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“Some Democrats Fear Backlash Over Obama`s Handling of Immigration”

I like this story by Fox News` Carl Cameron because it confirms my reading of Obama`s immigration strategy:

Faster Fear Of “Backlash” From Twitter

News stories say that Major Hasan, held in the Fort Hood shootings, is an Army psychiatrist, licensed in

Muslims Cry “Backlash” in Dallas

The fear of "backlash" -- not even the real thing -- among immigrants is a continuing interest of

For MSM, 9/11 Is about Anti-Muslim Backlash and Islamic Victimhood

"Backlash" against immigrants is a favorite topic of the liberal media to advance its agenda of bashing America

Liberians Residing in Arizona Fret over “Backlash” in Gang Rape of Child

In July, four Liberian boys, aged 9 to 14, allegedly gang-raped an eight-year-old Liberian girl in Phoenix after

Fear-of-Backlash Eruption in Houston

Here`s another bogus backlash story from the permissive, open-borders-loving press. A convicted cop killer gets a cushy sentence

Still No Backlash Found

Robert Spencer has an article on the once and future backlash against Muslims, still not happening, even in

Unfounded Fears of Backlash Fly around the World

It took only a few hours for the butcher of Virginia Tech to be identified as Korean immigrant

Backlash Fears in Virginia Beach

In the media pattern that follows a widely publicized immigrant crime or terrorist arrest, the protocol of editorial

Elites Respond to Non-Existent Backlash

What`s a horrendous immigrant mass murder (Refugee Rampage in Salt Lake in which a Bosnian teenager killed five