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After TWO (!) Hate Hoaxes, Kansas State Suspends Classes to Prove It Still Believes

From the Topeka Capital Journal: Kansas State to suspend classes [...]

ROLLING STONE’s Jann Wenner vs. Haven Monahan–UVA Rape Hoax Fueled By Hate

From the new book by Joe Hagan, Sticky Fingers, the [...]

More Hate Hoax Hysteria–2016 Racist Graffiti In Michigan Done By Black Guy

From the Washington Post last September: Protesters at Eastern Michigan [...]

Tina Brown Explains How the Narrative Cake Is Baked

In the New York Times, Tina Brown, who quit as [...]

Charlottesville Narrative Collapse (contd.): Beating “Victim” DeAndre Harris Charged With Malicious Wounding, MSM Appalled

Here’s what Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has to say [...]

Leftist Infiltrator Hermansson/Hellberg Inadvertently Confirms AntiFa Aggression In Charlottesville

    Erik Hellberg <>

Carpet-Bombing The Social Justice Narrative–Tennessee Church Shooting Is Dylann Roof In Reverse

The Audacious Epigone points out what a remarkably thorough job [...]

The Truth About Birmingham And Police Dogs–“Alas, Decades Too Late To Matter”

Kathy Shaidle writes at I’ve said it at this [...]

Hero Cop Jason Stockley Exonerated Like George Zimmerman

The anti-cop Narrative took another bullet, figuratively, and Collapsed.  Hero [...]

Narrative Collapse: Is Charlottesville’s James Alex Fields The Next George Zimmerman?

President Donald Trump finally did what no-one in the Conservative Establishment would: calling out the Antifa (the “Alt