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JERUSALEM POST Exposes Soros’s Attacks On National Sovereignty Via Immigration–U.S MSM Clueless

A Jerusalem Post story shows that Israel is taking George [...]

California Gang Enforcement–“Round Up the Usual Suspects” Works as Long as You Keep the Suspects Rounded Up

A big change in crime-fighting tactics in California over the [...]

Israel Offers African “Refugees” a Deal to Leave

Being a successful modern society, Israel is a magnet for [...]

“Israel Will Be Like Baltimore”–Ethiopians in Israel Protest Alleged Mistreatment

Whether you are Sweden or the United States, no matter [...]

John Derbyshire: The American Political System CAN Solve The Race Problem—For A Given Meaning Of “Solve”

Last weekend Peter Brimelow and I attended the annual American Renaissance conference in Tennessee. Peter gave a feature

Nationalists Win Crushing and Surprising Election Victory… in Israel

Even the Likud Party didn’t see this coming. The Israeli [...]

A Reader Wonders If American Support For Netanyahu Is Based On His Handling Of Israel’s “Fergusons”

Re: James Kirkpatrick’s article Republican Congress Rallies Around Patriot Leader. [...]

Radio Derb Is On The Air: GOP Turkeys Voting For Thanksgiving, Etc.

Radio Derb is on the air.  To get the podcast, [...]

Republican Congress Rallies Around Patriot Leader. Too Bad He’s Not American.

Young Netanyahu And Young Obama: The image making the rounds of the American RightIt was politics as parody.

“Netanyahu Urges ‘Mass Immigration’ of Jews from Europe”

This story is interesting for its unmentioned implication, which in [...]