Black DC National Guard General Whines Bitterly About Not Being Chosen To Guard Trump’s Inaugural

I saw this note at Instapundit I already had an [...]

New York Times ALSO Deliberately Misleads On Chicago Kidnap Story

See also CBS Radio Deliberately Misleads On Chicago Kidnap Story [...]

CBS Radio Deliberately Misleads On Chicago Kidnap Story

We are all wearily accustomed to the mainstream media sins [...]

Rod Dreher On The Megaphone And The Chicago Attack–Right, But Not Right Enough

Rod Dreher at the American Conservative has some interesting thoughts [...]

John Derbyshire: Racial Gang Attacks—Why Won’t The MSM Tell Us The Numbers?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] This is one of those weeks where the

AP On Puerto Rican Gunman Esteban Santiago: “US Veteran Arrested In Airport Shooting”

The latest headline on Esteban Santiago, the Puerto Rican gunman [...]

Esteban Santiago, Florida Shooter, Being Reported As (A) “White Hispanic” and (B) American Citizen

A gunman reported as being captured after shooting up an [...]

Black Lives Matter Inspired Kidnap/Torture Of White Man Getting “Man Arrested” Treatment

A young white man was kidnapped by four blacks, inspired [...]

A Reader Says Boxing Day IS Celebrated In American–By Youths “Boxing” In Mall Food Courts

Re: Peter Brimelow’s blog item: December 26: If Mexican Immigrants [...]

Flash Mobs In Malls In 9 States–Police Blame “Social Media” Because You’re Not Allowed To Blame Blacks

Here’s a story about renewed Flash Mob violence in malls [...]